Getting to Know Restless Jo: PRIORHOUSE INTERVIEW with Johanna Bradley

Hello Readers.

Guess what today is?

It is time for our first Priorhouse Interview of 2023.

Today’s Interview is featuring Johanna Bradley, also known as Restless Jo. 

All photos in this post are from Jo’s blog and belong to her. I shared a few to give you a feel for her style and vibe. 

Prior: Hello Jo. I think we have been blog friends since around 2013 and my goodness, the years sure have flown by. 

Jo: It’s fascinating looking back, isn’t it?  I started my blog in September 2011 and it was called Restless Jo:

On that blog, I wrote mainly about my Northeast of England roots and the places I loved to wander.  Chief among them, Portugal, where I had a holiday home and hoped one day to retire, and Poland, where I had a newly acquired Polish family and a story to tell.  Dad had left his family home at the age of 15 and not been reunited with them until 64 years later.  The 10 years that followed were amazing in many ways, and at one time I thought I might write the book of Dad’s life story. 

Prior:That sounds like it would have been a great book but I can see how the blog worked better in this case. 

Jo: The cast of characters involved was huge, for overnight I had acquired 26 Polish cousins and members of their families. I felt that I did not know enough of the details and did not wish to offend anyone with half truths, so the blog format provided the perfect showcase for snippets of family history.  When Dad died in 2016, many of the facts died with him, and it seemed as well to let sleeping dogs die.  I still maintain many of my connections with Poland, but a permanent move to Portugal had then become a possibility and occupied much of my attention. 

Prior: I think I met you through your Dawn Miller’s Window Photo Challenge, and that led to Monday Walk with Jo,

Jo: I remember joining Dawn’s challenge too. And I started the regular walking feature on my blog in March 2014 and called it Jo’s Monday walk.  It was simply a means to showcase the different places I enjoyed visiting. 

I was a member of a regular walking group in the UK and walking is still my main form of exercise today.

Although I wrote in general terms about travel, most of my explorations have been on foot. I’ve never been well coordinated. I can’t ride a bike, or drive.  Don’t even mention roller skates! 

In the years when our house in Portugal was just a holiday home, we joined a couple of walking groups in Portugal, both to explore the surrounding area and to establish friendships. The groups have served us well and my closest friends in the Algarve were met on walks.

In November 2018, we finally sold our UK home and made the move to live in Portugal. We left behind family and many friends, always with the exhortation to come and see us whenever they could.  Most have visited, and all have loved the place we now call home, but there were plenty of doubts along the way.  All found their way into the blog in a series called Living the Dream:

Prior: I saw that “living the dream” page on your new site and can you share a little about how your blogging has evolved over the years? 

Jo: Preparing for this interview with you, I spent some time reading back through blog posts and many comments. It stirred up a lot of wonderful memories. However, so many of the people I met early in my blogging years no longer blog.  Some, sadly, have died. 

In the beginning days of blogging, I took part in various blog challenges.  It was the accepted way of meeting people and expanding a blog following.  I loved the connections I made. 

Prior: In addition to your walking challenge, you are also noted for being active with the Six Word Saturday challenge. 

Jo: Yes, the Six Word Saturday is a challenge that I carried forward for many years. Here is a milestone page for that challenge. 

Six Word Saturday has provided me with a lot of fun and I adapted it to suit myself.  A lady named Viv, who had Northeast of England roots, moved to Brittany and she was a fine poet.  Viv and I formed a mutual admiration society. As sometimes happens, we arranged to meet, at a newly opened park, Northumberlandia. A bitterly cold day, we almost had icicles on our noses as we struggled to the top of a manmade hill to look down on the grassy figure of a woman and the lakes surrounding her.  The tearoom afterwards was probably the best part of the experience. Here is a link to that walk

Warming soup was followed by cake, and my reputation as a lady who eats cake was born.  Viv died just a couple of years later and I attended her funeral in Newcastle-on-Tyne. Ron, a published poet and a good friend of Viv, Tillybud, and a lovely old guy called Jim, who had numerous blogs, and a snowbird called Jackie, who loved to travel, were among the many other people I met. 

