40 thoughts on “Wednesday Street Shots (2/19/2020)

    1. Hi – these are all from DC – which is a couple hours from where we live – but it is such a cool place and this year I am
      Trying to go more of the museums there – thanks for the visit


    1. Hi – I see that now – and these were all taken on the same day – and I feel the promise of spring and summer (love how you worded that ☀️☀️

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  1. Gives me a feel of walking right beside you. I can almost hear the garbage truck rumbling. Enjoy your time away. Hope the break is for something fun.


    1. Hi Sue – those garbage trucks took up the whole street had me waiting for a while –
      And so grabbed a few photos 😉
      And blog pausing to get some projects done – but still blogging a little – just need to pull
      Back – thanks for the visit and I will check in again soon 😉


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