What the Dickens? (2023 #DickensChallenge: Read ONE Novella by June 9th) Post #1

HI Readers, Today (Feb 7th) is the birthday of Charles Dickens.

Today also marks the start of the THIRD ANNUAL Charles Dickens reading challenge.

The hosts are Trent, Marsha, and Yvette.

  • Year one: 2021 –  Little Dorrit

  • Year Two: 2022 –  Bleak House

  • Year Three: 2023 – Read ONE Novella from Charles Dickens (updated 2/8/2023)

    FIVE Novellas we can choose from:

    1. A Christmas Carol (1843)
    2. The Chimes (1844)
    3. The Cricket on the Hearth (1845)
    4. The Battle of Life (1846)
    5. The Haunted Man & The Ghost’s Bargain (1848)

    This Priorhouse post here has more info about each novella

This year’s Invitation:

  • The 2023 #DickensChallenge invites you to read ANY ONE of Dickens’ novellas between February 7th and June 9th, 2023 (the dates for the challenge align with Dickens’ date of birth and date of death). Then share about your reading in a post or via comments on one or all of the host blogs. 

  • Comments will be shared  until around June 16th – and then we will raffle off the gift cards by entering the names of participants into a raffle. 

  • Use this hashtag: #Dickenschallenge if you make a post 

  • We will be making a master page with info – coming soon 


birthday taco with candle



Past Challenges

2021 – Litle Dorrit tumblr_p25f389Q3b1wmwbi7o5_r1_250

2022 Bleak House

Trent’s 2022 Bleak House #Dickenschallenge post is here. 

Trent’s other posts for Bleak House:

Sunday – Intro Post 
Monday – Bleak House Overview
Tuesday – Just for Fun (PoVs)
Wednesday – Mr. Skimpole
Thursday – Sir Leicester
Friday – Character Sketches

Yvette’s 2022 Bleak House #DickensChallenge A-Z post is here 

Marsha’s 2022 post is here.


Care to join us?

If so, start thinking about which “one” novella you want to read and then stay tuned for more information. 







30 thoughts on “What the Dickens? (2023 #DickensChallenge: Read ONE Novella by June 9th) Post #1

    1. Hi Robbie – no hurry but I am curious to see what six they compiled together ?
      I have one book with a trio (holiday theme) and I am not sure which ones I will read for this spring 2023!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well if you change your mind and decide to read a novella – it would be great fun!
      But then I can always dig through your blog archives to see other posts you have made about so many of dickens works –
      In fact – your blog shares from your readings are a treasure trove !

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Way back in 2005 Stanford Uni was putting out Dickens Hard Times in Magazine form in 10 issues. I subscribed and, still have the issues. I haven’t done a Dicken’s challenge since then! I’ll check out the list of Novellas. I just might do this since I’m a reading roll lately.


    1. Hi – I am so excited that you might join in – and the magazine from Stanford sounds like a nice thing to be a part of. And the funny thing is that in some ways, 2005 feels like only a couple of years ago – oh my! the years are moving on by.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Did you see “The Man Who Invented Christmas”? It definitely made me want to read A Christmas Carol again! I haven’t been at keeping up on challenges lately but it does sound like fun.


    1. Hi JT – I want to watch it again – “The Man Who Invented Christmas” but I remember
      not liking how they depicted dickens personality and they left out the nephew (huge mistake) but
      I also remember the great cameras and clever way they had the characters follow the author around
      I hope to watch it soon
      thanks for the comment

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Finally reading this which you mentioned in another comment or maybe in e-mail. I promise to participate in 2024, as I may have bitten off more than I can chew by taking the Goodread Challenge and committing to 25 books this year, but I wanted to hold myself accountable for reading more than a few books a year and figured that was the only way how.


      1. I’m going to work on it Yvette. I just finished a novella (“Chasing Murphy”). I bought it several years ago after hearing the author, an AP reporter, giving an interview about this dog who captivated a small Vermont town for almost two years. I have another short book to read so I don’t mess up my goal of two books per month. I thought I’d hold myself accountable for reading by joining Goodreads, but I’m not managing my free time well at all. (Behind in Reader eight days.)


        1. Yes, it was sweet Yvette. The whole town got involved searching for him and posting sightings in a neighborhood Facebook sighting. I haven’t looked into audio books yet. I would not mind to use audio books on the exercise bike or for doing things around the house, but probably would not use it while walking. I have a lot of books that are downstairs that I have not read. My mom and I liked the same type of books, so we used to go to a bookstore three or four times a year to buy books. Then I stopped taking the bus and rode with someone to work, so had to talk to them or listen to the radio – I was crushed as I really enjoyed the commute time and lunch break to read. I got very behind and we had a lot of magazines to read as well – I’ve since let all the subscriptions lapse … but all those paperback books downstairs, plus in a few closets upstairs ….. it will take a while to catch up. I am struggling to get two books a month read and it puts me even more behind here in Reader.


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