Good Vibes Only and Johnnie Walker Poem (Kinda Square Day 19)

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Here is Day 19 for #Kindasquares 


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The reflection for today is to think about alcohol – and remember it is not a health 


by Charly Priest

Johnny Walker is his name

and then Walker

goes and does his game


it always ends up the same

Seeping at you



drowning people

in mastery of the misery

Nothing done

neurons gone

beating the ground


breaking my ankle

into the foreground

Johnny Walker

is the real stalker

 I really love the way he gets to the jugular with this poem. “Mastery of the misery” – and how he notes that alcohol (in this case, Johnnie Walker) can take you down! – It “kills neurons” and  you get “nothing done” – ends up “drowning people” – so true! Maybe just start off by taking a 30 day break from alcohol?



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21 thoughts on “Good Vibes Only and Johnnie Walker Poem (Kinda Square Day 19)

        1. Coming right up! And I’ll join you with Jack on the rocks – and we can talk about life – flash fiction and short term goals! 🌸☀️☀️☀️

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  1. Great Poem Yvette! I love you said it’s not a health drink. so funny. i do love whiskey although but “a little dab’l do ya. ❤️🤗 30 days off is always a good idea! 🤗 Cindy

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    1. Hi Cindy -Charly is such a good poet and his words are often so raw – and flow
      Thanks for reading and like how you said lil dab – and definitely not all whiskies are created Equal

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  2. We don’t drink a lot or a lot at a time, but a glass of nice wine or a beer (dark for me), can be quite nice. Red wine especially has reservatrol, which is good for you. But as with pretty much everything else, moderation is the key.

    Happy Monday, Yvette.


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    1. Thanks for chiming in – 😉 and also red wine (and others) can really bring out flavors of food – and then the other way around – – many perks but also such a potentially dangerous thing that can sneak in – and in 2006 I fasted for the whole year from all alcohol – and then my hubs did it a year later – and not it seems like no big deal but at the time it was like “you are doing it for that long?”

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      1. It’s interesting what things are difficult to give up. For Lent one year I gave up chocolate, another year popcorn. Popcorn was much harder! 🙂 Now instead of giving something up, I try to add something positive.

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        1. That is fun about the popcorn – and the idea of adding positive things really has a lot of wisdom and psychology to it – and too often people only eliminate or remove and remove – and then feel all that void in transition –
          and the popcorn example reminds me of my mother’s shirt fasts – she was having too many potato chips for a season- fasted 30 days and was done! She was playing too much solitaire one season (early in retirement kind of thing) and she fasted 30 days – and done. Just amazes me what good can happen. When we put our flesh down or make it wait – breaks habits and stirs up appreciation (resets the threshold)

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