2022 in Review: Photos & Songs: Paradigm by All Together Separate & All the Same by Sick Puppies

Hello Everyone,

Here are some highlight photos from 2022. 

The first photo has some art (of course) and do you know why I like this first photo?

Well for a few reasons: The art, the “old” being preserved for the “new” or next generation, and the scale. 

However, I also like the above photo because it reminded me of Breaking Bad.

The lady in the photo reminded me of the character Andrea (played by Emily Rios) because of her hair, outfit, and posture. She was Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend (after Jane). Not sure if there are any Breaking Bad fans out there, but I had to make sure I shared this image for Mahesh to see. How fun that I was at the museum when Andrea dropped by (ha). (Breaking Bad fans will know what I am talking about)

Next up, we have more art. 

We went to a few shows at the awesome “Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center” in 2022.

Below is “Culture Martha” with her quilt art. She gave us a mini interview and was so nice. 

The quilt art show was special because I went with my neighbor (lower right) who became a widow in January 2022.  She said this particular art show was uplifting and refreshing for her. So once again, I saw the POWER OF ART. I saw the way that art can refresh and lift us up. I saw the way art can bring us together and allow for rich conversation, smiles, and bonding. 

I shared these images, of my neighbor at the art show, because the passing of her husband continues to remind me about the vapor of life we have down here. I remember to appreciate life (and lighten up) because we never know what a day might bring forth. And as the artist Haystack reminded us, “Tomorrow is not promised” -so let us all remember that as another new year is upon us. We “get” to welcome in a new year and that is no small matter. Let us smile to have air in our lungs. Life is a gift.

2022 brought change for us in July. This change was a challenge that became one of those paradigm shifts – the kind of thing that ends being amazing. At first we were surprised and puzzled. But then insight came –  more insight kept coming – and then came delight. Great things unfolded and now we are thanking God and we feel so grateful. I know many of you can relate. 

Speaking of paradigm shifts (but not today, not today), there was a song that came to mind after I wrote that last section. The song is called Paradigm by All Together Separate.  We were first introduced to this song in Fall of 2001, which happened to be another paradigm shift for the Priorhouse. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we are in the year 2023 – someone pinch me, please. 

Here is the Paradigm song:


2022 was a year of home updates. 

2022 gave us time with family 

Twice in 2022 we were able to visit with my stepdaughter and her family in FL.

On the recent holiday visit, we brought some gifts, which included a Cindy Lou doll (from The Grinch) for the granddaughter. We actually bought three more Cindy Lou doll’s for our nieces and this doll was so much fun because of the size.

in travel mode
oh the joy

Even though last year had lots of twos 

Some things came in threes…

Starting with tres yogis

This photo was taken after we did three yoga classes in a row (vinyasa, meditation, and yin). In the summer of 2022, I earned my 200-Hour RYT Yoga Certification and in the photo above, I am with two of my all-time favorite yoga teachers, Elsa and Jennie.  

Below: Three Prior Pups 

Left to right: Elway, Tebow/Taro, and Brady/daddy

Three Prior guys….

My boys…. 🙂

Okay, I will close with another memory song, which is All the Same by the Sick Puppies. It reminds of me of when my boys were little. The “free hugs” were given out at the mall in downtown Denver (our former hometown) and one of our friends is in the video (getting a free hug). Let me know if you like the video – or the other song?

Thanks for checking out my year in review post. How was 2022 for you? Well I hope 2023 is off to a nice start – because it is here whether we were ready or not. 🙂








54 thoughts on “2022 in Review: Photos & Songs: Paradigm by All Together Separate & All the Same by Sick Puppies

  1. Happy New Year, Yvette, it is great to see a post from you. If things come in threes, I hope I’ve had my three now. My husband is in intensive care in hospital with meningitis and a blood clot in the membrane surrounding the brain. He has been there a week today as is significantly improved from 4 January. One’s life can certainly change in a minute. Hugs.

