Hello Readers, joining in with Carrot Ranch (HERE) flash fiction.

The prompt this week is to write a short fiction (99words) about GRIT.

First – here are some Monday Blooms that remind me of Grit

Here is my flash fiction for Grit:



Fiction word count: 99


Sat down

Stirred his tea

Pulled off his hat

Looked around

Waited for his food

Meager meal

‘Twould suffice

Rather nice

Midst of humdrum


             settling down

                  hoping for new normal

Getting closer

        each goal

Still far

        Yet in view

Quietly digging

        For GRIT

            To make it through

                          ANOTHER HIT

Sitting tall – rather than slouching

He forced a smile – avoiding grouching

Food set down

    Sniffed the crust  

“Thank you,” he said,

           then chomped his bread

Each bite

 Restored might

      Helped insight

One day at a time…

adding to 

         Hard Knock Degree

Last sip of tea

         assuaged misery

             slightly free


In closing…  

Right after I drafted my fiction today – Brenda shared a post (here) on her blog – that fit right in with the GRIT theme. 

Brenda just moved to France from Honk Kong and she shared about the GRIT it took.

Brenda said:

“I am again reminded that the details of every day have a way of working out when you boil them down to simply doing the next thing. 

It’s amazing how everything comes together in the end.”

Brenda @ Thoughts of a Wanderer 

Brenda’s words were in sync with some of what I was trying to share in my fiction today, Have you had another hit come your way? Be encouraged because you CAN wait it out – and take action when needed but sometimes we are forced to wait – and if so – we keep away the grouch – and then get busy doing the next thing. 🙂 


P  R  I  O  R  H  O  U  S  E 









21 thoughts on “MONDAY BLOOMS & GRIT for ANOTHER HIT (Micro Fiction)

  1. Spectacular blooms! And, a wonderful rhythm to your story. My favorite part is, “Sitting tall rather than slouching. He forced a smile avoiding grouching.”

    I feel honored you included my post, Yvette. Thank you so much!

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  2. Well done, Yvette. I like the way you’ve presented your 99 words. The repetition adds to the building of grit as the waiting continues, until success in the end. It’s funny how we can see grit everywhere when we’re musing on a prompt.

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    1. Hi Norah – I agree about how the prompt leads us to see it everywhere – and all kinds of expressions eh? Sometimes grit is active and pushing on – other times it is passive and maybe waiting – hmm

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  3. I’m so impressed by people that writes good flash fiction, I’ve never been able to do that. Your use of words is fabulous! I really enjoy reading your poem. (Is it alright to call flash fiction a poem?)

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    1. Hi SV aka Ms Zen…
      I am not sure what to call this style of flash – all I know is that sometimes it works for me

      And appreciate your feedback today because did you know I am actually trying to develop my flash fiction skills and I started back in January 2017
      So you are seeing some fruits of my effort and not sure if this is something on your list to do – but if you did want to start writing flash
      – the best way is to join one of the weekly challenges – there are three that I love but so many more available
      – and my current goal is to write flash at least every other week – or weekly most of the time but trying to not let two weeks go with practicing – because how do we get better at writing – we write – and write – and write – am I right ?


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