ALLY from The Spectacled Bean – PRIORHOUSE INTERVIEW (26MARCH2022)

Good Morning Readers. Today I am featuring the March Priorhouse Interview with blogger Ally, from The Spectacled Bean (here). Thanks to everyone who joined us for the February interview with author VJ Knutson.  To see all of the previous Priorhouse interviews, go here

Now, let’s get to know Ally from The Spectacled Bean


PRIORHOUSE: Ally, thank you so much for agreeing to do an interview. One of the reasons I wanted to feature you this month related to your almost 20 years of blogging experience. Can you tell us a little bit about your blogging?

ALLY:  I started my first blog in 2004 as a personal challenge. I majored in English Lit in undergrad and Communications in grad school so it seemed like I should be able to write a blog. Turns out I can. My current blog is on WordPress and my blogging nom de plume: Ally is a nickname and the Bean part came from the saying, “Know what I mean, jelly bean?”  Thus I am Ally Bean. 

PRIORHOUSE: I know your blog posts already offer various tips for bloggers, but I was wondering if you had a few tips to share here?

ALLY: Sure. 

  • Write posts in which there is something for your readers to say *YES* to
  • Posts with goofy titles draw in readers more than ones with staid titles
  • Double check your spelling and grammar

PRIORHOUSE: Also, I really like how you end your posts with a question or two for readers to respond/react to. The questions you provide seem to help us mentally go from reading mode to commenting mode. I think the key is to “not” ask too many closing questions and I like how you usually offer one or two. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the photography you feature on your blog?

ALLY: I take photos randomly, rarely with any specific purpose. 

I toss my photos into my photo file with zero identification about them. 

Then, once in a while, I look through the photos to see if I could use one in a blog post. 

I am NOT organized about photos. 

They just happen.

PRIORHOUSE: Those photos sure do just happen – and this February bloom of yours is a recent favorite.

This”February 2022 Amaryllis” image from Ally Bean reminds us to “stand tall, and let your beauty shine just for the sake of being you.” I love the subtle layers in the background space – from the top cream – to a white-ish, to the lower shadow and that bottom translucent blue – allowing us to feel the shapes and prowess vibe of this flower and all its parts! Even the light reflection on the glass vase adds something – the human connection from a another part of the room – or the fact that we are all reflecting various aspects of things – and then those lines on the vase add a hint of more vertical interest – leading us to the subject – the flower! The bulb, stem, and top flowers stand tall with top/bottom symmetry. Love the composition. 


PRIORHOUSE: Ally, when it comes to blogging, what is your biggest pet peeve?

ALLY: My biggest pet peeve with blogging? I find it almost impossible to read white/pastel letters on a dark background.  I know it looks dramatic or modern, but I find it difficult to see. 

PRIORHOUSE: I do not like that white font on dark either.  I also do not like the current default of light gray on a white background. I assume that the tech folks who set this up had their reasons, but the faint gray font is WAY too light at times. 

And here at Priorhouse, a pet peeve is when someone starts to like a lot of my comments on other blog posts.  My “reader” gets clogged with “so and so liked your comment on M; so and so liked your comment on Y; so and so liked your comment on T.” It can be annoying because those notices (of their likes) take up space and have to be clicked on to remove from the “reader”list.  I am sure they mean well, clicking “all of those” likes in a row, but it should be done sparingly. I sometimes like someone’s comment on a blog post (and have met new connections that way; for example,  I recently met author Maria Donovan because I liked her humorous comment on BushBoy’s blog); however, I think it is rude to over use that “like” option on comments. I recently asked someone to please stop doing that to my comments (and truly hope it was not rude to speak up about it).

ALLY: Yes, I’ve had that happen (someone starts to like a lot of my comments). To me it seems weird. For example, I have a regular commenter who will do that when she gets around to reading something I wrote. All of a sudden, she’s liking all my comments– and may or may not leave a comment of her own.  I never know what to make of it.  Sincere interest or just filling in some time while she waits for something else to happen? 

PRIORHOUSE: What do you like the most about blogging and what keeps you around the blogosphere?

ALLY: What do I like most about blogging? I’m a creative free spirit so putting together blog posts allows me to use words, add links when appropriate, and make the whole thing look pretty with images. What keeps me blogging? I enjoy sparking conversations. It’s endlessly fascinating to see what commenters will say.


