Small Leaders Need Others to be Small (Micro Fiction)Ray Davies’ (2017) Broken Song


Joining in with What Pegman Saw fiction challenge, which brings us to Portsmouth Harbor in the United Kingdom this week. 

Here is the photo prompt for today’s 150-word fiction:




Small Leaders Need Others to be Small

(fiction word count: 150)


Small leaders

need others to be small

when D. was demoted

he then cut wings

of those in his path

his role allowed him scissor access

He snipped my wings

        ….blood flowed


D.’s wings were butchered

brought him back down after promoted to incompetence level


of course he would come my way

snipping elevated him temporarily: bulldoze and feel big

Envy was in the breeze

insecure from faulty perceptions

deceitfully thinking others have it better


Some of us DO have it better

Because we’re NOT


in mediocrity.


I was finally starting my new job in Portsmouth.

The rusty sign read, “We are bruised, not daunted. We are still as determined as ever…”

That was me.

Bruised. Not daunted. Seasoned.

Determined as ever

to work with strong leaders

not stuck in mediocrity

Leaders allowing others to get big

leaders nurturing wings

letting people fly




Author Note:

Today’s fiction connected to a sign from the history of Portsmouth, Harbor UK. 

Between July 1940 and May 1944, Portsmouth was hit by 67 air raids and after the heaviest raid, Portsmouth’s mayor, Sir Denis Daley, wrote in the Evening News:

“At last the blow has fallen. Our proud City has been hit and hit hard by the enemy. Our Guildhall and many of our cherished buildings now lie a heap of smoking ruins. To you all, however, I wish to pay tribute to the splendid manner in which you have stood up to this violent calamity, and especially I should like to thank all those members of the public services who stood to their jobs, as I knew they would do…We are bruised, but we are not daunted, and we are still as determined as ever to stand side by side with other cities who have felt the blast of the enemy, and we shall, with them, persevere with an unflagging spirit towards a conclusive and decisive victory.

In 2001, the navel area in Portsmouth was redeveloped into clubs, pubs, and a large retail shopping centre known as Gunwharf Quays (more here).

In today’s fiction, the lead character was taking on a new job at a business in Gunwharf Quays. This character formerly worked under a small leader – who hurt employees after he was demoted.  So this new job would allow the character to work with like-minded colleagues rather than at a place where mediocrity was allowed, accepted, and ignored. 

So let’s all “keep on keepin’ on” – now matter what life brings our way – maybe not a colleague or leader issues, but life happens and sometimes we bleed.

To quote Portsmouth’s former mayor, “Let’s find ways to persevere with an unflagging spirit towards a conclusive and decisive victory.” I like the sound of that line: “…persevere with an unflagging spirit towards a conclusive and decisive victory.” I’m in. How about you?


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Song for today – was going to share Tal Bachman’s (1999) song High Above Me (here) – 

however, a search for the Portsmouth quote introduced me to the Ray Davies’ (2017) Broken song (here).  The lyrics really seemed to fit.

Hallelujah, hallelujah
I might be bruised but we’re not broken

Give the song a chance before you turn it off… it really picks up at the 50 second mark 

And my heart (heart) is still beating
I’m alive (live) and I’m still breathing
I’ve got hope (hope) it’s gonna get better
I might be bruised but I’m not broken











29 thoughts on “Small Leaders Need Others to be Small (Micro Fiction)Ray Davies’ (2017) Broken Song

    1. well done – your words came in last night as I just posted this and it was a nice closing thought to this.

      and glad you liked the song – it was new to me – but seemed to fit

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    1. never ever you Derrick – because you edify others – and you are content and mature and have wellness – so you do not need to cut others down –
      at least that is my take on your demeanor and interaction with others

      all that nature love emits from you – so no way was this D. Knight…

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    1. well thanks so much dragon warrior!
      that was nice to read…
      and there were a few other parts that did not make this 150 word count edit.
      The original ranting of this was 600 words

      but another part that came after the 600 words

      fiction part 2:

      “last year
      I was on the ground
      and someone pressed
      their foot
      firmly on my wing
      held me down
      pressure crunching my feathers
      truly not nice
      realized it was D.
      so sad
      that he competed with me
      but now free
      of his envy
      free to be with the healthy
      free to use those wings”

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        1. thanks – and not sound preachy or religious – but I really do give God all the glory. My faith anchors me and a personal relationship with God has been my gift since I was 13 –
          and side note – I cannot follow a lot of Christian bloggers because some of them get so legalistic – or they are religious – or preachy – or just bitchy and mean (for real) and so I just come here and do my thing and find connects with photographers – music lovers – and good writers – like you!

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        2. Thank you for such an amazing comment! I don’t follow any religion except humanity and Zkyeatto ( a fictional religion of my magical planet)
          Well, I love music and photography and writing too but I am no writer… 🙂
          Tywniw again for your lovely comment 💞


        3. well some of it is innate – but a lot of it is a choice – and we can cultivate appreciation, gratitude and just slowly develop an outlook that is a bit more positive (without being cheesy)

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    1. I like the way you worded your comment and in a way that is an extension of an idea – another way that poor leaders can impact Wong health – ouch – the plucking is a slow and ongoing type of drain-
      And I didn’t think much about this at the time – but reading this over today I rather like the ending more now – the soaring together
      Because isn’t that the goal
      Let’s find ways to lead so we fly and soar – together
      And just like birds have different wings and different ways that glide and lift (amazing really – and on busboy’s blog a while back he had some info on the unique flight of owls….. )
      And so soaring together makes it win win for everyone


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