Sea Painting with Haiku (Day 45: 365 Days of Art)

Hello blog readers – today I have a sea painting paired with a haiku:

After kissing snow

           Sea warmth was mine to behold  

                           Dunes with flames of gold


This is linked to Ronovan’s prompt this week, which is ‘flame, kiss’ – go HERE if you want to join in or see more.

Here is the painting without the prompt:

Artist: F. Par Oil on Canvas: Virginia Beach, VA 2015


And a simple little tutorial from yedraw, I don’t really love how they treated the final cloud and sun lines, but this is a good example of near and far with the horizon line up high.  Most students want to place that horizon line right smack in the middle.  Feel like trying this quick sketch?










35 thoughts on “Sea Painting with Haiku (Day 45: 365 Days of Art)

    1. Hi Jo – well warning – don’t try to catch up because I am posting a little more than normal… I have some goals for this year and it includes some blog goals….
      but in 2018 (did I just write that) I will go back down to a few times a week or less – we’ll see.

      anyhow, instead of catching up – just come by when you can and I will have a walk coming next week…. time to join in on a walk with Jo!


    1. Hi YC – you made a good point – many waves are angled or rippled – but the strong horizontal splash line was emphasized – thanks for that feedback… 🙂

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