Water, A View from Japan-PART TWO (2020 Countdown 2 of 31)

Happy Monday.

Today is day 2 of the 31 day 2020 Countdown.  

Here is PART TWO of sharing tidbits from the book “Water, A View from Japan.”

PART ONE of “Water, A View from Japan” is HERE

Today’s post was a “draft” and we all know that some drafts need to be trashed, but I thought this one should make it into a post – mainly because I really like this umbrella photo:

I think this photo had more power back int he day – you know before we all had easy access to color selection and filter apps. Also, the photo stands strong in composition for the balanced feet top left and top right – where the right side is a bit more distant and gives informal balance.  And the one foot is lifted of our umbrella-carrying subject – nice and centered works for this photo – with his leggings and classic winter jacket – and shoes matching the upper ones. Then the yellow – beautiful umbrella top on an angle – but not too tilted to give us a sense of stability – with hints of yellow in the glistening water on the gravel. The contrast between the blah gravel pieces (and maybe jacket) and the colorful design of the umbrella bring energy into the water on the ground. And then the polka dot dress with some heels upper left – a lot to soak up – don’t ya think? (Book credit: Water, A View from Japan)

It is Music Monday so here is Yiruma playing River Flows in You. And John Holton has a fun Christmas playlist for his #MusicMonday post here

Now the photos from the draft folder:


History of how this water book made it to the Pembroke Springs B&B (website is here)




Many children know Hokusai’s “Great Wave” art piece because years ago Apple had an image of this as part of their screen saver options. I can still this image scrolling on certain people’s laptops…oh the little things that link our memories. 
Bath as a social event? Not everyone’s cup of tea….


SO BEAUTIFUL: Liquid gold used to make art depicting water and mountains flowing together as the earth and sky connect.


The Japanese art technique known as Maki-e means “sprinkled picture.” Artists trace the design motifs with lacquer onto the surface and then add gold powder (sprinkle it) onto the design. More info here.


Okay – see you again later with the next post for the 2020 Countdown.

Day 1: Beach Photos here 








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    1. thanks for sharing the link to that post from 2018 – and nice work on the logo Derrick. love the connection between The Big Sea and The Big C – well done

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  1. Yvette, I ‘get it’ on the umbrella photo. A grey and rainy day with a pop of sunshine yellow. Children are always extra cute when carrying an umbrella. Your description of the photo made me relook at it in a different way. Your phrase “a lot to soak up” made me smile. I did feel the “Great Wave” evoked a memory. It may be my imagination.🙂


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