Marcel finds Clarity (Friday Flash Fiction)

Hello Readers, for this week’s Friday Fictioneers, which features a slice of bread photo from C. Kelvin Knight, I am continuing on with the story of Marcel Janco (in part 1 he was going home to rebuild).

Marcel Janco Part 2

Marcel stopped to eat on his journey back home.

   He had lost his peace.

Heaviness loomed with each spoonful of soup.


Clarity was finally found when he saw a

heart-shaped hole

in a slice of homemade bread.


Curiously picking up the bread he thought,

“The wrong person sucks the life out of you.

Good intentions cannot make us compatible.”


Marcel was still going back home to rebuild and

he’d always have a space in his heart for his ex.

But it is better to be single rather than suffer –

and they both deserved better.

word count: 94


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26 thoughts on “Marcel finds Clarity (Friday Flash Fiction)

    1. Ha – well they just were a bad mix from the start – it was difficult to tell when they were teens – but he was naive and sleeping together (unmarried) skewed their judgement and the sexual bond made them think they were closer. There was no way he could tell she would be so mean and also not value his inner wiring – so it was nothing personal for her per se – but she’ll be better off with someone with different traits and he would rather be alone than have to deal with the nagging and pure lack of valuing his essence- ha!
      Well maybe something like that – lol

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    1. And side note – it is 100% fiction – parts come from a few folks I have observed over the years – who maybe should (or did) make the right call – but none of this is true – just FYI

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        1. I know… and I can see why some folks use pen names – it allows some freedom and maybe reduces people trying to fill in the gap with presumptive info

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  1. Dear Yvette,

    Lovely story. Gives one pause. Some relationships might seem closer at the beginning only to fall apart when the two find they really have nothing much in common. well done.



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    1. thanks for the reply, R.
      Did not plan to write that change for Marcel – funny what a slice of bread photo can do! hah
      and as i observe many relationships I see that comonality and kinship might be part of the demise, and maybe other times it is just not watering the garden and forgetting to build the friendship. But for Marcel – “he and she” were not meant to be and being single is better than being with the wrong “other half” –
      hope you have a nice weekend


  2. “But it is better to be single rather than suffer – and they both deserved better” – that’s the way to go, Marcel. I’m rooting for you. “Good intentions cannot make us compatible” – such a lovely line!

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    1. Same here V – it seems so many of my blogosphere friends have been unfollowed by me as well – but I’m working on it – anyhow – thanks for the refollow

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