Thursday Doors (2-9-2023) Through pleasant and cloudy weather – Bid me good morning…

Hello Readers – Today we have some green doors from Richmond, VA to join Dan’s Thursday Doors (here). 

The brick row homes have multiple entrances with a community and generic vibe.

The winter trees frame our shot.

The “LOVE” sign on the lawn reminds us that Valentine’s Day is near. 

While looking around for Dickens’ Novellas this week (for the 2023 #DickensChallenge here) I stumbled upon a wonderful anthology, Looking Toward Sunset (here), and today I am sharing two snippets from this book.


We have been long together,

Through pleasant and through cloudy weather.

’Tis hard to part when friends are dear;

Perhaps ’twill cost a sigh, a tear.

Then steal away; give little warning;

Choose thine own time;

Say not Good Night; but in some brighter clime

Bid me Good Morning!”

~Anna Letitia Barbauld


“When the Sun is setting,

cool fall its gleams upon the earth,

and the shadows lengthen;

but they all point

toward the Morning.”

~ Jean Paul Richter

60 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (2-9-2023) Through pleasant and cloudy weather – Bid me good morning…

    1. Thanks so much for the comment
      And the green doors in this neighborhood are new
      – i think about 20 of these same looking buildings recently had their doors all painted green. Looks good but almost too uniform

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  1. I am so glad to have you join us for Thursday Doors, Yvette. I like these doors and the other photos. I love the snippets you’ve shared.

    The Dicken’s Challenge will be a subject of discussion at my SoCS post tomorrow.

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    1. Oh I Am so excited to hear about the Stream of conscious post topic including the dickens challenge
      And all the photos had doors in this post – but the first two images might not have showed them enough
      The row homes in Richmond have this area where all the doors are green

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      1. Thanks for letting me know, Yvette. I kept updating my gravatar, but I just realized I needed to add it in my wordpress settings.


      1. You’re so welcome and was shocked I missed sooo much! Good to see you back! Oh thanks, I do my best and you always are in my top tier but why I don’t get notified is beyond me! 💗


  2. I have to say I like the very last door the best. At a glance it reminds me of the tack one associates with a horse, i.e. mostly the bridle or stirrups … call me crazy but it does, but that is some door.

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    1. Hi – that doer does kind have an art nouveau vibe
      Even though it also feels contemporary as in our area we have so MANY wood artists and it seems like every art show has some funky wood exhibit and local home stores also have more and more wood sculptures, trays, etc
      And I like all the stuff (and had a nice mini serving collection going as our neighbors gave us our first wood bowl
      From Hawaii when we dog sat for Them in 2003)
      But I have winnowed it done to four pieces and never use them any more
      Seasons change…..

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