PRIORHOUSE: Can you tell us about the recent blogroll you created?  

ALLY: The crowdsourced blogroll idea came to me in a flash.  I thought it would be fun and unique to put together a blogroll based on how old each blog was.  I figured that maybe 25 people would want their blogs on the list, but I underestimated.  In the end, there were about 90+ blogs added to the blogroll. It took me many hours to put it together.  I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything like that again.

PRIORHOUSE: For those that want to check out this blogroll, the page is here. I found it interesting because I saw bloggers on that list that I had not connected with in years. A goal of mine is to return to that page a few more times to connect with a few more bloggers (and I’ll tell them, Ally sent me).

I also noticed that last March (2021) you had a clever post with “A LIST OF WHO’S DOING WHAT” and if anyone wants to connect with more bloggers, the 17 bloggers listed there are some great options to consider. Here is the link.


PRIORHOUSE: Another thing readers encounter on The Spectacled Bean blog relates to the sharing of fun tests, charts, terms, definitions, surveys, and research tidbits. Can you share about this?

ALLY:  I’m curious so I take quizzes, create surveys, and/or research things. My most popular posts are lists of terms. I get hits on these every week. Here are a few for readers to check out:

• In Which Ms. Bean Answers Mr. Monk’s Question + The Names Of Measuring Spoons & Cups

• 28 Pig Phrases: A List Created [For Fun], A Goal Achieved [Finally]

• The Great Cobbler Debacle Of 2018 + 12 Fruit-Based Desserts Explained

• 1930s Slang: How Do You Say Very Good?


PRIORHOUSE: Ally, we have been blog friends for a while now and when I first came to your blog, I felt like you always had time for newcomers. I still feel that way and thank you for it. Anyhow, with each of your posts often having 200+ comments, how do you manage the replies and also stay open for connecting with new folks? 

ALLY: Thanks for the compliment, I try to be kind and inclusive to everyone. I feel friendliness is the essence of personal blogging. After all, the way you respond to comments is an insight into who you are at heart;  if you ignore commenters they’ll notice– and think less of you for it.

  • I’ve learned that with blog comments it is like the ocean, you should never turn your back on them.
  • As for how I handle the comments, I tend to post once a week and then I check my blog a few times during all the subsequent days replying to comments as they appear. 
  • I never intentionally ignore a commenter, but I know I occasionally miss a few people.  Mea culpa.

PRIORHOUSE: I wanted to share the five-word descriptions from your about page:

• Five words that describe who I am: curious, articulate, light-hearted, genuine, creative.

• Five words that describe who I am not: sneaky, insincere, dishonest, uptight, athletic.

So… now can you tell us something about you that is NOT well known?

ALLY:  I’ve taken the classes and have been attuned to Reiki Level 2. This means I know a few things about energy healing.

I have no interest in going onto Level 3.  Reiki is just something I did once upon a time and feel more centered + empowered in my life now because of it.      


  • Reiki is both a way to understand/process the world around you– and a way to move your hands over someone to help a person relax.  I understand the principles and symbols well enough, but I am not very good at the hand part.
  • If someone was interested in learning more about Reiki, I would suggest researching the term online, then look for classes in your local area. Back when I discovered Reiki it was from a yoga teacher who knew a nun at a spiritual center who gave classes in it. It was all word of mouth, this was before the Internet was so accessible. 


PRIORHOUSE: What is something you are working on? Any habits or goals for change?

ALLY:  I am, by nature, a sloth.  I accomplish things but not quickly.  That being said, now that it’s springtime, I’m trying to get into the habit of going for a healthful walk every day– like some kind of gazelle or something.


PRIORHOUSE: What is on your TBR list?

ALLY: I’m about to start reading: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

PRIORHOUSE: Have you written any books?

