Gates & Doors #RVA (#Treesquare July 8)

Joining Thursday Doors today -and combining with #Treesquare Day 8

Starting with two gates from The Fan area in Richmond, VA (RVA)

I have mentioned before that the bricks around town are a rich part of the scenery – and these two images show the variety

doors tree sqaures gate brown wood 17

doors tree sqaures gate teal wood

Next up, also from RVA, we are closer to downtown and still have signs of the riots that took place here regarding the Civil War monuments and other issues.

door tree square boarded windows 2 rva
This photo caught my attention for a few reasons – but what I found humorous was the “ACAB” because it reminded me of a poetry rhyme scheme – ?? you know there is ABAB, ABCB, and maybe this person had a new idea – or not. Okay, thanks to M3 – I know that ACAB comes from the 1920s – UK – and is a bad reference about police – it should be SCAB  and S is for “some”


Thanking author JoyRoses13 for the quote and empathy snippet for today’s post

vision quote

door tree square boarded windows 1

Last up – I grabbed this photo last month because it felt “so Richmond-ish

I also liked the duality  – with the Crepe Myrtle trees – the pillars – the walkers and their umbrellas – and two flower pots near that single door


doors tree squares umbrellas RVA

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40 thoughts on “Gates & Doors #RVA (#Treesquare July 8)

    1. just looked it up – thanks again (even tho I disagree with it – I think some are – not all)

      The phrase “All Cops Are Bastards” first appeared in England in the 1920s, then was abbreviated to “ACAB” by workers on strike in the 1940s. The acronym is historically associated with criminals in the United Kingdom.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely RVA photos…I miss my beautiful city. The fan, Monument Ave, Shockoe Bottom. I’ve not had the courage to return because the destruction and defacing will be difficult. I cannot wrap my head around any ‘healing’ all of this destruction may have offered. Your final door photo is how I remember the area so thank you for this Yvette. Have a nice weekend.

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    1. Hi dennyho – I do think of you when I am in the Fan area sometimes – and when you come back I do not think you will find it that rough – not at all – a few areas still have the boards up and of course you can see the aftermath – but not all is destroyed – not at all – but how senseless- as Sorryless blogger noted a while back – it just does not help the cause to destroy properly –
      anyhow, I have a post coming featuring a few more doors from Monument Avenue (not Arthur Ashe Blvd) and will link you when I get it together –
      have a good day


        1. that would be awesome to meet up – and just FYI – I usually need at least a two week notice to schedule something – but I am excited


  2. I especially like the first and last photos. Destruction and looting aren’t protesting to me, they’re just destruction and trying to get something for nothing. They certainly don’t win hearts and minds and steal from business, quite often in their own neighborhoods. With all the problems in San Francisco, I think they’re in danger of losing many businesses and with that, loss of jobs and taxes. But I don’t blame any business for leaving a place that’s out of control and people stealing from them. I also wonder why people don’t realize that if businesses lose money, either they go out of business or they raise their prices, which impacts everyone.


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    1. such good points Janet – and San Francisco has been a hot mess for a long time – truly a nice area but such a weird place –
      anyhow – you are so right about the destruction – no good fruits come from it

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  3. Well this post was perfect for Thursday Doors. I’ve not seen Crepe Myrtle before, only read the name in books and what a rainy day you captured. The street looks almost flooded and the paver bricks look like they’d be slippery!

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    1. Hi Linda- well your expert walking mind comes through with your feedback – because I bet you are right that backs are slippery and a bit dangerous – oh and the rain was not flooded that day – I htink the photo was taken during a brief rain down pour an so it looked flooded
      thanks for the nice comment 🙂

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      1. It looked worse than it was then. I like to see the rain splattering down and making a reflection in puddles or on the concrete. It is stunning how it looks.


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