Six Word Saturday was originally hosted by an American authoress, Cate. She had a good following in the U.S.A. Then, with over 400 six-word posts under her belt, Cate decided it was time to move on.  Reluctant to let the challenge disappear, Debbie, from Travel with Intent took the lead and the base transferred to England.

Prior: Even though I do not participate in Six Word Saturday, I do remember when Debbie took it over. I have followed Debbie Smyth (here) for many years and I remember when her gravatar initially said, “Happy Person.”  I thought that was pretty cool. I also thought her photos from around the world were pretty cool. 

Jo: I greatly admire Debbie’s wonderful photography.  And Debbie had a very relaxed attitude to hosting the Six Word Challenge and so I continued to contribute.The challenge has been going strong ever since. Along the way, I met many new friends, which included a talented cartoonist, Jakesprinter. 

Prior: Wow. I remember Jake! I recall that he used to make incredible “moving images” and had very advanced gifs (well, advanced for back then…)

Jo: Jake ran a challenge for a while, then stopped. I think he recently restarted in a different guise (here). At the time I met Jake, I also met a lady I know as Poppytump, who paints beautifully and takes superb photographs. Poppy found artistic expression in delving deeper into painting and photography and no longer blogs, but occasionally I have a lovely surprise when she pops up on my blog in the comments.  I love being a small part of so many people’s lives.

Prior: I also like being a small part of people’s lives. And I have had a few special blog moments with you, Jo. Like the time we both snuck online on Christmas day and had a little “in-real-time” holiday chit chat. That was fun. 

I have also enjoyed your varied photos. When I think of your vibrant photography, I think of the beach, art, food, tea, flowers, paths and lookout points to majestic views. I also think of culture-rich photos with unique tiles, art, and of course hanging laundry!

Jo: I was thinking about “What draws us to each other as we blog?”  Many of us connect through a love of photography, love for words, art, nature, cookery, sewing or, in my case, travel.  However, many times the connection relates to having a shared background.

For example, two ladies from Australia, Rosemay and Pauline, both have a family background in Yorkshire and the three of us exchange details that have shared meaning. Also, I have much in common with Jude, of Cornwall in Colour, and Tish Farrell, of Writer On the Edge. I found I had so much in common with them both.  

Meg Davis, another Australian lady, has Polish twin grandchildren and I met up with her in Lodz in Poland, and again in Warsaw, with Lucid Gypsy, lovely Gilly from Devon.  Neither are currently in mainstream blogging but we keep in touch.  

So much joy has come to me through my first blog.

But changes were afoot.  

If you court an audience and are successful, the numbers of visitors begin to build. 

 It was always my policy to respond to each and every comment and to make a return visit whenever a ‘like’ was registered.  Gradually, your blog can usurp your life. 

Prior: I agree that the time spent blogging “can usurp your life” and I can understand why people walk away for good. I also understand why breaks are needed and I try to take time away “before I need it”  – but it is NOT always easy to do. Oh and while I was getting some of your images for this post, I discovered this sunset photo you shared in a post. To me, it felt like the opposite of burnout. This feels like joy.  It is such a fantastic photo, Jo.


Jo: Thank you and blogging does take assessing. There was a time when I began to resent the amount of time I spent responding. Once I moved to Portugal, my very active life there meant that I no longer had the time to do so.  Yet I still wanted to write, and to share my experiences. The challenge system became a hindrance to writing freely on themes of my own. I decided to cut loose (close down RestlessJo blog.  So when it was time to renew my fees to WordPress in September 2020, I started a new blog. I did not sever ties completely and I actively sought the company of many I had liked and respected from the first blog.  But I resolved to keep the new blog small, and to write for myself.  

My blog is essentially a diary and I’m happy with that.

Prior: Sounds like a happy outcome.  I think a big takeaway from our mini interview today has been the highlight about the HUMAN SIDE of blogging. We all need regular assessment with output and engagement. Your sharing reminds us that we need to evolve with our blogs and we might have MANY changes.

Blogging has changing seasons. Times when we “pour in” and times when we “pull back” or maybe even stop.  The thrill of blogging can get lost in a black hole of a drain and each one of us needs to assess regularly so we prevent burnout that could lead to being done for good. As noted above, I found that taking blog breaks helps me. It can be hard to start the break and then difficult to find a groove after a break, but I try and take them to stay fresh. 

