Consider Using a Quote to Spruce Up a Post (#SquareUp Day 13)

It is Wednesday and helping to host the Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge (#WQWWC) this week here.

The challenge invites you to use a theme, which is PERSISTENCE this week, and then also use quotes to inspire, or spruce Up, a blog post.  

Quote #1

“In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”

~Carol Dweck (here)

Here is my response for the first quote:

A growth mindset waits patiently for the bloom.

Quote #2

Charli Mills provided this quote to Marsha to be used for this week:

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”
~Bill Copeland
Charli Mills added, “The trouble with not having a vision is that you score goals on someone else’s field. Goals begin with a vision the way journeys start with a destination. Living with purpose motivates me. My vision strikes a balance a balance between being a writer and doing writerly tasks.Therefore, the goals I set guide me toward my vision of what a fulfilling writer’s life means to me. It’s self-actualization.”
~Charli Mills
Here is my response for the second quote:
Rising Up… to plan, focus, and ponder any goals and assess what might BE HOLDING YOU BACK.

Quote #3

“Life is too short to climb one stair at a time.”


Here is my response for the third quote:

Walk or run? – – One step or skip a few? You need to do – – what works for you.


If you want to join  in, create a post and then add your link here in the comments, or create a ping back to this post or to Marsha’s post here.

Be sure to use the tag #WQWWC.

Your post can feature a Poem, Short Story, Song, or it can have Photos and a few Thoughts (like I did today).

#SquareUp Day 13

Hope your week is going well.






24 thoughts on “Consider Using a Quote to Spruce Up a Post (#SquareUp Day 13)

  1. I love your taking stairs more than one at a time. My husband always does that and leaves me in the dust. Then he gets to the top and has to wait for me. LOL. It’s like the cars that pass everyone on the road, then get caught at the stoplight until everyone catches up with them. I love when that happens to someone else, but hate it to happen to me. I feel so silly. 🙂 Thanks again for hosting this week, Yvette.

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    1. Hi Marsha / and the stairs quote could have another part-/ like times we might need to stop and catch our breath – or times we need to go back down and maybe start over
      And hope your move and unpacking is going great
      Peace and grace to you and Vince

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      1. Thanks, Yvette. We have most of the stuff we need inside, and filled up Cindy’s garage and part of ours. Yikes!


    1. Hi Charli – your comment about feeling good to be quoted reminded me of another Charly – the Charly Priest who is the Spanish Poet blogger and a few years ago he reminded readers to sometimes use their own quotes – now of course a written with loads of original ideas wouod suggest that – hahah – and he did a fine job of using his own quotes – and it did not feel like pride or arrogance on his part; instead, his author side was just reminding folks that we can have some original and fresh ideas and our own quotes might need to make it into posts more
      And in a way – maybe that is what I sort of did here with my little snippets under the photos

      Anyhow – for you to humbly note how it feels good to be quoted shows a lot about your greatness – if I may say that – your love for writing and then your humbleness with being quoted – that joy and appreciation is priceless and often lost as people advance in their career – so cheers to that
      Oh and the quote was pretty darn good too so it needed to be added and I can see why Marsha sent it me for this week.
      And sadly I did not have time to look in my archives or I might have found some goal posts and field photos to connect to the quote even more – but I found a recent photo that worked.
      Okay / hope your month is going well and good day to ya


  2. All great quotes. Walking up the stairs is probably pointless unless there’s something you want at the top, and if there is, it’s worth working towards it. 🙂

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    1. HMmmmm
      That was a tasty thought to add Norah
      Because how often people climb stairs maybe not knowing why or because society subtly had them climbing or the rat race and what not – I feel like I could explore a few angles from what you just said there –
      And wishing you a great rest of your day

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      1. Well, it was your post that got me thinking, and I’m sure there’s much for us to explore. What I wrote didn’t sound exactly what I meant but I couldn’t get any closer at the time. Maybe I needed to climb a few more stairs! 🙂

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      1. I think they’d be good exercise to go up/down them a few times, in moderation – I’ve gotten shin splints from toting too many grocery bags up and down the stairs tor the basement pantry shelves when I am getting in my Winter groceries.


        1. Yes, and I try not to go downstairs too many times anymore to avoid shin splints and sore knees. Had I known I’d be doing this work-at-home gig for so many years, I would have invested in a regular desk and likely a desktop computer. My set-up here at the kitchen table is better since I got the wireless keyboard and elevated the laptop about a foot.


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