Woodstock Post 2 (VW cars, The Who Song, Michael Jordan Shrug)

Hello Readers, 

It is Thursday – and just got back form visiting Norm’s Doors on Wheels post and he shared some fun car doors (here). 

That reminded me of the little Hot Wheels cars we saw when we visited the Woodstock site in PA last year. 

Some readers know I have been wanting to share Woodstock photos. 

So today is Post #1 of Woodstock 2019

Starting with 1960’s VW Hot Wheels



Action Shot – gripping the handle – linked to Thursday Doors


Visiting the Woodstock Museum was a learning experience in many ways. 

Fo example, seeing The Who’s schedule: Can you imagine hearing The Who Play at 5:30 a.m.? 

Quite the three-day music party!


I wanted to share a Who song – but which one?

Which song would fit this post the best? 

Magic Bus would fit perfect (here), but not feelin’ that song right now. 

I do love Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland) and Pinball Wizard confused me as a child. Still does. ha –

Behind Blue Eyes is purdy. And back in the day, folks used to insert my name into You Better You Bet: “You better, you better…. Yvette”.  And the Mexican chefs at work used to call me “Ebette” so it would fit really well. 

One of my son’s middle-school Lacrosse coaches used to play “Don’t Get Fooled Again” before certain games – and so yes, that is my choice. It might be my favorite song from The Who.

So….the song to share today is Don’t Get Fooled Again:



Did you Know?

 Don’t Get Fooled Again was recorded – and then rejected – in 1971 – until a better version unfolded.

So let’s again be reminded that sometimes we have a lot of things NOT work out – but that is how we get to the things that DO work out.

Let’s find contentment in the waiting. 

Further, this Who song has attitude. In sound and lyrics:

Meet the new boss…. same as the old boss…

We recently watched another episode of The Last Dance, ESPN’s 10-part documentary about Michael Jordan’s story – which was released earlier than planned in order to cater to the stay at home situation. Thanks for that ESPN. 

In an episode, there was a snippet about the Michael Jordan “SHRUG” – a time when MJ was tearing it up on the court and at one point, he shrugged to indicate that his playing was beyond him.

I am not sure of the full story with the shrug – but I guess he was taunted a little before the game. Ahhhh….

sometimes the FUEL we need to get our attitude in gear comes unexpectedly. 

And so The Who’s song – Don’t Get Fooled Again – reminds me of the shrug from MJ –

It reminds me of the attitude we sometimes need to have when we prove someone wrong.

Sweet satisfaction is the shrug.  And I have a shrug coming for someone in a few years (just sayin’) 

You know – when we get inspired to RISE UP — and do what we have to do – when something gets ignited inside of us in the way we need it to. 

So let’s all be remember that our efforts WILL pay off.

Even with setbacks, naysayers, or lots of years of waiting and enduring. 

Let’s keep doing what we do.


let’s start doing what we do with MORE fervor and a little umph.

Come on now, your shrug time will come. 

How is this for attitude? So come on now – stay in the game – keep doing what you do  – find your fuel. 











51 thoughts on “Woodstock Post 2 (VW cars, The Who Song, Michael Jordan Shrug)

    1. Hi BB – no – did not get any t-shirts- I am at a point where I do not want any souvenirs at all – still getting rid of stuff from the cold rearing days – and just don’t want moments – or t-shirts- or hoodies – but going was nice

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  1. Hot Wheels! Wow that brings back memories 😀
    And these ones are all vintage classics too. If I ever travel down that way again I’ll have to check that place out.
    Thanks for sharing these.


  2. Those Hot Wheels are great and I have a friend who would love them because he loves VW’s of all sorts and has a lot of small models of them himself. I have a somewhat larger model of a bright yellow VW Beetle as I had a bright yellow ’75 Super Beetle for many years. What a wonderful car that was!! A few years ago, I saw The Who in concert in Chicago, a gift from one of our daughters. Peter Townsend’s splits aren’t nearly as wide and Roger Daltrey walks rather than struts across the stage, but they still sounded good. And the audience was, as they say, a real trip to watch as well.

    Happy Thursday!



    1. Oh Janet – the concert tickets sounds like a great gift… and love the way you used “trip” – really fitting.
      and your yellow VW sounds like a fun ride – for times when the Sequoia is too much?


      1. I had the VW many years ago, Yvette. I’ve been driving a Toyota Sienna for many years now and love it. But that Beetle was a wonderful car and I figured if I ever got stuck, I’d just find four big men to lift it out. 😉

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        1. hahah – four men surely could lift one of those – hahahah
          and I thought you had a sequoia – 🙂
          and side note – I have the chia seed pudding recipe ready to post tomorrow – not sure if you recall when I mentioned it to you a while back. I will link ya – 🙂

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  3. Wow, The Who played pretty much the entire Tommy album – one of my very favorite albums of all time! Not that there is anything wrong with the album that cam out after Tommy, Who’s Next, which contains both Baba O’Reily and Won’t Get Fooled Again… Or Quadrophenia, or… 😉 Love the Woodstock photos, including your sort-of-selfie.


