Trent’s Weekly Smile: Nick Cave Soundsuit now at VMFA

Hello Readers – I hope everyone is having a nice week.

Joining in with Trent’s Weekly Smile (here) to share what brought a smile.

Ready for it…

I smiled to see a Nick Cave Soundsuit at our local museum! 

VMFA acquired this original Nice Cave Soundsuit (untitled) in December 2018

Nice Cave is a fiber artist and his iconic Soundsuits were first inspired after the Rodney King Riot back in 1992 (see section below). 

These next Nick Cave photos are from my archives.

nick cave posing
Nick Cave posing – 🙂

I made a post (in 2015 sometime)  featuring Nick Cave art, but I could not find it last week when I wanted to show someone his other work.

So I decided to add the pics to a new post just in case I need them again. 

Aren’t Nick’s suits fun and quirky?

Nick cave ar priorhouse 1

nick cave priorhouse 2

Oh -And here is Lady Gaga in her meat dress (designed by Franc Fernandez), which also came up in a convo and now I will have the photo if I need it again.  

lady gaga meat dress


In closing, a bonus smile for this post comes from Linda, who shared some fun comics this week (Thanks amiga) –

and this one seems to fit this post – eh?

Reminds me that we all have different “suits” —  so let’s celebrate what we have…









38 thoughts on “Trent’s Weekly Smile: Nick Cave Soundsuit now at VMFA

  1. I’m in deep, funky love with the Nick Cave suit. . . forever and always.

    As for the Lady of Gaga . . I love her quite much but the meat dress never did anything for me.

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    1. Yeah – the meat dress was so much fun to talk about when it was current – and I recall Colbert was joking and out meat on his head as a hat!
      Her dress makes me want to fire up the grill for all those b vitamins and good brain fats…

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      1. I love Gaga. I used to see her all the time in my local grocery store when she was dating a guy from the area. She was always dressed down and she looked so beautiful that way.

        Yes! Gaga’s dress is the perfect grill garb!

        As for Nick Cave, did you know he wrote a sequel to the movie Gladiator? It was rejected soundly because it involved time travel. Of course.

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    2. Hi – i actually knew about the lady Gaga being in your area (from some sort of posts via your blog) and she seems like a down to earth celeb
      Now as talented as she is – after watching a star is burn I was disappointed that her coaches did not help her “act more” near the end of the movie – not sure if have seen the movie
      – the scene after the death was so lackluster and the movie was so-so leading up to it – and then took a nose dive (IHO) when they all missed the chance for her to “act” and show emotion after the tragic loss.
      But no…. some piano time and la la la

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      1. Gaga is a great actress, and I agree as per the acting or lack thereof. But mango! When she is just giving you that everyday woman look, it’s hot as hell. She’s got such an aura.

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    3. that says a lot about her genuine energy and real-deal side –
      a few years ago I heard a radio show where they interviewed one of the producers that dropped gaga – and yeah – regretted it.
      I can only imagine the tenacity and grit she has to have stuck in there and push to get to where she is.

      and in the movie A star is born – yeah, I think a director or writer should have added a scene showing some depth of emotion – but it was all too calm and faded to white almost like she tucked him into bed for the night. The movie had other flaws too – and overall I gave it a C-

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    4. and sing – I like how the movie had lots of her wonderful voice – but the elements did not click –
      and so yeah – maybe an india fit could showcase her acting and singing

      and side note – this is not the “dame” you wrote about from 2008 is it?

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  2. Nick’s niche is unique for sure, as is Lady Gaga’s wearable meat dress, so how blah we are with our clothing, almost cookie-cutter style. The cartoon is cute and confirms the expression “different strokes for different folks” and this post applauds those who dare to be different.

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    1. Hi Linda _ I agree with you about Dare to be different –
      well that ties into the first part of your comment – do this if it is what you want –
      you know ,dare to be different if it fits you.
      and I must admit that I prefer a little “blah” – not always and not too blah – but clothes are not my art and there is a certain feel and look I want – and loud and really different are not what I prefer ((at this time in my life – ha))

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      1. Yvette – I can remember being a teen and wanting to be exactly like everyone else and my mother said to just be myself and have my own ideas and not follow the crowd. Yes, that was good advice, but try to beat that into the brain of a teenager. Of course years later I took that advice and enjoy being a little different, if not quirky … 🙂


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