Thursday Doors & Momanita Lives On (Micro Fiction)

Time for Thursday Doors and this month (May 2020) Dan is hosting a writing challenge.     I chose Sofia’s Door from Guimarães, Portugal Here is my writing  – genre: Historical Fiction  Title: Momanita Lives On Fredrica slowly opened the door. Two more visitors were there, asking for a tour of the house that hid Allied snipers during 1944. … More Thursday Doors & Momanita Lives On (Micro Fiction)

Old Land Rover (#Kindasquare Day 9) & Flash Fiction Functional and Beautiful

Hello Readers, Joining in with Day 9 for Becky’s Squares Challenge. Today I have square photos of this run down Land Rover.  One of a kind machine for many decades. The reflection for today is to share about how blogging led to writing flash fiction.  And in this Priorhouse blog post from 2018 (here) it was related to a Land Rover. I … More Old Land Rover (#Kindasquare Day 9) & Flash Fiction Functional and Beautiful

Snacking Curbside (Micro Fiction )

  Hello Readers, This week at Carrot Ranch, Charli Mills invited flash fiction writers to write about snacking. ***  Title: Snacking Curbside  Word Count: 99  * “Um, you didn’t tell me club members would be here.” SORRY BABE “There’s so many of them. And look!  Look who is at our table.” They paused as they reached their assigned … More Snacking Curbside (Micro Fiction )

Scream Inside Your Heart (Micro Fiction)

Hello Readers, The Carrot Ranch writing prompt this week is to create a flash-fiction piece of 99 words, which expresses the phrase, “scream inside your heart.” Here is the Priorhouse submission:  __ Title: Rose-Colored Glasses Word Count: 99 …. Adjusting my seat, I dusted lint from my black dress.  The tradition of black clothes for funerals, where’d … More Scream Inside Your Heart (Micro Fiction)


Hello Readers, joining in with Carrot Ranch (HERE) flash fiction. The prompt this week is to write a short fiction (99words) about GRIT. First – here are some Monday Blooms that remind me of Grit Here is my flash fiction for Grit: . Title: ANOTHER HIT Fiction word count: 99 Marcel Sat down Stirred his tea … More MONDAY BLOOMS & GRIT for ANOTHER HIT (Micro Fiction)

Photos of a Dolphin Named Han (Micro Fiction)

Happy Weekend Readers,  Joining in with What Pegman Saw, which brings us to SINGAPORE (here) for this week’s FLASH FICTION writing challenge. Here is the photo prompt for today’s fiction: _ Photos of Han Genre: Realistic Fiction Word Count: 150   “Move right, slowly….” Sliding two steps over, I lifted my arm, allowing the hidden … More Photos of a Dolphin Named Han (Micro Fiction)