Backlit Photos & Memory Lane: Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 5-3-2023

Hello Readers, The theme for the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge this week is backlit, here.

I was cleaning up the ol’ blog this month and went down memory lane. 

I decided to share some images from the blog archives for this week’s challenge. 


This photo from 2013…. my hubby and me – right after I FINALLY learned to ski!


This image from 2014 brings me back to some fun days – and this photo captured a moment during a special “rocking” Christmas song, which included great guitaring and awesome drumming. 


Next up, a 2015 photo from a walkway in the Northern Virginia (DC area) tram bridge. I liked the lines throughout, the two lights, the three people – and how the man’s leg is in line with the right adjacent support beam- all with light in the back. This trip was our first time visiting the WWII Memorial in DC, which is really outstanding to visit and experience. 


This 2016 photo (and poem), with a washed out winter’s sky, reminded me that sometimes plans do not work out and we move on to the next thing.


 The aha! mode of a golden-glow sunset never gets old. The light in back of the trees reminds me to lighten up and approach life with ease. Find hope in the breeze. 


This memory-lane photo, with back light on one of my former yoga teachers, reminded me how much yoga has meant to me over the years. Very grateful for finally finding yoga options that work for me. 


Light to our backs….


Remembering how much our local museum has meant to me…. Here is “Chloe” – in 2020, with the walkway under construction and some lights in the back windows.  Chloe (2016) is a 24-foot sculpture by Jaume Plensa, which is on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA.


mmmmm, the light was just right to let us feel the food this night – around St Patrick’s Day in 2021. The corned-beef dish was featured at one of our favorite local places, Capital Ale house in downtown RVA, which holds many memories for our family. Good food, awesome staff, and they have brick work from the 1800s.


So much I like in this photo – even though it was from 2022 – it could have been taken in 2006, 2012, etc. – it feels a bit timeless to me because this spot in the house is a familiar area. 


This bird was perched in a window display in The Fan Area of Richmond. We were on a short walk and I paused for a photo. The backlight also came with a reflection and this photo could make a story prompt.  Do you have any ideas for a story? Is it a spy bird? Is this shop owned by a special little lady who can tell stories about past wars? 

Thanks for joining me today as I went down memory lane with Virginia memories. 

If you want to know more about the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, click here 

REMINDER: There’s 36 more days to read a novella for the 2023 #Dickenschallenge – it runs until June 9th… – and to join in the fun – pick a novella from Dickens, read it – and then after you read – post about it and/or chat with us in June (more info here) The hosts are Trent, Marsha, and Yvette








56 thoughts on “Backlit Photos & Memory Lane: Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 5-3-2023

  1. Fabulous Yvette 🙂 Love the pigeon and the selfies. I haven’t had a decent corned beef in years. I should drag out Mums recipe and make a pot


    1. Hi bb – your comment made me want to make a pot of corned beef as well. We had a it a few times around New Year’s Day as well. And wondering what your mum’s recipe is like

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such wonderful photos for the backlit challenge and to go down memory lane even better!! Love this post so much Yvette as it gave me warm fuzzy feelings and was very fun too! 🥰🤗❤️


    1. well your comment brought a huge smile to my face, Diana. Thanks for that!
      And hope your month of May is off to a great start (hard to believe the year will be half over soon)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, it’s my pleasure and May is starting out good. Yes, it truly is hard to believe the year will be half over soon. Crazy!! Have a good month too!! 💞


  3. What a great trip down memory land for us as well. A few laughs like the first one, the lighting around Chloe, and the fiery glow of the sunset. Nice selections, Yvette and nice way to present it to us.


  4. Fun pictures , thanks for taking us down memory lane with you. I never skied and probably never will for I don’t want to break my legs. LOL!
    The sunset photo is lovely and the bird one as well. So close up!
    Dicken’s challenge sounds interesting, may have to do that.


    1. Hi Joy, thanks for for joining me today- and I guess if you learn how to ski properly – breaking a leg is less likely to happen – I think folks that crash into trees are usually “speeding” – but then again – falling with skis on can really twist the body –
      Oh and I hope you can join us with the dickens challenge- there is still more than a month left !

      Liked by 1 person

  5. A beautiful post focusing on memories and accomplishments too, like skiing and yoga. I like how you made the gif of the two of you Yvette.


  6. It seems your post brightened everyone’s day Yvette! What could be better than that?! Loved the way you had the kids work in your opener! Fun at every stop this week, well done!


  7. Great idea to take us with you down memory lane for this theme. Nice to have all these little insights and glimpses. I love the shadow photo and the cartoon!


  8. This was such fun to see. That sunset was my favorite. Don’t you love walking down memory lane with old photos?


  9. All the photos are great, Yvette. The first one is cute of you and your hubby, And the Virginia photos remind me of our recent trip and visit with our son just last week. Thanks for taking us with you down memory lane. It was fun!


  10. I enjoyed the theme and the photos through the years, Yvette. I’m partial to silhouettes, but that bird spy is definitely story-inspiring. A little old lady who sends messages by bird and saves the village. 🙂


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