End-of-February Photo A to Z (& Bleak House Challenge Reminder)

Hello readers. As February winds down, I thought I would end the month by using up some leftover photos. They sort of fit into an A to Z post and so that is how I will share them. However, first, a reminder about the Bleak House reading Challenge.


If you want to read Bleak House by Charles Dickens and then share a post about it on or around June 9, which is the date of Dickens’ death – please join us. You can also read it and just join in the June posts that we make – Because we are raffling off an Amazon gift card this year and will pull names from all who participate!

  • Trent’s 2022 post is here 
  • Priorhouse 2022 post is here.
  • hashtag: #Dickenschallenge
  • E-book is here: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1023

Now, the End-of-February A to Z


A is for Alligator – the sculpture at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA

B is for Biscotti – We now have an almond/coconut flour and stevia recipe for this old time favorite. 

C is for Coffee Mugs

D is for Doggies 

E is for Electric – Don’t forget that your body is a large battery and so get outside and touch the earth (without shoes) to help ground the body and balance those meridians 

F is for Face in the tree – smiling at me

 G is for Gecko 

H is for Humor – 

I is for Image with layers 

J  is for January bark peeling 

K is for  Kombucha 

L is for Lights of DC

M is for Meat (real meat) 

Real Food = Life

N is for Nancy’s little flower bouquet 

O is for “O m g” delicious – (almond flour and egg pancake with real butter and dash of Lakanto keto-friendly syrup).

P is for Pavement – and I sorta see Rudolph in that shape – can you see it?

Q is for Quick Snapshot of these old and quaint tiles down in FL

R is for Roses (looks like they are whistling) 

S is for Surreal with the art and lights 

T is for Tea (Thank you little gift tea bags) 

U is for Unique glass fish art (This was glass art my FIL bought in Hawaii back in the 1970s- and we passed it on to a 14 year old girl-  and she loved it so much – I took this photo to show Janet because she recently featured a lot of Chihuly glass art. 

V is for Vitamins (my favorite vitamins called Logos)

W is for Washington DC down view (take 2). I see a rainbow in the haze….

X is for this eXtra afghan (made of wool and our FIL had it as a family heritage item – I guess this was very old and he reassured it but we did not) and so we gave to a store clerk (he liked it and said he might try to use it as a weighted blanket – it felt nice to find someone that would maybe value this).

Y is for Yellow lights 

Z is for Zebra-striped marble 

Thanks for joining me with this A to Z post – I wanted to possibly do the images one per day but that doesn’t really work for me. I hope this post wasn’t too long and please let me know if an image stood out to you. Hope you have a great week. 







58 thoughts on “End-of-February Photo A to Z (& Bleak House Challenge Reminder)

    1. Hi VJ
      In Denver, in 1995, I got a biscotti recipe from chef Cohen (featured in the newspaper) and found my signature baking item! My cookies always came out like scones and so making a biscotti batch was easy and fail proof –
      We would sometimes make frosting for them or drizzle chocolate and slivered almonds on them- anyhow – my step daughter used to love them and I enjoyed sending her home with some!
      Got away from the biscotti because sugar and wheat flour make these nothing but a sugar dump and bad for gut health!
      The latest keto version is win-win!
      Wish I could send you a taste via blog!
      Hope your day is going well

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      1. The mention of almond flour really caught my interest. Haven’t been able to tolerate wheat for quite a few years now. Sun is starting to emerge here, so that’s a plus.


    1. Hi ally! The reading is actually lighter than I thought it would be and not too far in- but enjoying some of true little extras that dickens gives us with descriptions – and marveling at his writing and feeling his essence
      – and the yellow lights are from the guitar hotel and casino in Florida when we went there for lunch last year – they had many cool

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  1. Nice A-Z post. Have to say, part way through I stopped looking/reading to go read the Walt Whitman poem and then video from the end of Fame (I Sing the Body Electric).
    I plan on doing a Bleak House reminder in a couple of weeks. We’ll see (I’m about half done – takign it slow).

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    1. Thanks for joining me with this post. It is my only post until next week Thursday so take your time! And Trent / I originally wanted to schedule a post a day for each letter for the first 26 days of Feb but stopped because it is not my blog style! I don’t like to have scheduled posts go out if I am not around to interact –
      But I wish I could do that sometime – hmmmnm
      Anyhow – heard some David Bowie and thought of you this week ! I remembered way back when and our shirt chat about his music 🎶🎶🎶

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      1. A lot of people do the A-Z in 26 days, but if this follows your style better, do it 🙂 I don’t listen to Bowie all of the time, but when his music comes on, I stop what I am doing and listen…

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    1. Hi Janet / actually it did not take much time at all (photo posts are rather easy)

      Side note – did you see the letter U one was for you – it had that fish glass art – I meant to link you but I am using the wordless app and it makes it really hard to to visit folks because I can’t click on their sites and blog hop…
      But that was the glass art I mentioned when you were sharing the wonderful chihuly glass art

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    1. Thanks and I am so glad you are doing the challenge – I started reading regularly and then waned – need to get some more chapters covered –
      Have a nice week


  2. Well the post wasn’t too long Yvette (says someone whose posts are always long and picture laden). I did a post A – Z years ago about what I saw on a walk at the Park and it was fun to compile too. I enjoyed this post. The sunflower afghan is timely since Ukraine’s flower is the sunflower. My favorites were the funny ones – the cartoon was funny and yes I did see Rudolph on the pavement and of course those roses did look like their lips were pursed just so for whistling. 🙂

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    1. Well thanks for sharing that about Ukraine and the sunflower – 🙏prayer for that situation !!

      And woo hoo to seeing the Rudolph and the whistle lips – hahaha
      Be over to visit soon my friend

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      1. Yes, it’s very sad Yvette and I have seen so many people wearing sunflower pins or emblems the last few days on social media, especially Twitter where people are posting pics of rallies for Ukraine.

        Yes – my eyes honed right in on Rudolph and those whistling fleurs.

        I have to share the Dickens challenge in this blog with a fellow blogger who mentioned a collection of Dickens books he had and I mentioned the Gutenberg link. He said: “let’s read ‘A Christmas Carol’ and blog about it in December.”


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