ALLY: In essence, I have written at least three books. Here is a post I wrote about this very topic: Words Do Not Fail Me: A Study Of Wordiness In My Blog Posts & Your Comments, Forsooth

PRIORHOUSE: That is SO INTERESTING about the word count. Let me share a snippet of that post here:

“As of January 2021, I had written and published a total of 962 posts with a word count of 282,612 words. According to this article, A Word Count Guide for 18 Book Genres, Including Novels and Non-Fiction, 80,000 words is the ideal length for a novel. “If you’re working on a novel-length book, aim for 50,000 words at the very least — but it’s better to aim for 90,000. Editorial trimming is inevitable.”  Ergo, keeping the above rule of thumb in mind while applying it to my blog word count [282,612 divided by 90,000] you can see that in essence: I’VE WRITTEN THREE BOOKS.”  ~Ally Bean

PRIORHOUSE: I like how you often surprise readers with splashes of humor, like with this video (in your runaway mailbox post) with a dog named BEAN: 



PRIORHOUSE: Do you have a favorite quote?

ALLY: “Love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own canoe.” 

PRIORHOUSE: I also grabbed these two quotes from your blog:

PRIORHOUSE: Do you have a favorite movie?

ALLY: One of my Favorite movies is Bull Durham.

  • My favorite quote from Bull Durham is, “The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self-awareness.”  
  • I have no idea how many times I have seen the movie.
  • We don’t own any movies, so I watch it every few years when I see that it is going to be on cable or on a streaming service.
Another favorite movie is Father Goose [with Cary Grant].
The “Pass Me By” song is here

The “Pass Me By” song encapsulates how the main character, Walter [Cary Grant], feels about the world as he attempts to avoid WWII while living on a remote tropical island. The Father Goose movie is a comedy. Grumpy Walter is forced to look after a group of French school girls and their gorgeous teacher [Leslie Caron] when they find themselves marooned on his island.  

  • Favorite Movie in December: The Holiday
  • Favorite TV shows: The Good Place or Schitt’s Creek
  • Another favorite show has been Murdoch Mysteries

PRIORHOUSE: I have not seen the Murdoch Mysteries and I hope to check it out some year.  What season are you on and did you start from season one?

ALLY: We started with Season 1 last summer and we are now on Season 13!  The main characters are still around but are more mature now, less flighty. The recurring bad guy characters come and go, as do the other constables in the station house. The most marked change in the show is how women’s fashions have become less fussy, more tailored.  


PRIORHOUSE: Well Ally, this has been fun and thanks so much for your time.

ALLY: You are welcome, Yvette. 

PRIORHOUSE: As we wind down this March interview, I wanted to also let bloggers know that you were featured in an interview last month. 

ALLY: Yes, Jen from the BOSSSY BABE blog posted an interview with me for her ongoing monthly Blogger Spotlight Series. I was thrilled to be asked to participate for February 2022. Readers can go HERE to read the interview. 

PRIORHOUSE: I really like how Bossy Babe described you and have a snippet here, because it sure sums up the Ally Bean I know:

“The blogger I chose to spotlight for the month of February is definitely not new to the blogosphere. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon her (Ally Bean) page but so happy I did. I have to admit, I am pretty stoked she agreed to let me interview her. I enjoy her wit and style of writing (she makes me laugh), and I admire her ability to write about life’s mundane mishaps. Also, I kind of love her blog name” The (Spectacled Bean )

          –Jen @ BossyBabe.

Here are some links if anyone wants to connect more with ALLY: 

****UPDATE: Ally’s Post HERE links this interview and also offers some excellent tips for blog balance***


Thanks for joining us with the ALLY BEAN interview.

If you have any questions or comments, we would love your feedback






93 thoughts on “ALLY from The Spectacled Bean – PRIORHOUSE INTERVIEW (26MARCH2022)

  1. Great interview Yvette. What an interesting and entertaining person Ally is. I also dislike black back or dark backgrounds which make it hard to read comments or even their own words on their blog! I am sometimes guilty of the likes on comments when everyone has said what I was going to say, so why not be lazy I reckon 😁
    I must rake you to task about my blog name Yvette. No capitals, one word not pretentious just bushboy or bushboys world but getting a mention made me feel special anyway thanks 🤗❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thank for the name of your blog correction! It does matter and I will fix that amigo !
      Even tho my grammar teacher would tell you to add that apostrophe
      bushboy’s world – but e.e. Cummings had it his way and you shall too
      And maybe I’ll just use bb.
      Either way – sure do appreciate being blog connections and i have actually met a couple bloggers over at your place – and when Maria and I connected this month it reminded me that “liking a comment”
      Has value
      And I am guilty of doing it too! My pet peeve was when the same blogger kept doing it to my comments (that were elsewhere) and they did it in waves or spurts – WTH?
      And your words for ally “interesting and entertaining” depict her the way many of us have come to know her