Jo: I agree. I do still always write for myself but some things seem inescapable and Jo’s Monday Walk challenge reappeared on the new blog.  

Prior: Well Jo, I think you also sensed that many folks really missed the walks. And i knew it was back again because I saw posts coming up – lke Janet’s here. I am glad you started the walk challenge again. Readers can find out more about Jo’s Monday Walks here.

Jo: The challenge works for me as a way of showing people my world in an informal way.  And cake has become a tradition. 

Prior: Yes ma’am – the cake (often at the end of lunch after a walk) has become a fun part of many posts.

Jo: Not that I have an especially sweet tooth, but my husband certainly does.  And as he’s the one with the sense of direction, I have to keep him sweet.     

Prior: Speaking of sweet, I wanted to share a photo of your daughter, Lisa, with the teacup on her head. Partly because just last week you and I were chatting about how you used to tell us that the “kettle is always on.” 

Prior: Jo, thanks so much for your time with this interview.  How can readers connect with you?

Jo: It was a pleasure, Yvette. The Stillrestlessjo website is here:

Closing Notes for Readers

     For those that want a sample of Jo’s original and stylized writing, here is a snippet from her light show post in 2011: 

“I couldn’t conceive how such a thing was possible and the magic of the whirling snow flakes enthralled the crowd. So much more was there to see.  We lingered beneath the towering illuminated viaduct as trains slipped across, seeming not to wish to disturb the soundtrack to the patterns created on the side wall of the North Rd Methodist Church.  Up the steps to the Gala Theatre, head swivelling to take it all in. And then …. ” (read the full post here

      For those that want a sample of how Jo leads us through a walk, here is a snippet of a 2022 post:

“As the sign suggests, we were a long way from home, but seldom have I been happier than on that sunny morning. At peace with the world, and the world was certainly peaceful in Lamego. As yet, not a coach trip in sight as we mounted all 611 steps. Plenty of time to stop and stare at the beauty all around.” (read the full post here)

 For those that want to see a sample of Jo’s awesome street shots, here is a painter in action (with a few of Jo’s words included): 

Questions for readers:

  • Have you done a Walk with Jo post or a Six Word Saturday post?

  • Any comments or questions for Jo? (Like why is she so restless? jk) 

  • Is cake a tradition in your life? (I am glad I have fund a have a nice Paleo recipe)

  • Have you had any blog changes that led to breaks, changes, or creating an entirely new blog?

Thanks for joining us today!

***Update: Jo’s Interview @Always Write is HERE***

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83 thoughts on “Getting to Know Restless Jo: PRIORHOUSE INTERVIEW with Johanna Bradley

  1. A great interview, Yvette. It really shows the different ways that blogs can work for us – both as the creator and the viewer.
    I love Jo’s walks (I always mean to join in more than I do – I just run out of time to write them up in the way I want to). We’ve been blog friends for years and still haven’t met in person. Got close a couple of times. But one day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re a lot more adventurous and mobile than me, Debs, but I’m always very happy to follow in your footsteps. You’re right- one day our paths will cross.


    2. Hi deb! I wish I had more time to include some Monday Walks – but I had a season of joining in and that was a fun season! I still enjoy reading many even if I don’t contribute
      Thanks for joining us for the interview 📸

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that Yvette has her own very personal viewpoint on our world, Derrick. You and I have never properly met on the blog trail, but I know I’ve often read your comments, here and elsewhere.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A great interview and thanks for the mention, one thing not spoken about here is Jo’s wonderful sense of northern humour and her LOL comments. She’s a very warm and welcoming person who easily draws people into conversation and I am very grateful that I met this lady both online and once in person. Well done Yvette and Jo.
    Jude xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My best buddy in Doncaster was a lady very similar to you whose parents came from the north-east. We used to laugh until we cried. And I was very jealous of the fact that she could eat anything and never put on an ounce! Sadly she died not long after I moved away. You don’t find those sort of friendships often.


