“Sweet Feeling” Short Story featured over at Always Write (Y2 Story Chat)

Hello Readers, If you have a chance, we would love it if you could drop on by the Always Write blog, where a Priorhouse story has been featured for this month’s story chat.


What is the “Sweet Feeling” short story about?

The story is about Marcel, someone who just cut a figurative ball and chain from his ankle – and he then took a strenuous hike for refreshment.  

In the story, I tried to have some fun with the play on elevation. 

Someone felt down in life – hiked upwards – felt refresh – or up – on the way back down – and then had a thump of a fall –  the ultimate down, which lead to an insight and perhaps an ultimate “up” in outlook!

Here is the start of it…

“Marcel knew that this would pass. The transition would be over and the new job would eventually sync with his identity – but handling the criticism in the meantime was like trying to extract water from a dry sponge.

Marcel felt parched and done.

Yet inside, he felt an ember. His inner fire almost went out the last couple of years- from feeling stuck. From “being” stuck. One does not easily walk away from employment; however when the time to break free came –  it allowed his wings to stop getting clipped.

It allowed that ember inside to get some fuel and to glow again.” 

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Thanks to the wonderful Marsha Ingrao for hosting story chat. 

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