      Liked by 1 person

      1. bb is fine too as that’s what I get sometimes. I have had a couple last week who just did a bulk like of blogs, around ten to twenty. Maybe they are hoping to get me over to their site.
        I like stepping outside of my normal grammar OCD on my blog but spelling is hard not to keep on track.
        Keep the interesting and entertaining people coming as well as the views of the street of the US 🙂


  2. Enjoyed the interview, Yvette, and there are a couple of links I’ll check out. The Spectacled Bean is a great name but I don’t think I’ve done more than tiptoe across her threshold. How can that happen in 20 years of blogging?

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    1. Hi jo – thanks for joining us on the interview – and I a not sure what you mean about the threshold and the 20 years – ?


      1. I visited her blog share and there were quite a number of people we have in common, though I don’t necessarily follow them. I simply meant that we hadn’t connected though we’ve both been around a while. I should just have said that. I caught up with several of them so thanks to Ally for that. Comments were closed so I couldn’t leave one.


        1. Oh I get it now, Jo! I overlooked the word “her” and must read tiptoe across the threshold – but it makes a big difference with the word her! that makes sense. Thanks for coming back to reply

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  3. Thanks for interviewing me here. It was fun to talk with you. I enjoyed answering your questions and appreciate you thinking of me. I actually sound like I might have it together. Kind of shocks me. When I blog I’m flying by the seat of my pants. 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well seat of true pants can also lead to that unplanned spontaneity that delivers a free approach.
      And glad to feature you for the March interview-
      Appreciate you sharing and also your introducing me to Father Goose and the Murdoch Mysteries.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Another interesting interview. I have not encountered Ally Bean before, so thank you for the new connection. I discovered that by commenting on other people’s comments, scammers can bypass the system and get a direct link to you without having to create a site or leave an email. I am more cautious now about responding (burnt once).
    Interesting tidbit, Ally: Some of the episodes of Murdoch Mysteries were filmed in my small town, where many of the stone buildings date back. They love to use our townhall and main streets, and we love to watch them at work.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi VJ
      Thanks for checking out the March interview with ally.
      And thanks for the tip on being careful with commenting on the comments on a blog post – that is good to know – and on some blogs I stopped clicking the avatar to go and visit someone because I have been burned on that – hm…
      And in my chat here with ally I was referring to sometimes when bloggers never visit me – but I get these notices that they “liked my comment on… such and such – ” and I might get five in a row!

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    2. Oh yea, VJ – it must be fun to see the filming of the Murdoch mysteries in your town. I saw a a few shows being made (in SF and here in Richmond) and I am Always amazed at HOW MANY PEOPLE are involved to produce these series and movies

      Do you like true Murdoch mysteries?

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    1. Hello and thanks for reading – I think you know her well as your word choices were entertaining and interesting. I like how Jen at Bossy Babe also noted that Ally is able to take the mundane things of life and write about it for an interesting post!


  5. Hi Yvette, I have seen Ally Bean while out and about in the blogosphere. It is lovely to see her featured here and learn more about here. I also have a few people that occasionally like my comments on other posts. It doesn’t bother me but I only comment on comments on specific posts where the host encourages that sort of conversation.

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    1. Hello Robbie
      Thanks for joining us for the March interview post with Ally and how you have seen her out and about 😊Also appreciate your feedback on the commenting because you reminded me of another angle –
      Some bloggers do encourage and seem to like when folks “comment on comments” and get a convo going there whereas some
      Blog hosts might be less into it.

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  6. what a wonderful interview. I just discovered Ally a short while ago, so it was nice learning a bit more about her. I hadn’t picked up that she ends her blogs with a question or two, although I did just answer her most recent ones!

