Public Art & Memory Lane: Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 5-14-23

Hello Readers, The theme for the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge this week is PUBLIC ART 

Thanks to John for hosting – and his launch post is  here.

As some folks know, I cleaned up the Priorhouse blog recently and it took me down memory lane. Did you know that when I searched for “art” images in the blog archives, I had 805 results. I decided to share some of my favs from these 805 images as we go down memory lane 2013 to 2023.

2013: Visiting an art exhibit at the Glen Allen Arts Center in 2013: 

Today is Mother’s Day 2023 and so this old photo is special because it brings a smile. Reminding me of special days and I am very grateful to be a momma. In the photo we have my boys, my hubs, my awesome step-daughter, and Lucas (far right), our foreign exchange student that summer.


2014: One weekend, back in 2014, I made a bunch of art images for some of my blog friends. Here is one I made for the Doobsters (who left his Mindful Digressions blog in 2015)

Hey Doubters – thinking of you amigo 🙂

2015: A street srtist in Richmond, VA – bringing his music to the world and offering connection that we often overlook as a beautiful humanity love gift !

love his smile

2016: Sometimes the best art is given to us in nature (thanks, God) – and below we have the colors of a sunrise in the east. And of course the basketball lovers will agree that a waiting hoop has an artsy feel all its own. 

I also like the trellis here, with leftover dried vines – whispering of winter and reminding me summer will come again. 

2017: Little Birdie art made for a nice photo on this spring day in 2017. And little did I know that around the same time I took this photo, I was in the process of writing my book, Avian Friends (here). The content of the book came from daily writings in the yard during that Spring of 2017. This all reminds me that good things can unfold when we do what we do.  🙂 

2018: As a teacher in Higher Education, I try to schedule in field trips to local art museums. In the photo below, the students were using encumbering printed sheets for their assignment. After this field trip, we went to a digital assignment form and it works much better, 

Something really beautiful about being in the presence of public art!

2019: One of the reasons I like blogging is because it allows us to get to know artists and their art. In the photo below, a painter and author overlapped in my life via the blog world  – as Forthemo’s painting reminded me so much of Trent’s book cover. 

2020: I was visiting with my momma and she was going through some bins in 2020. She found this old pin (very small) that I gave her back int he 1980s. It was a fun flashback. 

This art pin, reminded me of all the pins I used to wear on my puffy-sleeve jean jacket in the mid 1980s. Did you ever wear one of those?  I also remembered how Kristy, S’s friend,  used to draw the Sandra Boynton cat.  Kristy was a great artist and we all learned to draw this simple little cat. Anyhow, I took the pin home in 2020, but then brought it back to my mom in 2022 – and she put it on her bookshelf. 

2021: I met a former student, Dee, for coffee one day in 2021 and we decided to walk to the local art museum. It was fortuitous because they just started the “fresh flowers and art” exhibit. We walked around to see the cleverly paired flower displays that were created to match certain art pieces. Now when I visit the museum and see the art pieces that had fresh flowers that day in 2021, I remember some of the bouquets and it brings a smile. 

Public art can be a fine painting, arranged flowers, or a colorful outfit.

2022: Sometimes colorful lights have an artsy impact. 

This lights are in the Mediterranean restaurant cain called Mezeh. Fresh food, no Industrial-seed oils (woo hoo) and nice lights. The music can be a little too loud, but it is a fun spot to meet up with folks.

2023: Sometimes public art can pull us in and almost swallow us up! I like this next image because of the scale. 

This photo also reminded me of the show Breaking Bad because the girl in the photo reminded me of Jesse’s girlfriend, Andrea, in Season 4 (played by Emily Rios).


Thanks for joining me today. 

If you want to know more about the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, click here 

REMINDER: There’s 26 more days to read a novella for the 2023 #Dickenschallenge – it runs until June 9th… – and to join in the fun – pick a novella from Dickens, read it – and then after you read – post about it and/or chat with us in June (more info here) The hosts are Trent, Marsha, and Yvette








49 thoughts on “Public Art & Memory Lane: Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 5-14-23

  1. A lovely look back Yvette. The first family photo made me think that you told “the kids” to keep their hands in their pockets and don’t touch anything 😂 The cartoons raised a smile especially the food one 😀


    1. Hi BB – thanks for the comment and I do not even think they knew I was taking that photo – but right after that photo was snapped – I did get one of my step daughter doing a high-five with my hubs. But your point about the hands in pickets was a fun one

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, the memories you uncovered! Thank you, FR. The basketball hoop against the sunset, and the large art piece at the Art Museum- wow!


    1. Hi Jennie – thanks so much for your comment – and I did not pan on going down memory lane this spring – but I just realized my ten-year blog anniversary is upon me! So memory lane is fitting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved this walk down memory lane and seeing public art in many forms. I wanted to click on the Avian Friends link and it didn’t work for me. So many good images here – I enjoyed it and learned something!


  4. Great artistic flashbacks, Yvette. I love the mother’s day shot of your family! Happy Mother’s Day! It’s also a beautiful reminder of the power of art.


  5. That was a lovely walk down memory lane. I really liked the basketball hoop at sunset, and appreciated the comedy cartoon. 🙂


  6. So much great stuff. Wow, the basketball hoop in the sunrise is the photo of the 2023. Beautiful! The street musician has such a creative set of instruments.


  7. What a wonderful post reminding us of the many, many forms art can take and how it’s all around us (if we’re lucky). Thank you for this little jolt of artistic joy. 🙂


  8. Fun post Yvette – nice to walk down memory lane sometimes! Lots of fond memories I’m sure – good for you for making the effort to purge or re-post! Loved your comics also.


  9. Firstly, Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to you Yvette.

    As for the arts, your blog has always provided plenty of great stuff in that department. I love how you feature every kind of art too, from the street artists who always bring a smile to God’s inimitable palette. And the lights in that restaurant! Brava!


  10. Wow. Once again a fine trip down memory lane. I laughed when you talked of the pin that reminded you of the collection of pins for your jean jacket. True here as well. I especially loved the basketball hoop and the little birds on the tree stump. The reminder of your book even better…


  11. I’m late to the party here, but I had to mention that I loved Boynton pins, too. And mugs. I know she was considered corny, but her humor hit with me.


    1. Hi Ally!
      I just bought a bourbon calendar (late in the year but it was clearance and had fridge stickers that I will use with step-grandkids !!
      Cheers to Boynton

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