Thursday Doors (Leftovers)

Time for Thursday Doors with some leftovers from months past. So this will have some variety (all from Virginia) 

Street shot with doors and Moore


Street shot with some pink 🙂



door with info on how to follow the Grapevine eatery online
door with good ol’ Abe smiling nearby

In closing, I grabbed these quilt photos from the Fair we went to in early summer and have been meaning to share them with Tierney:

if you are into quilting- you will want to check out that post – and if you enjoy parts of Colorado the post will show you fresh views from a quilters adventure while filling a “shop hop passport” and went to places like Monument, CO and places like Sew-Ciety in Castle Rock, CO.

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Okay, that is all with leftovers – hope your month of September is going well as we move into the second half  Care to join in with Thursday Doors – go here


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  1. Leftovers are always appreciated, food or otherwise. 🙂 At first glance, I thought that was a bathroom door, not an elevator door (as it clearly says). Honest Abe looks young and less craggy in this picture, or maybe it’s me.

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