Sunrise Surprise

1-26-14 ~ This morning I caught a beautiful sunrise… Not really a huge surprise But for me – a color treat! Through an upstairs window – I saw a pink glow colors NOT the norm a yellow pink storm!   I thought the hue was one of Gary’s cars instead – a color bizarre! It … More Sunrise Surprise

Time Flies (poem)

Time flies You close your eyes – and six years have gone by. You open your eyes- to change, growth, and new ways Yet many things are not changed – same stuff- different day. However, as time flies…. our lives are lived.         often measured by what we give. Also  – by what … More Time Flies (poem)

Soda Poetry

Sometimes it blows me away to see how God always gives us the support we need to persevere.  A small, yet potent, example of his provisional care in my life came this past year while teaching bimonthly art classes.  Colleen and her family starting coming mid year – and their presence was like a refreshing glass … More Soda Poetry