Priorhouse Interviews

Interviews coming up later in 2023: 

Lauren (art curator at GACC)

Chef Roundson

Lil Harris

Janet Webb

Cindy G (take 2)

Lauren Scott (post is here)


Miriam Hurdle (post is here)

Dan Fenner (post is here)

Sherri Matthews (post is here)



Linda Schaub (post is here) 

Dan Antion (post is here)

Liz Gauffreau –  (post is here


Restless Jo –  (post is here


Brian @Equinoxio – September 2022 (post is here).

Shelley @Quaint Revival – September 2022 (post is here).


Frank Angle from Beach Walk Reflections – September 2022 (post is Here).


Author and Photographer Ana Linden – August 2022 (post is Here)

Author Robbie Cheadle July 2022 (post is Here)


D Wallace Peach – June 2022 (post is Here)

Xingfumama – June 2022 (post is Here)

Mabel Kwong – May 2022 (post is here)


Paul Lucas @ The Mariner’s Museum – April 2022 (Post is Here)


Ally Bean @ The Spectacled Bean  March 2022 (post is here)


VJ Knutson @One Woman’s Quest – February 2022 (post is here), and VJ’s post for this interview is here.

Author Annika Perry, January 2022 (post is here)

Photographer and blogger Derrick J. Knight (& Jackie) ~ October 2021 (post is here)

Norah Colvin @Readilearn ~ October 2021 (post is here)

Amanda @ STPA blog ~ September 2021 (post is here)

Mahesh Nair and his book Chaotic Alleys ~ June 2021 (post is here)

chaotic alleys mahesh nair book

GP @Pacific Paratrooper Blog ~ June 2021 (post is here)

Trent McDonald  and his book The Old Mill~ May 2021 (post is here)

Liesbet Collaert and her book Plunge  ~ February 2021 (post is here)

Cindy Georgakas @Uniquely Fit ~ December 2020 (post is here)

Marsha Ingrao @Always Write   ~ December 2020 – (post is here)

Dan Antion @No Facilities ~  September 2020 (post is here)

Jill Weatherholt and her book A Mother for His Twins. ~ August 2019 (post is here)

Kelvin M. Knight and his book Flashes of Weather, August 2018 (post is here) and January 2021 (post is here)

Yaco Murphy, Yoga Teacher, December 2017 (post is here)

Nancy Kim, Yoga Teacher, October 2017 (post is here)

Jennie Choi @ Yogabilities, September 2017 (post is here)