Art from North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC – Burns’ Elvis Presley (Lens-Artist’s Aug2022)

Hello Readers. The Photo Challenge this week is Favorite Finds.  
I am featuring works from The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) in Raleigh, NC.


Let’s start with the Elvis-themed photo exhibit from NC photographer Ralph Burns.

This photo exhibit was a favorite find of the summer because it was so different! I am so tired of the current political/societal themes that are trending right now. Some of the topics are quite important but it can be draining! This over saturation is exhausting and three different photo exhibits at other museums earlier this year had those trendy political/societal themes (sigh).
So even though I am not a huge Elvis fan, the “How Great Thou Art” exhibit was a nice change.

1978, Gelatin Silver Print “How Great Thou Art #114” – Ralph Burns

****Thanks to Tina for letting me know the first gallery I chose was only showing thumbnail images – I changed it to show larger images****


2002, Gelatin Silver Print “How Great Thou Art #9” – Ralph Burns

1991, Gelatin Silver Print “How Great Thou Art #4” – Ralph Burns

Photographer Ralph Burns’ Elvis series is called “How Great Thou Art” (side note – I love that old song and it was a great title for Elvis)

1993, Gelatin Silver Print “How Great Thou Art #101” – Ralph Burns

Burns used this series to show the way Elvis impacted people.

The photography series from Burns also offers ideas for other photographers to come up with unique themes.

1991, Gelatin Silver Print- “How Great Thou Art #43” Ralph Burns
1987, Gelatin Silver Print, “How Great Thou Art #30” Ralph Burns
1991, Gelatin Silver Print “How Great Thou Art #39” –  Ralph Burns

I think Burns inspires us to follow our own photography interests and take a chance with original ideas. And his cultural approach (showing the way Elvis impacted people) has much value.


There is something always enjoyable about tall sunflowers in late August.


The NCMA has an expansive outdoor selection of art. Their property is huge with 164 acres and more than 24 outdoor works of art.

This part of the museum was closed during our visit. Like many museums, there are closed-off areas getting prepped with new displays.


If you visit this museum – wear comfortable shoes and try to leave time to walk the large property (or at least part of it). 



As you approach the main entrance to the museum, this mural greets you.

The floral mural became a favorite find because the late-afternoon shadows added to the sweet mood of our day and of our month! Such a sweet aroma for us this month (after a much less sweet July). We feel very grateful for so many little things.




Thanks for checking out this post! Have you been to this museum?  Did you like some of my favorite finds from our visit?

If you are in the Raleigh, NC area in the next few weeks, here is their posted schedule of key events.

Interested in joining the Lens-Artists challenge? Click to LEYA’s blog here – who is hosting this week.

63 thoughts on “Art from North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC – Burns’ Elvis Presley (Lens-Artist’s Aug2022)

  1. Thank you for a look at the museum. The tall mirrors are wonderful, and who doesn’t love tall sunflowers in August!


  2. Fun post Yvette – one complaint though, I could barely see the Elvis photos 😢. I guess I’ll just have to visit the museum! Loved the mirror labyrinth.

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    1. Thanks JT- and I think non-Elvis fans could still appreciate the photo exhibit – I only showed a few but they really highlighted that subgroup that still loves Elvis


  3. I could do without the mirror maze, Yvette. I try to avoid looking in the mirror too much, unless it’s prepared to lie to me. 😂

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  4. I didn’t know of this museum. It is worth a visit. Thanks for posting about it. The outdoor area reminds me of the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville. Your next to last shot is intriguing. I wonder if it shows a businessman who is committing suicide, some kind of superhero, or something else.😊


    1. Thanks for checking out this post!
      That is an interesting questing About the flying man. I actually made snuck down a hallway to grab that photo – and didn’t Even think to grab a photo of the sign for it!
      But there is a message there and now you have me extra curious


  5. Enjoyed going on a virtual visit thanks to your photos, Yvette. The title resonates with me too ‘How Great thou Art’ – it makes me think of my mum, who died this week five years ago. I’ve been listening to the Welsh version of this hymn too – ‘Mor fawr wyt ti’ – so that also links to my fondness for crossover learning and being surprised by the amazing variety of human creative effort.


    1. Hello Maria
      I was thinking about you last week and will be over to check in soon – and smiked to see your comment today-
      Sending condolences for your mum and especially this week on the five year anniversary of her passing. 🧡🙏

      Regarding the museum visit — sometimes I am not in the mood to visit museums if we happen to be in the area for something else – so I think another fun thing for me was being in the mood to go !
      and then…. NOT having the overdone trending themes that I am worn out from was a treat too
      🎵🎵I will look up the welsh version of that song – so curious –

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      1. Thanks for thinking of me, Yvette. I haven’t been very active on my blog lately – making some progress with my short story collection though – hopefully on the final run through now. There are all kinds of versions of Mor Fawr Wyt Ti – How Great Thou Art in Welsh – on YouTube. I like this one by a male voice choir – it also has the words, which is a nice learning experience for me. Hope you don’t mind me sharing it with you.


  6. Many fun finds indeed. I like the Mirror Maze and how the tree shadow falls on the flower wall art, as well as your shadow picture!


  7. Looks like a fun day, Yvette. Definitely need good walking shoes. Lol. I’m not a big fan of Elvis (I was a little too young for the hype), but the Burns images are a fascinating commentary. My favorite of the installations was the mirrors. That one played with my brain. Ha ha. Thanks for sharing your day.


    1. Hi D-
      Thanks for checking out this post and glad you liked the mirror maze

      The maze was on the way from the parking lot to the museum so that is why we enjoyed it – because we didn’t want to walk the grounds too much that day as it was hot. ☀️☀️☀️
      Maybe we can visit again on a Cooler weather day and see more of the 24+ outdoor works.

      Hope your Sunday is going well

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    1. Thanks for your feedback especially on the Burns photos of the Elvis culture because I went back in to make sure they showed up large enough
      Have a great day m☀️😊

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    1. Thanks for virtually joining me K to the 2!
      And so nice to see you in the comment section today – Brought a smile


  8. I’ve never been to NC so thank you for sharing your perspective and tips on what places to go and visit. As always, I’m inspired by your take on things you see. It’s amazing that people are still in love with Elvis. I still enjoy many of his songs too. The mirror display is fascinating.
    PS – I agree, there’s much to weed out and/or hear right now that should be heard, but it’s getting nasty out there too.


  9. Hi Yvette – I was in North Carolina back in 1992 and enjoyed it. We were in Ashville and Cherokee (fun little stop while waiting for it to warm up to go into the mountains). The Burns photo exhibit was interesting and I like the mirror exhibit as well. I was an Elvis fan as I liked a lot of his songs that were popular in the 60s/70s. He could sing, that’s for sure, but it is too bad, that fame and fortune caused him to spiral in later years. I think most people of a certain age remember what they were doing when they learned of his death. I worked at the diner at the time, a diner where most of the employees were from the South. My boss brought in a radio so we could listen to the “tribute specials” and also the funeral.


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