A Key West Wedding on a Tuesday? (Chekhov Quotes and #Kindasquare Day 20)

Hello Readers,

Here is Day 20 for #Kindasquares 

 Photo: These “Kinda-gorgeous” wedding flowers were sitting on the ledge near the walkway to a beach in Key West.

Here is how they looked – and earlier this year, I was sharing with Amanda (@Forestwood) about this and so this photo is for her. 🙂 

We met the three groomsmen on the stairs a few hours before the wedding.

They were so nice (kind!) – and said that people were coming from all over the U.S. to be part of this wedding.  The energy of a wedding is truly special. 


There were less than 40 people at their sunset ceremony – and it seemed wonderful.

It was also on a Tuesday.  

A few of us started talking about how there are “not a lot of weddings on a Tuesday.”

Almost as weird as orange frosting (an old family joke from 2001)

 However, in places like Key West, I bet there are weddings on ant day of the week  – not just the typical Saturday. 

the knot

It was fun talking about a “Tuesday wedding” – because it led to chatting about choices – and then we talked about “reasons for some traditions” and then talked about “times of breaking traditions.”


The reflection for today is to share from an old post (here) where I shared Chekhov quotes:

    Chekhov Quote 1:

“Why are we worn out? Why do we, who start out so passionate, brave, noble, believing, become totally bankrupt by the age of thirty or thirty-five? Why is it that one is extinguished by consumption, another puts a bullet in his head, a third seeks oblivion in vodka, cards, a fourth, in order to stifle fear and anguish, cynically tramples underfoot the portrait of his pure, beautiful youth? Why is it that, once fallen, we do not try to rise, and, having lost one thing, we do not seek another? Why?”

    Chekhov Quote 2:

“Perhaps man has a hundred senses, and when he dies only the five senses that we know perish with him, and the other ninety-five remain alive.”


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21 thoughts on “A Key West Wedding on a Tuesday? (Chekhov Quotes and #Kindasquare Day 20)

  1. I think having a wedding on the day that is not common days for the occasion can be a good thing. From looking the pictures here, it looks like they have the entire beach to themselves. I think that is great.


  2. Beautiful flowers, Yvette, and I like your square inset in the second shot. The setting reminds me a bit of the beach wedding in Baja of our older daughter and her husband, although it wasn’t on a Tuesday. 🙂


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  3. Looks so beautiful – just where I would like to be today! Chekhov is one of my favorite writers – I studied him for an entire semester once. The prof was even a Russian with a goatee. We’ll have to compare notes!

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  4. Well it was not a traditional wedding, so kudos to them choosing a non-traditional day of the week to be married. Traditional, with all the pomp and circumstance, was eliminated but they had a spectacular venue to begin married life.

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