Friday Food (Almond Keto Bread)

Summer 2017 included many conversations about the “ketogenic diet” This is not the post to explain in detail about a ketogenic eating style, but Healthline (here) described it well, “The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits.” A keto-friendly eating plan has been shown to help people combat diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, Lyme infection, Morgellons, … More Friday Food (Almond Keto Bread)

Thursday Doors (bricks… and linkin park’s in the end)

Hello Readers – for Norm’s Thursday Doors this week (here) I have some doors surrounded by old bricks (all from Richmond, VA).       And to end this post – I have some art with the bricks and door – This photo reminded me of Linkin Park’s song, In the End (here) – because … More Thursday Doors (bricks… and linkin park’s in the end)

Response to Robin Givhan’s Washington Post Article

Hello everyone.  Sorry to have my first post back address an article (here) that irked me, but here it is.  _____   _____ 8/30/2017 Earlier this year, one of the reasons I took a break from “some” social media was to get away from the Trump bashing. I did not realize how many folks in my various … More Response to Robin Givhan’s Washington Post Article

A Good Match

When I first heard the topic of a “good match” for the weekly photo challenge this week (here), I instantly thought of real matches. We still have a small plastic bin with matches in there.  Some were given to us by my MIL, but many were from our own collecting. It feels like not so … More A Good Match