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    1. Hi Robbie – I just said a prayer for your husband and please keep me posted
      Ugh! What a huge challenge right now and glad some improvement came
      Hugs and prayers your way

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi bb- thanks for checking out this post and glad it was at night to because the mood of the songs might not have been as good in the morning
      And the post was really just going to be a photo post but those songs came to mind and I am so glad you commented on them

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Frank
      Thanks for checking out the post and I also took my neighbor to a yin yoga class but that was not her thing at all! But the art show that night was right up her ally!
      I invited her to an art show earlier in the year but she wasn’t in the mood to go out and i sent images and I think that is why she said yes to this show! She is so pleasant to be with!


    1. Thank you so very much! I think 2023 will have less challenges than 2022 – but i guess we can not predict and take it one season at a time
      Thanks again for the nice comment

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    1. Hi JT- I feel very grateful for his friendship because she was actually my husband’s friend first – and we connected in 2017 with a project and feel very grateful to also see her adventure year after she took a chance and made a huge life change!
      And cheers to healing art


    1. Hi m!
      I want sure what Tina hate – and I could have shared some photos of me with some local Bills fans! But NFL images didn’t make the cut! Although I noticed the nFL has gotten a lot better with way less gambling ads and so I need to make a post about that soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The NFL might have been paying attention to the whole Drew Brees situation, where he took a job on the Purdue staff but had to cut bait with a gambling operation he was the spokesman for. The line is precipitous and you would hope the league offices take it seriously. All it takes is one player or a couple guys to throw a game and then major league sports has a whole new problemo.

        Yeah I love the images as per. And no NFL? No worries! They get enough pub! 😉


    1. Hi VJ
      Our friend Jane is the 57 second mark !
      Thanks for checking out my post! This was a personal post for 2022 – I might do another one of the kens artist challenge with some of fav photos for composition – hmmm
      – be over to visit soon – I am needing a dose a VJ prose

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    1. Hi and thanks for your comment — I think we humans need to constantly remind ourselves about this vapor of life – that in one hand feels long and other times we feel the brevity
      And every year there I something that really stands out to remind me – and 2022 had a couple things
      Glad your yet was awesome and still thinking about the gorgeous sunrise photos you shared

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    1. Hello Linda, thanks for your visit and my time away from blogging has been busy-busy. Well some rest, but
      December was a whirlwind with out-of town-visitors and misc.
      Anyhow, I have not yet checked out your end of year walking stats and I look forward to seeing your wrap uppost!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi Linda – we didn’t cacoon very much during Covid – we did respect society but we took some trips (felt we needed to) and also walked a lot – it was just a matter of how we viewed the virus and we anchored with Dr. Zach Bush and his astute predictions about the pandemic, how long it would last and low efficacy of the vaccines –
          With that said – a whirlwind month does leave us playing catch up in January and I still need to thank you for your lovely e-card
          It was like a virtual hug

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I probably worried/worry more than I should about Covid. I worried/worry as it is just me and so I have been extra prudent and overly careful. My neighbor has long Covid but he got Covid before much of the country shut down in mid-March. He still has symptoms, has not worked and had a heart attack last April. It is better to dwell on it less to be honest.

          I am glad you liked the card Yvette. I like the idea of a virtual hug as well.


  2. WHAT A GREAT POST Yvette! What a great year you had. Thanks for sharing your amazing pics of your boys, grandkids, family, Yoga TT and fav yogini’s. Congratulations on a great year. Love this music to go with your post as well! Here’s to a wonderful 2023 my friend❣️💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Cindy ! Thanks for your comment – the year was great but had some challenges – not too many and mostly in July – blah!
      But as you do well know – we take it one season at a time – one year at a time – one month at a time – one “storm” at a time

      Liked by 1 person

      1. let’s hope the blah blahs are over for all of us and we can move in to the next halab.. hahahah opposite of blah .. or let’s just make it a YAY! fingers crossed and yes, I know! 💗


  3. Thanks for sharing some of your wonderful year with us Yvette. You had me at your widow friend story. Your statement about remembering gratitude for every day on earth really hit home. Hugs ❤

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