Go Where Celebrated Poem

Photo Credit to Rebel Guy/Girl

Here is the darker version of the image with the poem.

Here is the poem without the image:


I opened to you

offered love

a bit of myself

If this love

is constantly devalued

taken for granted

mocked at times

I will still love you

but I WILL recoil


       close off

          wise retreat


The dust can settle

         as the door closes

go where we are celebrated

        not merely tolerated


Amidst any dignified retreat

love for you will abound


when you are ready

to receive and appreciate

          I will be here

with light, love, and warmth





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32 thoughts on “Go Where Celebrated Poem

  1. Very lovely poem. Few words, remind me of a song “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. I know the poem isn’t about the meaning of the song but few words just triggered my neural network to link to this.

    I actually like both versions of the pictures. The original version gives gentler or softer kind of feeling. The modified version guides you directly to the message and the main flower of the picture. It is lovely but stronger in presenting you to the message.

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    1. well thanks for the feedback – especially on the photo darkening cos I was unsure and did go back and forth.
      but you nailed it – it was that open flower that was the subject
      and so dear YC – we end the year with another song share – thanks for that.
      I actually love Carol King version of “Will you still love me” and the live performance she did with Willie Nelson’s Outlaws and Angels (here) is very dear to me.
      and so when you mentioned the song – I looked it up and had no idea The Shirelles rocked this jam- (love learning about music)
      oh and lastly – yes, this poem was not really addressing romantic relations – maybe general family ties where blood lines connect and one side is taking the other for granted and the other side can only reach out for so long….

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      1. Thank you for clarifying the poem. I am not good at reading any poem and just few words that remind me of the song. I like Carol King’s version too but lately I also do like few other covered ones.

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    1. haha – you made me smile – and nice to have that fan in you even though I know some people might cringe at my poetry –
      the simple rhyming at times
      or the pronoun use
      lack of this or that
      and so a few years ago I had to really just “own” what I like to write and your beautiful comment was like fuel – thanks my friend

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    1. Hi ana – thanks for the feedback – and I actually thought about writing that exact phrase (which has been around for a while – eh?) but I also wanted to show love underpinning such an exit – there were a few family members I was thinking of in an indirect way when writing this – – and then also had a friend get dissed and so this was on my mind when the photo’s from RG came up – the lighter one opened –

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      1. I know what you mean about that phrase floating around for a while. I was actually stuck in traffic for about an hour when i read your post, exactly because I want to spend New Year’s with people who appreciate, not just tolerate me. 🙂 it resonated and i liked the hint of optimism.

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        1. Oh Ana – this is a theme I knew we already shared; we share so many societal and familial views.
          and I am glad to have been with you in the traffic jam – it is so fun how blogging layers into our everyday lives – so enriching –
          (and hope the drive is flowing well now or is over)

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  2. Very cool. I love the darkened background . It makes your poetry pop. That canon camera was a steal at 80 dollars . Speaking of celebrate Happy New Year.


  3. Quite nice. Who said Bloom where you’re planted? Love that. I think your Go where you are celebrated is right up there with Bloom where you’re planted. ❤

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    1. yes – I think they are very compatible phrases – let’s order t-shirts – ha

      and I am not sure who originally said bloom where you are planted – but think the first time I heard it was with Mary Englebert’s art….

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