wpc- BLUR (and Emerson quote)

The wpc is BLUR this week, and as I continue on taking “people shots” this year,  last week I was chatting with a cashier who had the prettiest nails.  She let me take her photo and later I found that the two photos of her nails were quite blurry, but they still captured the pretty pink and bling of the index fingernail.


Then… on Thursday I was digging through some assorted cards and I found this hummingbird one for my friend Christine, who was in town with her three girls and we met up to do some art.  The art on this card (with a slight top blur) is from a painting by Judy Mizell  – you can see more hummingbirds by Judy here.

card for christine

Before I sealed the envelope – I took a quick photo so I could remember to look up the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that was paired with the art: Every moment of the year has its own beauty  

When I looked up the quote, I noticed this Emerson quote was butchered for the card.

I like the full version so much more:

“To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same fields, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall never be seen again.”

Do you like the full version more?

Anyhow, I then noticed that Emerson’s quote sort of describes why I like taking informal “people shots” right now….

The lighting will never be the same, the person’s facial features will never be the same, and the atmosphere and mood was never seen before.   The essence of that very moment will be preserved in a way that can never be duplicated.  


If you like taking street shots, check out PLANET BELL (thank you Sue S. for sharing Jeff’s blog)

Helen Chen has the goal of taking 1000 street shots, which is unfolding and developing project. I plan on following along and here is the link if you want to peek in and/or follow too.

(ALSO!  –  Lisa D. has some great variety of folks, and here is a post with shots from the streets of Samoa and Raiatea.)


Hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Thanks for reading…





75 thoughts on “wpc- BLUR (and Emerson quote)

    1. Hey Lisa – thanks for the feedback – and you now how much I love your street shots too – I think i should make a “page” for this topic for 2015… hmmm
      anyhow, I am almost to 400 people shots –

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      1. Thank you so much Yvette! You are lovely to say so. I greatly appreciate your link to my ‘Street Scenes’ post. Wonderful idea to create a page for the topic! in 2015!!! Do it!


  1. Two beautiful blurry photos. Nails are clear to me, and I love this painting, Yvette! Street shots are challenging, say the least. Thank you for the links! Helen’s project is awesome!


    1. Thanks so much AMY – and the index finger actually has rows of individual jewels that are blurred out and looks like silver glitter – but if it were clearer, well they looked like diamonds. ❤

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  2. Wow! Thank you for mentioning my blog. What a nice surprise! 😉 So you have 400 people shots already? How wonderful! I have to catch up!!! I like what you did with the first photo. I may steal that idea sometime. 😉 I also like the other photo you took. You blurred the top part so perfectly.
    I like the long quote better. Like you said… it tells why we love people shots so much ;-).
    Good night.

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  3. Very nicely done…again. Of course, I like the longer version better. That is sometimes the problem with taking a piece of writing out of context…sometimes the piece says something completely different, and sometimes the whole thing says so much more. Like Einstein saying “everything is relative.” You don’t get the whole gist of relativity.

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    1. well said, “sometimes the piece says something completely different…”
      and in this case I would not want to give that card to someone who has recently endured some major hard days – like try telling them – “every moment has its own beauty” and they’d want to throw up because they are just trying to cope and get through some very “non-beautiful” moments in life.
      In contrast, the longer quote gives us that context you refer to – and with the nature reference the whole suggestion is palatable for all – and could even help a person see beyond a flood of non-beauitful moments.

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  4. Very sporting of the cashier to let you take her photo. Her nails are indeed very nice, especially the sparkly one. She certainly has some style 🙂 Your photo wasn’t really that blurry, (great for this week’s theme theme!) Y…I’ve had close-up photos turn out much blurrier. Focusing and taking close-up shots really isn’t my forte.

    Always love Emerson quotes, and this one you shared is no exception. Every shot and every photo is unique. Every second people, and the world around us is changing. Hope you’re having a good Easter. I don’t celebrate it but am enjoying the time off work 😉


    1. thanks for dropping by Mabel and I hope you have a nice day of rest tomorrow –
      I also have many blurry photos to choose from (;)) and I actually save some of the blur shots because like Michelle noted for the challenge – sometimes they have their own story and memory….
      anyhow, if I run into that cashier again – and if she has the same nails that week – I will take a “clearer” shot – because her nail actually looked more like this one:


      1. Still a pretty good photo, can see the cashier’s nails gleaming 🌟 I am sure she won’t mind posing for you again if you see her again. Maybe she might have new nails or something, and you can chat to her again.

        Thanks, Yvette. I will enjoy my rest day tomorrow, no work! Unless you count blogging and writing my book as work ✍

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  5. Yes, I love the full Emerson quote. It’s very true. The card is so pretty, and the partial quote fits so well with the hummingbird pic. I couldn’t live with nails like that. How would i do all my chores, or even type? 😕 Hope you’re having a great weekend, Yvette. xx

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    1. and how would you paint with nails that long? ha! For a long time – maybe 12 years – I used to have acrylic nails – a shorter version, and no color – and you really do adapt and go about life as normal; however, I do not miss them at all — in fact, now I am constantly cutting back my natural nails, which are quite healthy and strong without the chemicals on top.