    1. Hello Jude – I mean Hey Jude….
      Thanks for mentioning Jo’s wit and “northern humor” which really does add to the hospitality she brings to her blog!
      Thanks for dropping by and joining us

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Yvette and Jo, I greatly enjoy Jo’s photos on her blog and on Instagram. Fascinating about your family history, Jo. Relatable about the half truths with your Dad’s family, and also relatable letting sleeping dogs die.

    I initially gravitated to your blog, Jo, because we have fond memories visiting Portugal. Your photos help refresh our memories and showcase Portugal. And…the cake…wow…always makes me smile.😊

    It is fun reading both of you sharing memory lane with blogging. I love your description, Yvette, of Jo’s photo and the antithesis of burnout “This feels like joy.”💕

    I have mentioned to you in the past, Yvette, how I greatly enjoy your comprehensive, thoughtful, and insightful interviews. I love learning more about Jo and the journey that has brought her to the present moment. ❤️ Erica

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Erica! I feel like I’ve lost touch with you a little, since I moved to Still Restless. Perhaps, for reasons of your own, you’re not blogging so much, or I’ve simply missed you. If that’s the case, I apologise, and will stop by later. I agree about Yvette’s skill as an interviewer and the insights that make it work so well. The photo that caught your eye was taken on my rooftop, and was the start of a series for Becky’s Squares last November. It was a brave return to blogging from her, following her beloved husband, Robert’s, death last April. I really felt that something special was needed.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks for the visit and comment Erika/Erica – it is always a pleasure when you find a little time to visit and comment
      – your trip to Portugal sounds nice and I can see how some of Jo’s posts connect even more because you have been to some of the places she posts about !
      And thanks for saying you liked the “feels like joy” photo – I just loved all that yellow ☀️☀️☀️☀️

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Yvette, thank you so much for this wonderful heartwarming interview with Jo! The warmth and kindness of the community here on WP shine through – I felt like I was sitting on the sidelines as you chatted about mutual friends (some I recognise), reminisced about bloggers no longer on here (for various reasons) and enjoyed learning about the variety of posts. Jo, blogging is changeable as you have explained so clearly; it is not always easy to recognise that one needs to step back, re-group and see what works best for your following life changes! I think I’ve been following you since I started blogging in 2015 and it’s been a joy to join you on the walks and yes, always fun to see the cakes! Happy Trails, Happy Blogging & Writing! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a fabulous community, Annika, and I’m sure that’s what keeps most of us coming back. If you can’t find a lifelong friend or two within our community, you’re not really trying. Thank you for your many kind and thoughtful comments along the way.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Annika
      Thanks for your comment and there can be such a warm community here
      And one of my annoyances with taking breaks is having followers not quite understand that it is “just a break”
      Like on my recent break at the end of last year – I had a handful of folks email to check in and I know that is natural and from caring
      But it was like -/ “why is it not more normal to take breaks??”
      Anyhow / I will just take the breaks as needed (or try to)

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Oh, my! When Yvette initially asked me about this, I initially responded in a ‘why not?’ sort of way. Fairly typical of me, I guess, but when I sat down to look at what I might want to focus on, the journey back through the years was memorable. I still get new followers on the old blog, in spite of me no longer posting there. It’s all a bit of a mystery to me, but I have to say that I’m sincerely grateful that I started out on this path. Many thanks to all of you who have followed along, and to you, Yvette, for the time, insight and passion with which you blog. Here’s wishing all of you a happy year ahead. See you tomorrow, as usual, with yet another walk. 🤗💗

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a wonderful walk and interview of your friendship and passion in writing and blogging. I love the evolution of where this has gone from six words stories to a wonderful move and continuing to be on the move. i so agree that we need breaks to sustain us in blogging and you are a good example to go with our ebbs and flow, Jo and Yvette. You both make life sweeter and it come to life with your heart and pictures. Great picture of her daughter. 💗🍰💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks for your company. Speaking of change, my daughter was 52 yesterday and now has very pretty blue hair. She’s a creative as well as being beautiful (I’m only a little biased)


  7. What an interesting interview. I admire Jo and her husband for selling their home and moving to Portugal. I’ll definitely check out her blog. I also decided with my own blog that I wouldn’t automatically comment on other people’s blogs if I didn’t have something interesting to say. I don’t want this to become that time-consuming.

