56 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – The Lost Shoes (18May2022)

    1. Hi – yes – or maybe 500 words?? hahah
      I did think about maybe doing a story for each lost shoe – but then today I wanted to create a wordless post and decided those would fit.


    1. And sue — these were all photos taken this spring! I am not sure why I saw so many – I saw another one but didn’t get a photo
      Maybe some folks are coming back out after the pandemic and have “the funk” and it makes them lose a shoe?0

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    1. Hi Lisa / I can sometimes understand a lost child’s shoe – like maybe it falls off the stroller? But adult shoes? I wonder too!!

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    1. Marc – I thought so too…. like Judy lost her pink shoe because she was going barefoot after she heard prefabricated sneakers interfered with balance.
      And the birksentock Sandle? That was in a donation bag and on the way to the thrift store it fell into the car door ledge and when they got to a different store – it fell out and they saw it but left it.

      Drawing a blank for the little blue croc? Do you have anything?

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      1. Excellent takes on those Yvette!

        Let’s see, the little blue croc . . .

        Sandoval figured this was his shot at super stardom and he wasn’t going to let it pass him by. Never mind that he was all of five years old. It still counted.

        So when he spotted Simon Cowell seated at a bench outside of Costco, Sandoval sprang to action. He jumped on the table and belted out his very best Santana, dancing and jutting and hitting all the high notes with ease. He could feel the invitation to Hollywood coming fast; those words he had dreamt about so many times while watching “America’s Got Talent” with his abuelito. And then he turned to face Cowell, who was no doubt bursting at the seams to deliver the glorious news.

        “Who are you?” Sandoval uttered, his mouth having slumped to the ground when he realized it was all for naught since he hadn’t been auditioning for Simon Cowell, but rather, a complete stranger.

        “Sandoval! Come here you crazy little man! I sorry, I sorry but he gets carried away with his music . . .” Abuelito said, lifting his grandson hurriedly and rushing off, losing one little blue croc in the process.

        “That kid is going places!” Said the stranger before finishing his lunch.

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        1. Marc, I loved your story and it fit the shoe so well
          first, it does look like Costco (but it was a gym)
          and then the realism was felt – I could see a spunky and talented little boy
          singing for the guy he thought was part of the show (and our faux (or real) celebrity sightings happen often).
          The names were all culture rich and the diction let us feel the characters in such few lines.
          I smiled to remember when you son would sing in the kitchen with the Palmolive dish detergent bottle – he would toss it in the air and catch it – and he was around four or five and was the little showman. So the personal connection was also here.
          and your subtle snarky line reminded me of the crab that Simon Cowell has a reputation for – so when you wrote

          “Cowell, who was no doubt bursting at the seams to deliver the glorious news”

          it added another fun element for some of us.

          Then – the coolness of the man (not Simon) eating lunch – how he not bothered (but entertained) and that positive line he gave about how Sandoval is going places – showed a very cool guy – who also saw and acknowledged the huge potential – some folks don’t have such insight. Or some folks brush off children as so below them – forgetting the future greats are little folks today (see note- I heard about a Sunday school teacher who would salute (or bow) to his young students when he greeted them for a class – and when asked why he did it – he said because many of these students will go on to do big things – ) – so I like that character a lot

          also, the gentleness and social manners of the grandmother is felt by the way she scoops up Sandoval.

          May I add something?

          The stranger finished his lunch and then had an idea.
          He went to the grandmother and asked her for a contact email address. Said he might know someone who knows someone.
          Reluctantly she gave her the mother’s email address, who was a local lawyer that worked in the office or court only two days a week, which gave the grandmother time with Sandoval.
          Turns out – Sandoval didn’t get on the washed up America’s Got Talent, he was invited to audition for a new show.
          But now it was up to the mother to decide if she wanted this for Sandoval – young stardom can bring much funk….

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    1. thanks for the visit Terri – and I wonder the same thing – also, I am glad I paused to grab photos of these – because each time I was like “Do I feel like it?” and then just grabbed a photo – haha

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  1. Very random, Yvette. Maybe someone carries an extra set of shoes to work. I liked Ally’s comment about shoes mating for life. Great post. I took some random gloves like that, but I haven’t seen any shoes recently. Thank goodness. 🙂 Have a great weekend, my friend. 🙂

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    1. Hi Marsha – oh my goodness – the one lost gloves – would love to see your images sometime –
      and you reminded me of the late 1980s when I lived up North and lost one of my “isotoner” gloves – two different times and you have to get a new set – ugh – they were expensive gloves at the time – which were needed for that climate

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    1. Hahaha
      I just love this so much
      and LuLu reminds me of a dog I knew who used to like a single slipper – hahaha


  2. I’d say they slid out of them, but none of them are “slides” although one is a Croc. I thought it was funny when you did the sandal at the beach last year. How does one just lose a shoe? I can see on a beach maybe as they are carrying them, but on a street?

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    1. Hi Linda – I agree that I can understand the beach shoe being lost – and even a child’s shoe – but the others puzzle me too – oh and….

      wow – you remembered my sandal – ! I thought about linking to that post but sometimes I don’t want a lot of links in a post – also – this was wordless so I adhered to the rule – (and sometimes it annoys me when someone does a wordless and then adds words – sigh – they should add the “almost wordless” to the title if they are going to do that – or just call it a Wednesday photo

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      1. On the news yesterday was the reminder about not forgetting to take your baby out of the backseat – put your laptop or purse in the backseat, so you see the baby. The first baby-left-in-the-backseat death occurred the other day. Having never had a child to be accountable for and, I am absentminded about some things (like I misplaced a credit card in the house recently), I still do not understand how that happens. If you and I wondered how someone leaves behind a sandal or a shoe, then we are really pondering how someone leaves a child behind in a hot car.

        I don’t like that people add too many words to a WW post either. I even wonder how many titles or hashtags I can use for mine sometimes without breaching protocol. 🙂 I wish WP would allow you to link to a former post without having to approve your own post, even if you use the actual post link, as opposed to just a WP link. Since my posts publish at 5:00 a.m. and I get up at 5:00 a.m., I have to turn the computer on to approve my own link.


    1. Yes – especially if you are not at a place to easily get a new pair of shoes – or if the lost shoe was from a pair that a child really loved….

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        1. that is very fortunate – and we lost a Lacrosse cleat once. and just when we splurged on some upgraded ones… but it happens – and funny because I never let that happen again.
          Kind of like when I lost my small purse in high school (it didn’t have much in it – but felt like my world) – well I got it back the next day – and you know what _ I have never lost a purse since that time. Sometimes a loss makes you ever so alert and has a good impact on us to be mindful 🙂

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