  6. I like the full version more too, Y. I am also lovin’ her nails! It’s so cool when you take photos of people you come across in your day – it makes me feel like I’m there somehow with you 🙂 Much love to you! ❤

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  7. Gorgeous nails indeed Yvette and great shots too! Love the card and I must say, I do prefer the full version of the quote. Great post. 😀 ♥

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  8. I, for one like the full quote much more. I read it twice, so beautiful and meaningful. And I agree with you, when we take a shot of a person or any place even it’s forever captured in the lens. Forever frozen in time. It may provide us with beautiful memories to carry with us. Wonderful post as always Y 🙂

    Hope you had a happy Easter, if you celebrated. Lots of love,
    Zee ❤

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  9. What a nice project – the “people shots” – I think I have told you that I am impressed by the way you do it 🙂 – so I will say it again, it is impressive!
    I like the full version of the quote – it’s beautiful quote! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Indah – 🙂
      and here is an Emerson quote right up your alley:
      “Live in the Sunshine, Swim the SEA, Drink the Wild Air”


  10. Enjoyed your take on “Blur” a lot. The shortened version Of the quote has more meaning after having read the long version. It’s like knowing what’s behind a famous lyric of an iconic song. Thanks for the links.

    Street shots can be a challenge. One needs to be quick or the right moment passes. I hope you enjoyed Easter week, that is, if you celebrate it. If not, I hope it was a good weekend.

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    1. thanks so much and you know – it has been so long since I have seen Emerson’s name even come up – feels like in the 1990’s his quotes were everywhere – and well, thanks for your rich comment. 🙂 Hi to Beau from me (woof)


  11. Beautiful card and yes, much prefer the original, long quote. Everything is so fleeting, and as you say, capturing a single look, an expression, the way the light shines, the instant gaze, all there, for that exact moment in time…and then, like a whisper, it’s gone. A wonderful reminder to make the most of all that we have, here and now. Have a beautiful day mon amie ❤

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  12. People portraits are hard to accomplish. Lots of courage, expertise, and charm 🙂 . But people portraits are always meaningful, gives more …. you know … life. 🙂 Very well done, Y.

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    1. thanks so much Rommel – 🙂 – and I like that we can all do people shots our way – some do close-ups of mainly the face, some ask for permission – and then some are candid captures – so much to explore…


  13. So now we can quote R.W Emerson if somebody objects to our random shot of them.

    The full version of the quote is most definitely better. It has the intended depth, and how beautiful it is, and your justification of your action is well put — that Emerson would be pleased with you, my friend.


    1. you are so funny with the emerson quote use… and how to use that if anyone objects – even though in my vie w- if anyone objects – I will appease and delete.

      and if you are interested – here is a link to an article about some of the rights we have when taking street shots:

      “the mantra of “If you can see it you can shoot it” will keep you safe from legal prosecution in the United States” but we cannot “publish a photo that gives away private information about someone.” and we cannot “publish a photo that paints a person in a false light.

      and I was just visiting another blogger who said she did not realize that when she posted photos on fb that fb could use them however they chose to…
      and this article touches upon that as well:

      “The last concern you should have is your own rights when you publish photos online. Some popular web services like Instagram require you to grant usage permission to Instagram when you upload pictures. This doesn’t mean they get ownership of your photos, but it does mean they can use them any way they like. Other services, like Flickr, allow you to set who can and can’t use your photographs. If you don’t want to sell or make public any of these pictures make sure you’re using a service that leaves all the rights in your hands and be sure to check out Creative Commons for an easy way to license your photos.”

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      1. It’s an interesting article. Thanks for sharing, P.

        “If you can see it you can shoot it” is nice to know — something we’ve been doing, but with a bit of fear. If we click a group of people who only are a part of a bigger shot, and if one of them comes up to us and asks us to delete the picture, I guess we are within our right to refuse — because one, we are in a public place, and two, we took a general shot.

        On You Tube you’ll see a lot of videos where a man with a camera is recording a police officer who’s in a fight with a law abiding citizen, and when the officer asks the man to turn the equipment off, he says no and stands his ground, and by the end of the video the officer gives in. Half a million hits.

        The guy who recorded the officer shooting a black man did the right thing, but he was scared. Anybody would have been. But imagine, had it not been for that video, we might have followed a different narrative of the case.

        I came across this article on Photography and the First Amendment:


      2. well thanks for sharing – and I have heard that it is okay to record police – just so long as it never interferes with procedures – also, I will check out that link…
        and speaking of sharing links – I went back and read page 2 of the Time vitamin article and found it really awesome – so huge thanks for that M.



        She recommends visiting sites like the subscription-based site ConsumerLab.com, which randomly tests products, and the similar company LabDoor. There are also two independent verification programs called United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and NSF International (NSF). “If you are a supplement user, you should really use these to help pick your brands,” says Price.

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