Welcome Fall 2022 (Quotes, Dawn’s #FestivalofLeaves🍁, Dennyho quote🍂🍃, and comics)

Happy Wednesday
The Writer’s Quote Wednesday (#WQW) challenge has the theme of “Fall or Autumn” and Priorhouse is hosting this week.

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This Week’s Participants (you have until next Tuesday to join in)
And this “Welcome Fall” from Sherry fit so well with this post – I had to add it…

Thank you, Fall

Thank you for the Autumn breeze, for the changing of the leaves

Thank you for the Sun so bright and the Harvest Moon at night

For the Pumpkins orange and ripe, carved into a Jack-O-Light

For the Feast of Thanks we give, another year we’ve had to live

Thank you for your apples sweet, Ciders, Pies and Candied treats

For Festivals and Market Squares, a bounty for us all to share

Soft warm sweaters, jackets and hats, ghost and goblins, spooky black cats

Thanks for all this season brings, the scent of change upon its wings

Preparing us for Winters test

Thank you, Fall –

for the season I love the Best “

(C) Sherry's Lens
My photos today are from the blog archives.
Autumn is a second spring –
when every leaf is a flower.”
~Albert Camus
“I love autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.”
~Lee Maynard

As the aging leaves of summer give way to the drier foliage of fall, their earthy aroma is unmistakable. A mossy, heady sweetness hangs in the air notifying us all to bring out our sweaters and boots, tea and cocoa.

The birds appear more colorful against their fading backdrop; the remaining blue birds shine brighter in the sunshine, the cardinals burn red amidst the scantily dressed branches and even the brown streaked wrens seem polished as they flit along in their nonsensical pattern.

How I love this time of year, season of seasons when it just feels right to slow down a bit, take deeper breaths and observe the colorful changes falling into place.”

~Dennyho @ ThoughtsofanE’villeWoman – From her 2015 post here


So many folks absolutely love autumn. One blogger that comes to mind is Dawn Miller @TheDayAfter.

Many readers likely already know Dawn and if you want to get to know her a little more, check out her August 2022 post, Grooving on Photography, where she shares about her journey as a photographer. That journey has led Dawn to hosting the Festival of Leaves photo challenge. The sixth season starts September 22, 2022 and runs for about 10 to 12 weeks.

Go here for more information about the Festival of Leaves photo challenge. 🍁🍂🍃

Last year’s (2021) Wrap-Up post is HERE

Dawn shared these helpful links:

The vibrancy of the color is what attracts me, oranges and reds especially . It is hard to describe how fall colors elate me. Probably if a PET scan were run, my endorphins would be visibly high on a country road in autumn.
~Dawn Miller

Care to join in with #WQW this week with the theme of Autumn?
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Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge

Hope you can join us as we celebrate the arrival of a new season that offers color, transition, and cooler weather (unless you are in the other hemisphere and are now welcoming in spring — a season with a much different vibe–) but no matter your location – we invite you to join us virtually with the Fall theme this week.

Safe travels to Marsha and let’s close with two comics.







79 thoughts on “Welcome Fall 2022 (Quotes, Dawn’s #FestivalofLeaves🍁, Dennyho quote🍂🍃, and comics)

  1. I loved autumn/fall in the Midwest with the beautiful leaf colors and the feeling of the upcoming winter. (Yes, I loved winter.) In Arizona I love autumn/fall because the temperatures are finally getting below 100…mostly. 🙂

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    1. Hi Janet – a much different Fall down there in Arizona for sure! And I am curious to see hiw your photos of the Arizona fall season will unfold throughout the next few months

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  2. The plums and purples in those first photos are gorgeous, Yvette. Nothing’s quite like being surrounded by a sea of yellow leaves and kicking your way through them. And having a little dance with Snoopy.

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    1. Hi Jo
      That was worded so well!

      “Nothing’s quite like being surrounded by a sea of yellow leaves and kicking your way through them”


  3. Your photographs are beautiful, Yvette. The leaves are magnificent. We don’t have fall here, so I enjoy seeing the colours. Love Camus’s quote. Perfect!

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    1. Hi Kirstin – your post was awesome and cheers to Fall!
      I hope Marsha is having a nice trip and thanks for coming over here to connect this week
      Have a great day


  4. Yvette, your fall photos are gorgeous. I love fall, too. The colors are still pretty green here in Oregon but the weather is perfect for an Indian Summer. Thank you so much for hosting this week. You are awesome! 🙂

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  5. Hooray for the start of Autumn, Yvette! Thanks for hosting for Marsha this week who is with me here in Portland! I linked my Sunday Stills post with a close-up of some autumn leaves. Autumn colors are getting a slow start everywhere, but we love Dawn’s Festival of Leaves challenge! Beautiful colors on those maple leaves–love the quotes, too!

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    1. Hi ally
      Thanks for the comment and regarding Marsha -she has been blogging her usual schedule this year – but you might not get her in your feed – because I know I never seem to get posts from certain folks –
      Anyhow – I also know she is ending story chat and wants to focus more on her interview series – so she has changes coming for Fall 2022 – but she is still hosting the art challenge and this WQW….
      Anyhow – good day to you ally bean and see ya soon

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  6. I recognised some of these pictures and realised that Marsha had shared your post on her blog and I had read some of it there but not had a chance to finish reading for some reason. Great pictures.

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        1. Hi – there are a few ways to add it (I’ll send a link to Marsha’s page because she made a great tutorial –
          And you can also leave a link in the comments
          – you view your post and then copy the entire URL and leave it in the comments for any challenge you join.


        2. well there are so many little things to learn – (so pace yourself)
          and then you might find that different challenge hosts want different things
          I once joined a challenge where I left a ping (it is where you add a link in one of your posts
          and it sends a ping to their blog) but he only wanted us to leave links in comments
          but never made it clear –
          anyhow, because the pings don’t always work – I suggest leaving a link in the comments


        3. I th I k this page from Marsha might be helpful
          And so happy to meet you Sherry
          Your poem and photos went so well together and rounded off this week’s other entries with such a nice flair ….0


  7. The leaves are gorgeous Yvette and I love each of the quotes. As I sit here, shivering a little in the 73-degree cold house, I hope I will not lament Summer’s passing since I was whining about the heat all Summer. The quotes mention the crispness in the air, the smell of leaves, grabbing a sweater and a cup of cocoa. Just a few of the delights of fabulous Fall!

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  8. We’re officially in Autumn today with the Equinox … But Fall is such a good word for the season. This is a good challenge – I wish I could join in. Another time!


    1. Yes – another time (even though I think Marsha would love your recent post with all your veggies and I think that would easily qualify for her challenge – (just sayin!)
      And I like prefer word Autumn but tend to use the word “fall”
      Thanks for the visit and comment
      And best with your short stories collection

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    1. Hello – I like that snoopy one too – so simple 🙂
      and thanks for joinin in this week – I just added your link and I know Marhsa will smile too


  9. Also my favorite season of cozy time and comfort foods and the beautiful turning of the leaves. Your photos were spectacular – especially the closeup on the colorful leaves ❤


  10. Like many other people, I’m one of the fall fans. It’s the most atmospheric season in my opinion and the Welcome Fall poem captures the autumn spirit and essence very well. I like the leaf gradient in your photos too. Living in almost-always-too-hot-or-rainy Thailand, these autumn photos are treats. I miss autumn.

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