16 thoughts on “Last on the Card (01July2022)

    1. Linda – you are so right – and this lady seemed to the length of the pants just perfect – (and I only wear a low heel if I wear dress shoes)
      And the cake was actually part of a fun wedding cake – a former student of mine got married and her reception was so wonderful

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      1. It’s been so long since I wore heels Yvette – as tall as I am (5′ 9″) I still liked wearing pumps. How nice you keep in touch with your former students. I have been hearing about the weather/flooding in Virginia – I hope you are far enough away that you remain unscathed. Mother Nature is on a tear these days. Yesterday Michigan had some fractious weather – a weak tornado about 70 miles from from me, plus a small earthquake 20 miles from me. The new norm for weather is not one I like.


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