    My question for Jo is about language. Did she speak Portuguese before making the move and has she learned a lot since then?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Dan! She is struggling mightily with Portuguese and not a very good student, I’m sorry to say. I enjoyed languages when I was younger but having tried to learn Polish in my 50s ‘- to try to communicate with aunts and uncles in Poland- I seem to have used up the last of my brain cells. Often I can remember a word in Polish, or French, but not the Portuguese equivalent! The grammar books sit beside me on the settee, but I should pick them up more often. Living in the Algarve, we’re spoilt, because a lot of people speak English and there’s less incentive to learn.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We just spent five weeks in Brazil, trying to learn as much Portuguese as we could. We’re fully fluent in Spanish, but as you know from your day trips to Spain, they’re still pretty different languages. Good luck with your Portuguese, Jo.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Dan
      Best wishes as you blog and monitor the time spent on it / my biggest advice is for people to never compare!
      You probably already know this / but it cans be easy to discount our own blog if we only have a few comments and then we saw blogs that seem like the comment section is a party!

      We just have to remember that we are all different and I recently saw someone make their blog “private” and I know they wrestled with comparing

      And I look forward to hearing Jo’s reply to your question
      Thanks for kooky us Dan

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much for joining us! It reminded me (yet again) how individual the approach to blogging is and then also how we sometimes go thru phases as we change and as our blogs evolve
      Jo seems to have found her sweet spot (with and without the awesome cake photos)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. My pleasure Yvette! I’ve met so many creative and kind bloggers through you that it’s always a treat to read the interviews.
        Yep, the blogging approach is different for each and it cycles through ups and downs. It’s great Jo found her sweet spot and yes, cake is always a bonus!

        Liked by 1 person

  8. What a delightful interview, Yvette! Always good to know more about someone whose blog I so enjoy and follow. Yes, I participate in the Monday Walks as often as possible. As for cake, I’m not much of a cake fan of US cake but I do like European pastries, especially French, because they’re not so overwhelmingly sweet. Do I feel restless? I have to travel somewhere fairly often and fortunately my lovely husband, who’s still working for about a year, doesn’t mind if I go on my own. We’ll also both be going to California in two weeks to see our daughter, son-in-law, and almost year-old grandson as well as attend a two-day rugby tournament. My blog started out as mostly writing, evolved into mostly photography, and now I’m trying to combine the two a bit more. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Janet! Thanks for joining us with Jo’s interview and I bet you have have had some great pastries in France! I still remember having the BEST croissants there with real butter and strawberry jam! Oh it was so good
      And side note – did you know that in Ireland – Subway was not allowed to call their buns “bread” because their food standards said it had so much sugar it is actually CAKE!
      And I have found some great Keto recipes for cakes (liquid stevia from Whole Foods) and that has been a treat
      And I look forward to seeing how you continue to combine the writing and photography more – even tho sometimes your pro photos really speak for themselves – so I guess it just will depend on your mood and the aim for the post ?

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Just loved the blog story interview with our Jo. The kettle is always on here as well, another thing my mother taught me. When guests arrive, put the kettle on.
    So much to discover of the pre-me and Jo days. Wonderful 🥰
    mmm 😋🍰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bushboy
      Thanks for joining us for Jo’s post and I love the idea of the kettle always being on!
      And at your place – in addition to tea I think I would be constantly looking out the window and outside at all that NATURE!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. It’s quite a read, isn’t it, Brian? You know most of the ups and downs along the way, and I know a fair few of yours. It’s what creates the sense of community and caring, isn’t it? Sending hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Although I count Jo a supportive blogging pal who always engages in a good on-line chat, some of this was new to me. We share similar experiences – a Polish father, and the challenges and delights of living abroad – France in my case, and my reason for blogging in the first place – though we eventually returned to the UK. Thanks for an interesting interview!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can’t know everything about someone from a blog, Margaret, but you can surely get a feel for if they’re on the same wavelength and how well you relate. I’ve loved finding out about you, a little at a time, and it’s good to know there’s lots more to come.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Margaret – you should check out Marsha’s interview from 2021 (link is at the end of the post) and see if you also learn something new about Jo – or maybe you saw that interview already?
      Either way, your comment made me smile because it reminds me that a mini interview can sometimes draw out a couple of fun extras and it is a perk!
      Cheers to blogging and sharing connections the way you do with restless