    1. Hey Music Man T! I did not know Tommy was so far up there or you. And I enjoyed your comment – I was younger when Tommy the movie was all the rage and I recall certain scenes.

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      1. I first heard Tommy when I was about 5 and my parents gave it to my brother for Christmas when I was 7, so it was part of my life from the beginning… I did not see the movie, though. Kind of funny, it has really been only in the last few years that I’ve grown to appreciate The Who’s work from the 70s. A lot of it is that I have discovered that P. Townshend’s work with synthesizers was in many ways far more advanced than what the Prog Rockers were doing, it was just hidden in a harder rock format instead of in the lush symphonic landscapes that Yes, ELP and PF were using. Like We Won’t Get Fooled Again – he processed the organ sound with a mind-blowing synth patch so it pulsates in an oddly organic manner. or the layer upon layer of sounds on Quadropheina. String sounds, but not the lush string sounds that Genesis was using back then (Tony Banks was using a Mellotron, but that is beside the point).

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  4. Your post brings back lots of memories. I loved VWs. I learned to drive a bug. It didn’t go into first gear smoothly, sometimes skipping to third instead. It made for a bumpy ride and a nervous mom sitting next to me! Very cute post!


    1. that reminds me that the early ones were all stick shifts. The new ones are usually automatic transmissions.
      Thanks for sharing your memory

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      1. Yes, and I learned to drive in Portland where there were tons of steep hills. Stick shifts and steep hills don’t mix well. I eventually became quite a proficient shifter. 😀😀😀


  5. This series is already bringing back memories of my teenage years, growing up in the UK when the Who were one of the biggest bands. I get to hear Won’t Get Fooled Again whenever I watch CSI Miami, which is always good 😉

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    1. Yes sir – lockdown is giving us the chance to read or watch shows –
      I just watched
      The Shakespeare Emigma (was it Marlow that wrote and not him??)
      Yeah – 200.000+ custom jewelry pieces – 50 of them
      Easter eggs (7 still missing) and a while
      Bunch of fun history

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  6. That was a fun lookback Yvette – I enjoyed it and will enjoy Part 2 as well. The VW buses and the Beetle – I sure remember those tooling around. I had a blue Beetle but no adornments and it was a two-speed, not a clutch and a lemon to boot (because of the two-speed as they never perfected it) and it stalled every time it rained. My father took it over and I got an AMC Pacer (a/k/a “fishbowl”) which had a stalling issue if you stopped too long at a stop light. Yikes! I cannot imagine the Who in the middle of the night or early morning … especially now. That is for younger legs and ears and people who stay up way later than I do (and I’m bad for staying up late due to blogging).

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    1. Oh you had two very fun cars! I know someone who had their first car as a pacer and the floor was gone in the back – rotted out! Lol
      And surprised to hear the VW was a lemon – thought they were all
      Made so well – but maybe not

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      1. The Pacer ran very low to the ground and yes I had the gas tank replaced. Also, my car was beige and the seats were a cloth fabric. It was a cream color fabric with an American Indian type print on it. My car sat out in the driveway and with the big windows on this fishbowl-type car, it caused the seat fabric to rot. I took picture of it and contacted American Motors and said the car was a couple of years old and it shouldn’t have happened. They had me go to an AMC dealership where I bought it and they replaced the seating material at no charge.

        I think the standard VW Beetle with a clutch and stick shift was very dependable and a workhorse, but these two-speed vehicles not so much. I had to put a blanket over the engine all Winter long to keep it warm!


        1. That is so interesting to hear the details about both cars- glad they replaced the fabric – and I can imagine the look of your pacer

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        2. After I got rid of the Pacer I got a Buick Regal. I was going to look for a new car and went past that Buick dealership and someone ordered, then cancelled it. I never drove my car to work, always took the bus. This was a beautiful car, pin striping, mirror trim, landau roof and velour seats in what they called “Ruby Red” but it was a burgundy. I felt like a princess in it and had it 21 years and it had too many electrical issues and had to get rid of it as it was unsafe. It also had a stalling issue – would just quit working anywhere it felt like it – it spent weeks at a time at the mechanics while they took it out hoping it would “code” – of course, it only did it sometimes. I’d be driving along and the car would just die – the third such car to do that. They finally had the “code machine” and it coded and they fixed it. But then it kept shutting down every night and draining the battery. I got a new car, but it broke my heart to do that.


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