Conversation with My Muse (12-2-2020)

“Hey,” whispered my muse, “Don’t forget about me today. And remember, I flow better in the morning, when you journal regularly.”

Setting down my tea, I looked to the yard. Yes, my muse and I have such good flow out in that yard setting. Sharpies, 100-page notebooks, the sky as our ceiling, and conversating 

Muse: Prior – (quiet whisper) I’m ready to be released – ready to flow… who knows where we will go….

Me: (sighing with an Ahhhh….) “Ten minutes and we’ll uncap the Sharpies…”

Muse: sounds good 

three days later, still nada.

 Sharpie markers capped – journal stayed closed.

Next day-

Stirring Keto creamer into my coffee, my muse whispers to me, beckons like a relaxed old dog asking for a walk – asking in team-minded way because we both need it. 

Muse:  ready when you are.

Me: not sure I can write today. And remember, sometimes a few days of decompression is needed 

Muse: Yes, but too long of a break and I get sleepy. I recline and ideas stop streaming.  That “Cheek-sent-me-high” flow usually comes when you oil the gears and write regularly.  

Me: (taking coffee, journal, laptop, phone, and tissues to the sofa) Let me think about what I need to do today.

Muse: Remember how much better you feel when you make time for me?
 Making time for me – your muse – allows you to clear your mind, brith ideas, explore trails, and let words dance. Your refreshment. 

Me: Hold on, let me reply to these texts. Oh, and need to grade a few papers. I will check in after my walk.

two days later the weekend arrives

Muse: Your writing break should be up by now. You know you need to be intentional or you could go a month without writing. How about one page? Before you do anything else?

Five hours later, sitting in the waiting room, my muse floods in. 

Muse: Hey, I have some story prompts for you. Write them on your phone – come on – get something to write or type with – come on – ready, ready?

Me: Okay….

Muse: (flooding Prior’s cognition with prompts) “She could hear them argue faintly in the distance…”; “My true love, I had a green light when you walked in that door.”; “The jazz music played in the background as I found my assigned table.”; “We went down memory lane, talking for hours, right there in the parking lot.”; Reaching down to look for the dropped plug, she found the USB drive”; “The spy camera was placed in the vent…” – Short pause. Muse continued: When we get home – wanna do more story prompts? Add to garden analogies? Ponder the weather, your feelings, write about those new jammies or rhyme about your — “


Car attendant cut the muse off: “Prior, your car is ready.”

Driving home, the muse came back with another story prompt, “It was quiet, too quiet – ” 

Prior: Okay muse, no more flooding tonight. 

“Without Me” played on the radio:



Prior turned up the radio, drowning out the muse.

Prior: “Not sayin’ I can live without ya muse, but just feel like singing right now.”

Muse: (smiled and waited like a well-trained puppy – just rested – knowing Prior will give the proper attention real soon – for they are a good team). 


Thanks to D. Wallace Peach for extending her challenge for a few extra days – and if you want to join in – go here


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38 thoughts on “Conversation with My Muse (12-2-2020)

    1. Hi ! Yes I think some muses don’t do the time off – but not sure if you saw the comment from another reader who said her muse silent for seven years – hahaha


    1. Oh Sue – that is a long silent period – and I think it is because your muse jumped in your cameras for a ride!!
      And thought of you today when I used the quote that “the past is like a foreign country”

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    1. Hahaha – glad you give your full permission 😉 for your muse to pause – I really do feel like mine is mostly a patient one that only nags occasionally

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  1. Ahhh … Yvette, I love your relationship with your Muse, kindly persistent, so understanding and I feel you are a team that will go far! 😀 BTW, a lovely song that’s wonderfully distracted me from my work!! Hope my muse forgives me! xx

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    1. Hi Annika, I bet your muse will surely forgive you because it seems you have had time to mature and develop through your books and book reviews and all that –
      and thank you for reading – cheers to songs that add a nice boost or distraction 🙂

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