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I must have been following Jo since the earliest days because I remember her Polish connection and as I was terribly interested in Poland that might have been the reason I discovered her in the first place. Or it may have even been through you, Yvette. I remember we had a commented exchange in real time many, many years ago. Fantastic to read more about Jo and I was a bit sad when the walks closed down but totally understand how challenges can get out of control, which is why I wound up Monday Mystery and Friendly Friday Challenges, ( the latter with Sandy as co-host). Jo is synonymous with walking and cakes and in the blogosphere that will always be her claim to fame! I love the photos you have shared here Yvette and particularly those stunning tiles from Portugal. I am continually fascinated with what you and Jo choose to share, even if I have stepped back from commenting on every post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Amanda – thanks for joining us with Jo’s post and hearing your connection with her earlier explorations reminds me of how connected we are in blogland! That is very comforting and brings a smile


      And yes, you and I have had as chats in real time. I specifically remember a couple where we had some long comment threads (oh how fun when schedules and moods and chatting lines up like that! It can be quite a gift.

      And Jo’s walks are till happening but not every week and she has a casual approach to how she shared the submitted ones
      – which is as god idea
      And I didn’t know you hosted two challenges, by I remember when Snow stepped down from Friendly Friday and must say that sure was fun challenge – I used to see sprinkles of entries in the reader and liked the clever themes. But I can understand if it reached its time to end – and who knows what the next decade has in store for all of us?
      And regarding not commenting on every post! That can be as wise move for longevity in the blog arena – and you know Amanda – I think a perk of having such an established following (like you and Jo have) is that you can go into lighter modes and still Leo connections – it is almost a reward for the days of building the blog early on!
      Yes! A reward to pull back and visit when you can and post when it feels right


  12. I enjoyed this interview about Jo and could identify with the walking especially, being an avid walker and writing a blog about walking. I have never heard of a walking group, but it sounds like a fun experience. I have always walked alone, preferring it to the company of others, just for the peace and quiet my nature walks bring me. I do chatter with the squirrels and birds though.

    I can’t imagine suddenly having all the relatives at once – wow. I am a person who has no living relatives, so it seems inconceivable to me to suddenly have lots of new family members. Sounds both exciting and daunting.

    I like the idea of the piece of cake at the end of my walk. A lot of times in my blog, I used to mention coming home and having a tall glass of chocolate milk as my reward for a long walk, especially in the Summertime. A fellow blogger, Laurie (Meditations in Motion) did the same as me, downing a glass of chocolate milk, after a long run. She is an avid runner – we both stopped doing that indulgence and switched to water – how boring we are as we get older. Laurie and I are around the same age.

    Nice meeting you Jo.


    1. Hi Linda, I think Jo will smile to meet a fellow walked like yourself.

      And I know Laurie from a while back – and have enjoyed some of her posts – like the one where she and her spouse were out running and got lost and it more than doubled their expected run.

      anyhow, Thanks for joining us on this interview.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We walkers are in a club of sorts aren’t we Yvette?

        I remember Laurie’s post where she and Bill got lost. I had a similar event where I got lost in the woods at a new venue on a very hot day – it was daunting.

        You’re welcome, I enjoyed reading it.


  13. Hi, I got here from Jo’s blog, which I try to keep up with but I’m often late to the party. I’ve read other blogger interviews and I think this one succeeds in many ways – it’s not just fluff, it’s thoughtful, and you discuss things like the ups and downs of blogging that I don’t often see mentioned. And you know Poppy! I’m a huge fan of hers and also feel very happy when she alights for a moment. Thank you both for taking the time to make this happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi blue brightly ….
      Thanks for your awesome comment and glad you could make it over for this interview with our dear restless Jo!
      And the interviews I do are so unpredictable and really depends on what kind of replies I get – and so even though I sorta know the direction / but some of the details only unfold closer to post time
      Thanks so much again for your awesome comment

      Liked by 1 person

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