    I also loved Schitt’s Creek, and got a good chuckle out of the greyhound video…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jim
      – right on for discovering ally’s blog recently – and regarding Schitts Creek / the hubs and I tried watching it and didn’t get into it.
      But I guess a reminder that we all vary, eh?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It sure is nice to live in day and age where binging is possible – it can change in the experience but surely is cool to immerse and watch a lot if we choose to do so –

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  7. Whew! Luckily I don’t do a lot of comment liking! She’s absolutely right about absurd titles attracting viewers! My most liked post is: Maybe it’s a Drunken Kangaroo. Great interview!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for joining us for the interview and I guess comment liking should just be done in balance (IMO)
      And JT! I checked out the post with the fin title “Must Be a Drunken Kangaroo”
      And hahaha
      You are right that the title is a fun, catchy one – however – your humor/wit in trust post is likely another reason it is so popular!


  8. I had to laugh several times during this great interview, Yvette. I love the conversation that started about liking people’s comments. I do that once in a while, but I also try to reply when I do it. Sometimes, not often, I just do it because I’m happy and maybe surprised to see their smiling gravatar. It’s like going to a party and seeing someone you adore and haven’t seen for a while. I agree with Jo’s comment, I’ve seen Ally around the blogosphere, but never connected on a deep level. I love her sense of humor. I’ve probably written 3-4 books on my blog, LOL, talk about wordiness (in half the time 10 years instead of 20) I am in awe of how engaging your interviews are, Yvette. You pull in so much fun information on a person that we really feel like we’ve gotten to know them by the end of the interview. I found a lot of things to connect with Ally from this interview. I, too, am a sloth by nature who loved Schitt’s Creek. Have a great day, Ally and Yvette. TTYS

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Marsha – maybe we didn’t give “schitt’s creek” long enough – but it also just might not be for us (and only so much time for shows!)
      Thanks for the note about the interviews and how they unfold – it truly amazes me how each turns out so different! And this Ally Bean one was a change of schedule – because after doing author Annika and author/poet VJ…. I didn’t want it to seem like I was only doing tranriinak authors (because I have a few more in the queue). And then ally just So happened to have time to do the interview and so I was grateful.
      And speaking of authors and writing – yes, yes, yes! If we are going by word count you sure do have many books under your belt (not including the published history book and your works in process – because maybe some of those will never become a book but I have a feeling you will have good handful of titles under your name! Just see it!
      Okay – hope
      Your Sunday is going asesome

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      1. Thank you for the encouragement. I am not sure that I have the same passion for publishing a book at this point. I am doing what I enjoy and for the time that is plenty. I enjoyed hearing Ally Bean’s perspective on it. It adds value to what we do as bloggers and writers. Blogging has its own style of writing as a genre, and it fits my personality and what I enjoy doing.


  9. Thanks for the mention, Yvette! I learned so much from this interview and am checking out Ally’s blog and Twitter. I love these world wide connections with you, and bushboy and … Who next? My friend Gretchen on Thoughts become Words had a post about not liking posts she hadn’t read – I do the same though I appreciate that for some people liking is a way of saying I support you, I know you’re there. If people comment then you know they are engaging with you. I like blogs where people use their own photos as this also expresses something. As that isn’t my day job I find taking photos fascinating and relaxing … But the more I do it and see other people’s photos and read about it the more I learn. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Maria
      Now that you mention that about photos – I love when authors take their own – VJ Knutson (of last month’s interview) also takes and edits her own – and this adds a nice touch
      However – even when writers don’t use their own photos (like Marc from Sorryless and Frank from Beach walk Reflections) well they put out some awesome writing and find ways to get the pics when they need them (and they have paired up with others – very cool)
      Anyhow – I had to
      Mention how we met thru my liking your comment on bb’s blog (notice I didn’t mention the content – but that would have been forty fun if u had added it- lol)

      But you really warmed my heart by replying and then joining the outreach my son was doing (I’ll stop saying thanks but you know it edified)

      And can you share the link to the post from your blogger friend, the one about not liking posts she hasn’t read?
      Would love to read it and have it here

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes that was when I responded to bushboy’s Last on the Card challenge, which I love as it sets the bar so low that even I can join in. I couldn’t post a photo as my last was of my husband’s hernia. Nobody needed to see that – except the surgeon who didn’t as the op was postponed yet again (it was the ‘before’ picture – op was due 1 March, photo taken 28 Feb but op cancelled that same afternoon, cruel but we are getting used to it as we are now looking forward to the fifth appointment). I just had to find out who liked that comment as I felt we must have something in common! And this turns out to be true. Am pleased you and Chad were so pleased with my small donation to his fundraising. Such a good thing for him to do for his birthday and I also felt the glow of giving. Am not sure now whether Gretchen posted about the not liking without reading in her blog or mentioned it in an email! Will have a look and if I can’t find it will ask her. I like the idea of writers teaming up with good photographers or illustrators. I might ask for some help with my next book cover if I ever get it together to finish the ms. Thanks again!


