FLOWERS on FRIDAY (Colorful Floral Connections to Life Situations)

Happy Friday Readers,

After Monday’s Black and White flower photographs (here) and because it is raining today (much needed, but rather dreary) – thought it was time to share flowers with color. 

The fresh flower photos I took ((just yesterday)) seemed to have emotional vibes to them. Maybe I was “primed” to see this in flowers because of the sign I posted on Wednesday: “Don’t forget to drink water and get sun, you’re basically a houseplant with complicated emotions.”

So let’s explore colorful flowers that connect to life situations:


VINCA THRIVING: Late summer can be ideal for flowers like vinca. We humans have thriving seasons too – months or times when we are in our element and we thrive. 




Sometimes we shine. We might shine when a talent or a skill is used and we “do what we do” with pride. Not cockiness – but confidence and humble strength. We have our time to shine. 

sunflower shining


Sometimes we get all squished. Could happen naturally – while we are with others  – so we adapt and make room. However, sometimes the squish is bad. Like if jealousy percolates in someone’s chest and the play head games ((dead-heading games – haha- jk)). But jealousy can be toxic and those with it want to snuff the shine of others. They might not want the “shining one” gone completely – but they bring stink to the vase (from their envy).

sunflower adapting


Sometimes life brings wounds. Even for the tough, the strong. Sometimes petals unfold, fall off, and we need to heal, decompress, and regroup.

rose in healing



Sometimes maturity brings contentment. After so many seasons on this earth – after much practice with regrouping and learning resiliency after being squished – after having various times of shining – and a bit of experience with coping  to deal with “a jealous colleague” or “hurtful, narcissistic, by-marriage family member” – Well… the experience and learning pays off. It does – and with a sigh and contented smile, we embrace our bit of wilting and then just let our colors diffuse to those WHO VALUE it. 

rose diffusing



Sometimes someone around us crumbles – or falls apart  — and they bring a bit of a mess. Because after all, we are not robots. And life is not a script. 

daisy crumbling


Sometimes we find ways to support the ones that crumble. Many times all it takes is just offering a place for rest. 

rose supporting



Sometimes that special someone comes our way and brings refreshing connectedness. It could be someone significant, like a bestie. It could be a colleague or even an online blog friend (you know what I am talkin’ about, don’t ya?). And the connecting is ever so sweet.

blooms connecting



Sometimes togetherness leads to group bonding. Maybe crowded and snug – but we flourish with harmony in variety (mmmm that sounds good, “harmony in variety”). We share the same water so let’s find that harmony as we let our individual beauty shine. 

blooms flourishing


Sometimes a little space can help breathe new life into us. Finding a bit of space can give us room to breathe. Solitude and quietude can allow us to decompress, which can then allow us to give more (or give at all) during times of togetherness. 

blooms decompressing



Sometimes change comes at us fast. We might have yet another upset to life’s comfortable balance. Or we might feel like we never get to maintain that comfortable balance for very long. We know these upsets are part of life and needed. We also know, because we have seen what God can do, we know that “all things work together FOR good” and this upset can and WILL have good fruits – so we adjust… have faith – and keep our place in the vase. 

snapdragons changing


Have you seen any flowers with an emotional vibe lately?

Do you have a flower life situation that connects to you?

Wishing you a nice Friday….







40 thoughts on “FLOWERS on FRIDAY (Colorful Floral Connections to Life Situations)

  1. I like the vibe of zinnias. Cheerful, colorful, contented. They make me smile and pause to reflect on what it means to be a zinnia. I think their flower meaning is endurance, they have a stick-to-it attitude that charms me.

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    1. that was beautiful to read – and did you know I had a phase where the zinnia was my VERY favorite flower – it is not the fav anymore – but hold s a dear place for me too – and did not realize Zinnia meant endurance and cheers to those of us who know a bit of that (hint – the mature woman with the no-name lipstick ads – hahahah – wonder if they zinnia colors – jk)

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    1. thanks so much Su – and I did think of you with a few of thees photos because 1- you have so many pretty flower photos – and 2) many of those flower photos have emotional vibes or you connect them to this and that
      and wishing you a nice weekend too

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  2. Wow! I love how colorful, expressive, and lively your blossoms and blooms are. I feel touched by the way you told a story about the human experience through flowers. I really loved the pink rose supporting and how sometimes the most helpful thing we can do is simply be there and provide a place to rest. Decompressing also reminded me of how important space is. Thank you for capturing these beautiful flowery moments and sharing.

    ❤ Alana

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      1. I am so glad that we have connected in this beautiful season! I hope you will have a wonderful week. ❤


  3. Love this. I like the connecting and flourishing best… But I think the decompress has me written all over it. What a great post. Looking at flowers differently than the norm. Cool.

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  4. I love the blends of yellows and purples. Flowers always speak to me. I love the brightest oranges, reds, purples, and pink. I think any flower catches my attention. Especially wildflowers swaying in my backfield​. Lovely post!

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    1. Glad that flowers always speak to you – these flowers did because the vase collections were older and had some falling apart –

      and imagining the wildflowers you mentioned – ahhhh = sounds so nice


  5. I love the verbal and flower pairings you obviously spent time, thought, and love on. If I had lots of money, I’d have fresh flowers every day (or whenever the preceding batch was getting old.) But I don’t, so I get some once in a while and enjoy them everywhere whenever possible. While walking in the park, I often think about which flowers I like the best, but it’s too hard to decide so I just wallow in the joy of them all. 🙂

    Happy Friday!


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    1. Hi Janet – well not too much time spent here – but I dod see that this post was int he works after a few days of reading blogs and just chewing on some topics – it truly was a last minute post that came from my heart —
      smiling to imagine you wallowing in the park flowers.

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  6. I love the hum of an orchid, the smile of a sunflower and the grace of a Japanese maple tree. Their voices are mesmerizing to my senses.

    I really dig how you put this gallery together with your thoughts on each shot. Well done Ms. Prior. 🙂

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    1. well thanks you dear sorryless –
      and your words here – really awesome:

      the hum of an orchid
      the smile of a sunflower
      and the grace of a Japanese maple tree.

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  7. Such amazing and colorful shots of these flowers Yvette, but equally wonderful are the ways that you categorized each photo and offered a synopsis of what each flower could be representing.

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    1. well thanks for exploring the post with me Linda – and this post felt a bit inspired – it was one that was last minute and was for “me” – hahah

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