Snacking Curbside (Micro Fiction )


Hello Readers, This week at Carrot Ranch, Charli Mills invited flash fiction writers to write about snacking.


 Title: Snacking Curbside 

Word Count: 99 


“Um, you didn’t tell me club members would be here.”


“There’s so many of them. And look!  Look who is at our table.”

They paused as they reached their assigned table.

“Honey, I can’t sit with them for two hours – especially when I’m famished.”

“I just can’t….”



Jim grabbed snacks from his truck and sat with Maria, talking on the curb, which provided succor.

The ground was hard beneath them

The sky had soft clouds above

Conversation nourished


“Yes, Yes I am.”

both smiled



Author Note:

Today’s post was all about boundaries. Sometimes certain social circles can drain the life out of us and enough is enough. In this short fiction, Jim and Maria found relief from a toxic (to them) social setting and got refreshed by having snacks in the parking lot – sitting curbside.  

Has this ever happened to you – where you just could not sit with certain folks and you made an escape for a little relief? 


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16 thoughts on “Snacking Curbside (Micro Fiction )

    1. Hahah – and maybe I was inspired by your last heroes post – I noticed a few fresh words – and well, it is all about the “priming” because maybe that was in my mind as i wrote – hahah
      but to be honest – I did think about that word for a few minutes – it just seems to fit better than mere “relief” – I wanted to connect it ore to relief from distress

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    1. Hahahaha
      It was actuality yum!
      Almond butter – fresh walnuts – dark chocolate and toasted almonds –
      Maybe a little too heavy on the nuts but what do we expect with Jim grabbing snacks from his truck?? Ha

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      1. It sounds better than it looked, and I’m glad it tasted better too. The only problem I have with nuts is getting them stuck in my teeth 😉

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