Pathways – Monday Walk with Jo

Hello readers, 

I had these “walk photos” collecting in a folder and wanted to join in with Jo’s Monday walk (here). If you have time, do check out Jo’s colorful post featuring images from Santiago do Cacém, where she and her spouse celebrated an anniversary and brought us to “a castle and a church, perched high on a hill” – such beauty!

And now the walk photos.

The theme for today is “pathways”: 

On the way to pick up Elway, our brown Lab (who has been so much fun to have around – oh the joy of a new pup)
So nice to see sidewalks again – so many areas stopped putting in sidewalks for a while – 




Love the variety here – structures, foliage, etc. 


oh that sky….
So are you ready for a walk? come on now – get your shoes on and get out there – even a short walk “will do ya good” – and maybe take a photo or two and join in with some blog challenges – like Jo’s Monday Walk.  I used to join in with this challenge regularly but moved away from it as my needs as a blogger changed over the years – however, I just had to join in at least once this summer — kind of like dropping by to have tea with an old friend.  🙂 


Thanks for checking out the photos – do you have one that stands out to you? 

Have you had the chance to get some walking in?


40 thoughts on “Pathways – Monday Walk with Jo

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Yvette 🙂 🙂 The first is soothing but the billowing clouds are carrying me away with them. Enjoy your summer, whatever path you choose!


  2. Beautiful images and the first one has a soothing effect 🙂

    Sitting indoors for months on end, is really frustrating and the outdoor photos are a great relief…

    Hope you and your near ones are all safe and doing well …

    Have a great day ahead, Yvette 🙂


    1. Hi my friend – nice to “see” you Sreejith –
      glad to bring you some outdoor refreshment via photos –
      — and we just had a lit of rain on and off for two weeks and I am ready to get sunshine and get some more pictures later this week – our area set records for rainfall in august – ugh… love the rain but too much can be “too much” – ha
      otherwise that – all is well here and sending a blog high five your way – ttys

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      1. So good to be in touch after sometime, Yvette 🙂

        And great to see that you are doing great …

        It’s Monsoon time here in Kerala and there is a clear shift in weather patterns due to climate changes. Super heavy rains in August (around 1000 mm) and there are lot of disruptions due to landslides and flooding over last 3 years back to back.

        But, my place has been unaffected so far and we are enjoying a good monsoon staying indoors mostly 🙂

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    1. thanks a lot Derrick, and when taking these photos I did not imagine a post with all of them together – it just happened that way this week and love when it unfolds

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    1. Hi Stuart! and hi to Alli

      and glad to connect with some pathways photos – I still recall some of your path photos from some of those “family hike” posts you shared about before

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  3. Hello. I loved the tree-lined path there. I walk for about an hour every day along the riverbank – lovely trees and plants and tiny waterfalls. I’m sure it’s good for my heart!


    1. Oh my goodness the walking path you have is definitely good the heart – and mood and who knows what else – sounds awesome


  4. I take that path through the woods any time. Unless it is too buggy.

    Yes, I go for an hour-long walk every day to provide our dog (and myself) with exercise. These days, it happens on a leash in a city, but usually (pre- and post-Covid), it’s in nature. 🙂

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  5. I like the photo with the road with the blue sky above. I like to revisit old blogging challenges once in a while, too. Just like you said, it’s getting together for a cuppa to catch up with each other. Nice thought, that one.

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    1. well thanks ally,
      that was nice to read and I love when you sometimes share about your former blogging days – when blogs were so new and so different –


  6. Hi, I had a couple of favorites here. The cobblestone path to the backyard, and the stormy looking clouds. These pics make me want to put on my walking shoes. I walk three days a week with some neighbor ladies and we cover a lot of territory. We’ve been walking together for almost thirty years now – can’t imagine how many miles that is. Thanks for sharing your fun photos.

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    1. did you say 30 years??
      that is extra special and you are truly blessed to have that walking group

      and thanks for the feedback on this post – I seem to like the cobblestone photo more after some folks have noted that one


  7. Well done, Yvette! 🙂 Your paths are beautiful. The first one with all the trees beckons, and like the library lady, I love the cobblestones. I walk all the time, but much like roller skating when I was a kid, I go around on the same path over and over – walk the dog down the street to the church, around the back and home again. She sniffs the changes in seasons and dog traffic as we wait for fall and cooler temperatures and better pictures. I sniff the California forest fires ashes trapped in our valley obscuring our magic circle of foothills. I do love Restless Jo’s challenge.

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