Guess that Square? (#Kindasquare Day 13)

Hello Readers,

Feeling KINDA quiet for Day 13 of Becky’s Squares Challenge.

I think these four photos “kind of” coordinate – maybe the tan/light cream colors. The quietness? What do you think?

And…. can you guess what is in each photo?



Did you have a chance to guess? 

Here are the answers: 

A. An essential oil diffuser -from last Xmas –  and the base shows the reflection of my home office that needs some tweaking – trying to get it done by the end of the month (oh and the ceramic top is what supposedly kind of emits/diffuses the oil – you can see it half way up the snowflake). 

B. Down view of massage table. The shadows, lines, and kind of cool shapes stood out – and reminded me of photographer Chris – here.

C. Beautiful butterfly greeting card – kind of calming – and it still amazes what we can do with paper. 

D. Found these “two of a kind” wooden circles while on a walk – they were leftover scraps from a house that is being built. 

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27 thoughts on “Guess that Square? (#Kindasquare Day 13)

    1. ThNka for adding your take Derrick
      And a scent bottle is close – and by the way – that diffuser does work – it makes the room have a nice hint or essential oils

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  1. Even with my thinking cap on, I just got on … I did guess that the beautiful, lacy-looking butterflies might be a pop-up greeting card. Very creative!


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