A Doorscursion in March 2021

Joining Thursday Doors today –

Back on March 20th, I went on a doorscursion (this Is a term that the door folks came up with to describe the activity of grabbing the camera and venturing out to find doors to photograph).

This post features my top ten images from the Doorscursion on that day.

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doors july 1 2021 - 15doors july 1 2021 - 14

doors july 1 2021 - 12
Can you count the doors in this image?

This last photo caught my attention because of the blue theme and the cars feel ginormous with that little door. 

doors july 1 2021 - 19
This photo stood out to me later because of the blue – and also the cars feel ginormous next to the little door

My last photo – of the teal door with early spring tree is for #TreeSquare

Becky’s Square challenge is back this month (July 2021) and she is asking for trees…. this theme means we will likely be celebrating the almighty tree this mont and I look forward to seeing a good variety of images.

A lot of the photos in this post could have been squared to use for this challenge- but this one seemed perfect – so this if for day 1. 

doors july 1 2021 - 13

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47 thoughts on “A Doorscursion in March 2021

  1. You have some great doors here, Yvette. I love the colors, the glass accents and the variety, From stately doors to doors under construction to poor Lucky’s Bicycle shop 😦

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    1. Hi scooj – yes – lucky’s bike shop unlucky with the window breakage – and I heard some folks wait to get windows repaired to
      Make sure the riots end

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    1. Hi – you and Diane mentioned hobbits and Clive –
      I think you both are right –
      That has to be one of their living quarters 😉

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    1. Hi -I bet you see a lot more door variety in your travels – ours can be so “standard” but I guess it just depends on the neighborhood

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  2. Lovely photos of doors! The hobbit door is my favorite (that’s what I’m calling it anyways! 😀) And love the tree/door photo for the treesquare challenge too! Fun, fun, FUN!! 😀❤️ ~D

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  3. A good set. I’d count 5 including the back of the car – but then I wasn’t sure about doors/windows.
    you opening paragraph makes me wonder how many people wonder why their doors are being photographed 🙂

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    1. Hi Derrick – I counted six doors in that image – I think there is one to the left of the van – and maybe a gate way Bach – but five or six is the answer – ha
      And there is a photo from this day I left out because a guy seemed annoyed – he was in his garage and I was just driving by. I will
      Show ya with his face blurred (be back later)
      But most of the time people seem to not notice or not care – maybe it is the digital world comfort level with devices – oh and maybe because all
      Of these are with a smart phone and not a formal camera – that changes perception (I think – because a zoom lens can feel more intimidating )
      And I have been photographed many times and I shrug my shoulders to it

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    1. thanks so much Cindy, and the word :”doorscursion” will always remind me of a blogger names Joey – I think she is still on a long break – but I am not sure who Mae up the word – ‘
      hope your weekend is going well

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