Micro Fiction – No Words Needed & Danger

Hello Readers. I have two entries for Carrot Ranch Fiction


Last week, HERE, the challenge was to write a 99-word story about “nourish” – Here is my take: 

Title: No Words Needed 

Come in, tired one.

Sit down.

I see you are on your way south.

to the sea.

Your bed for the night

is there.

And Soup’s simmering on the stove.

Please leave it simmer

when you hit the sack.

“Thanks” replied the visitor.

As we left the room, I asked dad if he’d build into the guest – nourish his soul with faith talk or advice before his body was nourished from soup and sleep.

“No,” replied dad.

Sometimes words are not needed.

People are sometimes well nurtured by giving them space.

And love.

“Yes, dad….

many ways to nourish.”



This week, HERE, we were invited to write a 99-word story that answered the question, “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you are in absolute danger?”  – My initial thought? It depends on the type of danger and so for my entry, I went with getting assistance when danger emerged –  strength in unity… with a little twist  


Title: Danger

Hands on the side of my head

Eyes shut Lightly

Body wound tightly

What to do?

What to do?

Grounded feet

Imagined roots

anchoring into the street

What to do?

What to do?

Tailbone down

Back strong

Head lifted high



the next move

He followed me inside –

and has trailed my stride

too close for comfort

the smell of danger

emitted in the night air

with skin heated  and heart beating a little faster –  

quiet prayers form on my lips 


I reached the female security guard.

“Need a walk out tonight?”

“Yes. That would be great.” 





Did you get my twist?

The security guard was a woman – yeah baby!

Care to join in with the Carrot ranch 99-word Flash Fiction challenge?

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15 thoughts on “Micro Fiction – No Words Needed & Danger

  1. I read you Nourish story at the Ranch. I like it – so many ways to nourish. The sense of impeding danger and growing fear is strong in your second story. Thank goodness for the security guard! Female or male, no matter. It’s the uniform that counts.

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    1. You are so right – that uniform and the training – and we have seen a lot of Female security guards lately – wonderful too

      Thanks for the feedback on the fiction

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  2. I couldn’t come up with 99 words. On another site doing the challenge, I wrote – If I were in immediate danger, I’d probably wonder where the bathroom was!

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  3. I missed the security guard was a female – I was feeling the fear though and engrossed in that … I live 12 miles from Detroit and went to school and worked there for over three decades.

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    1. Oh wow – that is close to Detroit ! InHe worked and lived in various areas
      And just takes being mindful – making good choices – and getting a walk out sometime – ha

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