Consider Taking a Seat (#SquareUp Day 9)

For today’s square photo post, I am cleaning UP old photos and so joining in with Pull Up a Seat

These are leftover chair photos from 2020

January – Before the pandemic flooded in the wave of change – they were talking it up 


March (people – find a trash bin to clean up)



July – Hey, your hubcap has been – scooped it up and it is waiting for you!


October – a shopping chair? Maybe a “stocking” chair to pull right up to the merchandise?

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#SquareUp Day 9






28 thoughts on “Consider Taking a Seat (#SquareUp Day 9)

  1. These just made me laugh more as I went on. Fabulous Yvette The chair on the side of the road has a story:
    1. Could have fallen from a truck or a ute while someone was moving house,
    2. Could be an Art Installation with a statement of what the world is like now
    3. It could be an escapee because it didn’t want to go to the Aged Chair Home

    Did you take it home? It could be a fixer upper. Could get anything from $10 to $50.

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  2. oh your creativity brought art into my life tonight BB! It is a cold winter night and I needed that splash of creative thinking

    and all three options are good, but I am going with #3 because when I saw this – I was walking one of my step-daughter’s dogs – and I went back and took the other one out and grabbed the camera to get a photo
    and what stood out to me was that it was maybe an antique – sometimes those wicker seat chairs go way back and so let’s use your scenario – that this dry and thirsty wooden chair was still sturdy – and became an
    “escapee because it didn’t want to go to the Aged Chair Home”

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  3. Trash. Sigh. Reminds me of people who leave a grocery cart right across from the cart corral. Your leftover chairs also remind me of single shoes I see lying in or along the street. Where do they come from and where’s the other one? 🙂


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    1. Hi
      I took a photo of a single shoe the other day! In this case it was a baby shoe and I bet it fell off on a walk – it was gone the next day

      And have you ever heard of the shopping cart club?
      I guess it is a quiet club where folks secretly bring back carts on their way into a store or real quick before they leave – I did this before I heard of the shopping cart club – but fun to know others do it – I need to post about it soon.


      1. I always put all the carts in line in the cart corral if I can and sometimes I take other people’s carts back as well. The other day I was pushing them all in and the guy who came to take them inside thanked me. 🙂 One of my pet peeves is people who leave a cart right near the cart corral. They should consider it exercise. 🙂

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  4. That poor old abandoned chair. I can hear it’s refrain, “Yes, I want somebody to love”, “All I need is love”.
    Interesting shots – then and now.

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    1. It was at a gas station and I think someone found it placed it there just in case someone came back looking for it later – and maybe they will toss it after a week or two??

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    1. Hi
      I think that is a very good possibility that it fell off a truck!
      And There is a “pull up a seat” challenge that gives us reasons to take photos of od chairs and benches

      Thanks for the visit and TTYS

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      1. I spent a half day over New Year’s weekend going thru just the point-and-shoot camera photos … I’ve not gone through the DSLR photos taken in late October/November yet – whew!


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