To Be Read Pile (D Wallace Peach Challenge)


To Be Read Pile

Word Count: 400



Sitting in a “to be read” pile

The ever-growing stack

while the e-shelf also grows

The size of the pile

ebbs and flows 

Some books added 

while a handful might go 

after a quick skim or deep read…

Depends on the breed –

and my current need


depends on the book

the hook

If it reaches my nook

depends on author style

writing flow 

Do they anchor us down with articles and conjunctions?

Are they loquacious and never learned the art of combining sentences? Are the sentences so long to where thoughts and ideas are heavy and jumbled  – leaving my cognition fumbled?

Some authors bring us settings

that allow us to land

Smell the sea, feel a wave – touch the sand!

Some authors are verbose –  unclear-

leaving me agonizing from ongoing wordplay

Some indulge in output— forgetting the reader is even there

while others are succinct with the story (or non-fiction share)

Some writers have too many colloquial references

to where only a handful of readers understand 

Or too many metaphors, layered into bland

Then there is the forced or tired simile

that tastes like an over-salted piece of fish.

becoming dead as a doornail on my reading list

With poetry, we can sometimes get the crazy – or the zany.

Did the poet try too hard? Has the poet mistakenly assumed that difficult and tough indicated better prose?  When really they should try less and go with their gut  -for it always knows…


Soft smile. 

For ’tis such a joy to read for a while

To even have books waiting in a pile.


Sitting up tall

I adjust my paper bookmarks and check the digital highlights on the screen.

Sure hope my critiquing of writers –

never ripples across as mean!

My “to be read” pile can shrink rather quickly

as I lap up books and flip the pages 

when the mood and attitude are in sync with what is found beyond each cover

Some books are truly enjoyed (smothered)

Others might be closed quickly and added to a “give away” bin. 

Some books are read and then make it back into the “to be read” pile

even if takes a while

 for another read – 

so my soul 

and mind 

can feed!


Relaxing back into the chair, I consider all of the waiting books – 

And hey – what do I see?

An e-book from our hostess, D Wallace Peach!

The duology of The Shattered Sea

Sitting there


waiting for me…

So I bid you all adieu 

For the tide will NOT wait!

I am sailing off to read and read

until I can’t see straight. 


© Priorhouse 2022



Author Update – speaking of writing style and unique flair, I just read a post over at CKKennedy’s blog (it also had a sea theme) and thought I would link it here because it was so fun and shows her witty style with succinct verbiage:









46 thoughts on “To Be Read Pile (D Wallace Peach Challenge)

      1. Thank you, I started off the new year by reading more. I try to read books with my Kindle Unlimited subscription first. Have a wonderful weekend, Yvette.


  1. Bravo, Yvette, this is great. “Did the poet try too hard? Has the poet mistakenly assumed that difficult and tough indicated better prose? When really they should try less and go with their gut -for it always knows…” These words are so true and I wonder the same.

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    1. Hi Robbie – thanks for the feedback on that part with poets.

      Sadly, I saw this in Higher Education too – where some professors felt like if thy were tough (or made the A difficult to get) that somehow that equated to a better job with the class. But the truth is that effective professors help the students reach objectives and engage in learning for what is needed per class. Some students will do better (or find content easier) in different subjects and then others will find various assignments more difficult – etc – the point is that a good professor is not one who is noted as being the hard ass – but being effective at helping diverse students reach course goals.

      and with poets – there are some that want some seriously difficult analogies and will spend weeks on one stanza for layered metaphors and then it takes an English professor to teach us about what they meant – that is fine – but it doesn’t always mean “better” and it doesn’t always mean more enjoyable.

      Not all poems need mass appeal – but some simple rhyming ones sure can like a sip of Sprite after eating crackers. And some very smooth free verse lines can be a complete delight – not difficult and intense but wonderful words that deliver a message without long text.

      also, I am looking forward to our interview on Priorhouse in 2022 because of your poetry that you started releasing – I like your style (still trying to describe it) and plan on ordering one of your books to prep for the interview – so just a head’s up on that – hahahah


  2. Yvette, I love your poem here and you capture not only the joy of having so many books to read but also the occasional sense of being overwhelmed. I love that you tap into the essence of books and poems, why some work better, how at times the writers may be indulging in just showing off and ‘forgetting the reader’ in the process! Enjoy your swim out on the tide, you are in for a treat with Diana’s book – and it is a precious gift to be carried away by the written word!

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    1. Hi Annika – thanks for the comment and love this “swim out on the tide” – hahaha
      and I don’t normally read fantasy genre, which is why I have not read more of Diana’s work. I am mostly non-fiction – but you know how it is here in blog world – we meet so many others and I find I am getting stretched (in a good way)
      wishing you a nice weekend

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  3. I loved this wander through books, Yvette. The rhyme was so clever and your musings quite relatable. And thanks for the kind inclusion of my Shattered Sea books. Lol. That was a surprise and definitely started my day with a giant smile. I’m adding your poem to my round-up. Thanks so much for playing!! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


    1. Well glad to deliver a smile (and you have given me a few smiles – like with the fun “muse” challenge last year) and wishing you a nice weekend 🙂

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  4. Ha! So many truths in your witty prose piece. I am currently going through my second novel which was originally written and edited and published way too fast and finding oh too many of the foibles you point out! Gawk! Trying to iron the starch out of my prose.

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    1. Hi JT – thanks for sharing and your example of maybe going too fast the first time and now slowing down – well that could offer encouragement to other authors who have had setbacks – because sometimes we don’t realize that so many awesome writers have experiences just like you mentioned – perhaps ruched a book to print – or just didn’t get it done – so let’s all “keep on keeping on” with our book projects wherever they are at – right?


    1. Hi Jo, thanks for “reading” this TBR post.
      and even with my little bit of criticisms – I think it always comes down to writers choice – and writing in ways that reveals their unique flair and style – and some great authors are noted fro their wordiness or for their long sentences – and then others are noted for choppy text and whatnot. Variety is needed because we do like different things – eh?
      and your much of your blog-post writing, by the way, can be so warm and hostess like – as you escort readers on walks with rich images.


      1. Thanks, Yvette. I love variety in writing. It’s easy to get stuck in a groove, isn’t it? And sometimes, if it’s a nice groove, it’s too comfortable to try and change. Restless often feels like that, though I try and slip in a bit of poetry or play with 99 words. Words are our Gods, aren’t they? I love them.

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    1. thanks so much for your nice comment – and best wishes with your writing –
      oh and do keep in mind that even though someone says “don’t use too many articles” or “please use shorter sentences” – it always comes down to an author’s style and essence. So grow and learn but make sure you “find your essence” because that is also what we want in a writer – we want them to be who they are not other than so over refined to where they follow guides and become something they are not.


  5. Ha ha – enjoyed this very much Yvette. You are so creative and I have one of my on and worse yet … I have books my mom and I bought years ago, yet I have bought more books and can’t get through them either, even making a New Year’s resolution to do so. I need a clone

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      1. I would like to see some movies and television series that I never saw through the years and reading yes, very much, plus I want to take some art classes. I have bought some sketch books and how-to sketch books … that was two years ago after I took that interpretative hike called “Sketch and Walk” in the woods. Have not looked at it yet. I wonder if I will return to three posts a week? I think I will probably stick with just the two but will be able to get to more places and maybe learn how to do more with the DSLR camera. I only use it in Summer/Fall mostly – but I shoot on automatic, so I would like to learn how to use it manually. I took a class for the 35mm years ago to learn how to shoot on manual. Great (albeit simple) aspirations for retirement.


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