        1. Hi – sorry for the delayed reply (I did not get any notice of this comment coming here) – I appreciate you sharing a bit of the details about the comment on bb’s blog. And oh my goodness – fifth appointment?? – that must be a little tough? – However, I once heard someone say that if a doctor cancels, it might mean they are giving the appointment more care and respect rather than forcing it to work (something like that) – but I hope it all works out (soon).

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        1. thank you for coming back with the link. Gretchen is so encouraging and I decided to add a few sentences from the end of the post you linked because it shows her seasoned outlook:

          “So that my thoughts can become words, I am using a good media platform right now. However, I’m under no illusions that suddenly it will make me readable, bankable and popular. Personally, I think perpetual loyalty to the internet crushes originality. Ah, a lightbulb moment! As long as you feel fulfilled as a writer, you will write and you will love what you write. Don’t be too concerned about the initial lack of Likes. To gain any sort of recognition, I think we should remain steady and plod along and work hard yet with a happy heart. Stay true to that inner core, that part of our soul which says “Do it, you know you want to, you know you can” and accept the outcome”.

          Gretchen Bernet-Ward (here)

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  10. Hey Ms Bean – it’s your musical moonbeam from your place to this place! This sounds soooo like you – only more! What a delight – Thank you, Priorhouse for featuring this Cool Bean on your blog and introducing her to even more potential friends.
    My fav quote I didn’t see before is: “Love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own canoe.” I admit, I’m too trusting, so this gives me something to work on balancing in my own life.
    I spy a book behind Mr Monkey that I’ve recently re-read (I read it when it first came out in paperback back in the day!) can you guess which one? Yep, “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. Just thought you’d like to know.
    Because you’re just that sorta blogger bud.
    Again, great interview both of you.


    1. Hi Laura, thanks for checking out the interview with ally, and your comment about the book behind the money reminded me how my husband and I used to pause the screens when people were on video ( during the early months of COVID shutdown ) because we were always so curious as to what was on their book shelf. And that “French Women Don’t Get Fat” books sounds good – now without reading it I am going to say that it might be because their country doesn’t allow all the high fructose corn syrup – and because they eat good meats with real cream (but still don’t eat a lot of dairy) and they also don’t use the dangerous industrial seed oils like canola, soybean, vegetable oil – etc – well I am half kidding and I will just have to check out the book-
      Lastly, I also liked ally’s choice of quote (because of course it even hade the rhyme – “few and canoe” – which fits her playful style on the topics of life)
      “Love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own canoe.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The French Women book also has recipes! HA! But no spoilers coming from me – the book is a good read as well. About that new COVID fad of pausing the screens for reading the bookshelves – I love(d) it when pets would wander into the reporter’s room during PBS newshour! I’m partial to cats.


        1. Oh the pets coming in must have been a lot of in! Our brown lab made a appearance in one of my live streams
          But your comment reminded me about the time the lawyer had to meet with a judge and couldn’t get the cat filter off.
          “I’m not a cat”

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  11. Thank you Priorhouse for featuring Ally and thank you Ally for tagging me in this! I got to know Ally through my interview with her and even more now with this lovely in-depth interview! I laughed at your photo filing system lol.. I do the same with memes I find randomly on the internet… “Oh, this is a funny meme! I will use it at some point!” Then it goes into the abyss of my meme folder, never to be remembered or looked at ever again! LOL… at least you use your photos! 🙂 Great post, Priorhouse! 😀


    1. Hi there, thanks for your feedback for Ally and moi – also, I can relate to your saving the memes and having the folder grow.

