24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 9-16-2020 – Lines and Shadows

    1. Haha – it sure is! That photo was taken at the airport and I bet it was at that height for specific reasons / not sure what they are… maybe to stop phone users from using it ? Or safety

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  1. The shadows are fun, especially the long shadows of yourself where you look like the stilt man in the circus. You were there at the right time to capture them.


      1. Yvette – I have a long storm coat that I wear in the dead of Winter. I bought it when I took the bus to work. It goes way past my hips and is very warm. So, I was at Council Point Park one time and got my long shadow and Parker and his shadow next to me. Actually, in the header image in this post, it only SEEMS like he is next to me, but he was not, but it made for a fun picture.


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