      Also, regarding your interview with ally, I loved the snappy flow of it and it amazes me as to how much we can learn about our blogging friends after we think we already know so much – haha
      – and my interview came about quite last minute – I wanted to change up my schedule (and didn’t want post author after author) and so my aim with interviewing ally bean was to maybe offer readers some ideas for blogging – and I think that happened – but then we also just had a little “all bean” fun and so I was glad she said yes.
      and “bossy babe” – I look forward to following along with your blog.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Thanks for giving us a spyglass to examine our Ally Bean, a special wordsmith who handles words lightly, which doesn’t mean she’s not intentional and serious about FUN and GAMES, 😀


    1. Hi – thanks for checking out the interview with blogger ally!
      And are you the reader that had the children playing “flood”? So funny
      Either way – hope you have a nice weekend


  13. That was a most enjoyable interview Yvette! I do enjoy Ally and her antics, her thought and comment provoking questions. Good stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dale
      Thanks for checking out the interview with Ally and like how you noted the “comment provoking questions” because it sure is one of the things she does best

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        1. Thank you, it’s starts with the end of one job and the start of a new one next Monday. And the darn COVID symptoms are finally abating. So. Good, for sure!


  14. Another great interview Yvette and I’ve been following Ally for a while now and always get a smile from her posts. I like the games and quizzes that she includes in her posts as well. P.S. I fear that a description of “wordy” might be my moniker as to comments and posts – yikes!


    1. Hi Linda
      Well I think I met you on Ally’s Blog? Did we meet there?
      And for those of us who have the pleasure of being blog friends with you really enjoy your comments.
      And “wordy” is relative and so are short and curt comments
      The best thing is for us all to be ourselves and if we read a post and have the ability to astutely move into comment mode (with genuine thoughts) well let it flow because that can be a super fun part of blogging!
      There might be times for one word or one sentence-
      But a good number of folks like to share a few thoughts and it sure can warm the space and make connecting enriched

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      1. Hi Yvette – I thought we met through Shelley (“Quaint Revival”) … it may be through Ally though. It is nice when the same bloggers show up for various blogs. I’ve been finding that more often lately. It’s funny because some blog topics will trigger me to remember an event or instance that may have happened years ago that I can relate to … maybe it pays to be an older blogger … more stories to tell!


        1. Hi linda – yes! lots more stories to tell….
          and also, I think you are correct that it was Shelley’s blog…. but I do enjoy some of your comments on Ally’s posts and that is what maybe had me thinking we met at her hangout….

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        2. Yvette – I learned about Shelley’s blog from Laurie (“Meditations in Motion”) … Laurie said she was following Shelley and said to try her blog and we’d enjoy it. All one big happy family!


  15. Great interview. Always fun and interesting times when Ally Bean is involved.

    As an aside, I feel the same about ‘liking’ text messages as you do about liking comments. As an android user, every time an apple user ‘likes’ a message that I send them, the entire message comes back to me as a brand new text with a “so and so LIKES . . . ” at the start of the text, so I can re-read my exact text. It is super irritating and one of the downsides to being an android user.


    1. Hi Ernie
      Thanks for joining us for the Ally Bean interview
      And regarding the texts and smartphones – I know what you mean!
      My husband had someone get a little offended one time (smoothed it over) but we figured it was because of what you just mentioned – we liked a comment via an iPhone and the android or whatever phone he had said “so and so laughed at your comment” and the guy was like lwhyvdid you laugh at me?
      Hubs was like “I clicked the laughing emoji but didn’t laugh at you per se”
      Something like that –
      Anyhow – we both rarely use that option and send reply real quick if we need to…


  16. And here I thought I knew Ally Bean and your interview proved me wrong. Her blog is always a delight.


  17. I enjoyed the interview with Ally! So many great questions answered. Ally, I love your photos and the way you often surprise your readers.


    1. Thanks for joining us for the ally bean interview and thanks for coming back to poke around a bit…. I’ll be over to check out your blog and wishing you a great day Deborah


    1. Thanks Shelley for joining us (and you know I am a fan of you and your blog too)
      And it was cool how even tho Bossy Baby interview ally the month before – the interviews were so diverse! Crazy cool

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  18. As a big fan of the Spectacled Bean, I truly enjoyed this interview with Ally. I always look forward to her witty, interesting posts and, of course, the photos.

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