BITE THE WAX TADPOLE (5 Reasons I Like Blogging & Lady by the River 5 of 10)

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Hello Readers. 

Here are five reasons I like blogging.


Some folks already know this story, but a few months ago I was on Amy Maranto’s blog (here) – she is a long-time blog friend and while there, I encountered two new bloggers:

A) Soanuthatch (here). This blogger was like a shot of B-12 to me. Hard to explain – but sometimes we just need the energy of someone else to spread our way and give us an infusion. I am sure we all have been a shot of B-12 to other people at times – and I am so glad Lindsay was that for me at the end of winter.

B) I also met this Brit named Stuart Templeton (here) – who turns out to be a fantastic storyteller. He shares about family adventures (hikes, museums, etc.) and how many “square crisps” they’ve eaten. Then I met Stuart’s wife, Alli (here), who blogs about medieval history (she writes in a way that is not boring (and the history area can get dry with certain writers). She is also funny.  For example, Alli recently shared:

“A slogan for Coca Cola, which read “Coke adds life”, was translated into Japanese, but it came back into English as “Bite the wax tadpole” – Isn’t that fun?

Okay everyone – so my wish for you is that your blogging experience will allow you to “bite the wax tadpole” (thanks Alli).  Here is how I define “bite the wax tadpole” for bloggers: You monitor your blogging groove so that blogging keeps enriching your life. Stay alive while you live. However, this does not ONLY apply to blogging. It applies to every creative and complex human being that is flowing down the river of life. 

David Bach wrote this:

“Life is Difficult. Life is not easy. but that is not the only truth that matters in this context. It also happens to be true that it takes just as much effort to have a ‘bad life,’ in which you don’t get what you want, as it does to have a ‘good life,’ where you do.”  “Most people who just ‘go with the flow’ wind up complaining about where they ‘floated.’ Wherever the river of life takes them is where they go. And you know where most of these people end up? On the rocks” (Bach, 2002). 

So don’t do this – don’t let the wrong momentum take you downstream and rob your joy because you lost freshness or got burned out. Come on now – it is time for your to “bite the wax tadpole”  — GO AND GET IT – –  taste it —  feel it — and get your contentment (#findcontent). 

If you accidentally landed on some rocks – find  what you need to get back in the boat and get going. I know there are times to explore rocks – but the analogy here is that we are living life on a moving river and so let’s purposefully plan to get the most from our ride. 


My blog tagline is “photos, art, and a little bit of lit” – which sums up my TOP interests.

But sometimes we follow blogs that splash “different” our way. This is so good for us. 

And while visiting Stuart’s blog – which is Adventures of the Ratmobile – one of his readers had a Gravatar of an Acura logo. I first thought it was possibly a car dealership. Then I learned it is Tyson, a blogger from drive to five (here), and he has been driving his used Acura for 16 years.  His Acura Legend now has 565,337 miles on it. 

The same day I enjoyed Tyson’s blog, I was on my way to do important life stuff and I ran into an Acura driver at the gas station. 

This used Acura owner was Reggie and we talked while filling up gas tanks. I told him about the “drive to five” blog and the Acura with 565,000 miles on it.  He was shocked at the mileage. When we were done chatting – he let me take his picture for my blog: 

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 I shake my head sometimes at the variety and quality of content I find on blogs (from amateurs, professionals, and hobbyists). I think the “accessible to anyone” blog platform allows a cesspool of talent and quality. Just a few decades ago – in order to publicly share photos, art, music, thoughts, articles, personal stories, etc. – someone had to “get picked up” by a radio station, magazine, juried show, station, etc. That limited “who” could share and limited “what” was shared. Also, this meant that what we saw had “screening bias” from the selectors that picked what they thought should be seen (which still happens today). Or we only saw content from those connected with the powers to be or those who had the big bucks (also still happens today). Anyhow, the inclusive nature of blogging brings out the small guy – or showcases the professional who needs the bump.  Or we get material from an everyday person and they use their blog to bring ideas and creative talent into the blogosphere. 


Blogging allows us to make connections with people from different cities, states, countries – –  and even different oceans (like Lisa Dorenfest, who lives on the sea). Sometimes we deeply connect – Other times it stays a bit surface-like. But we still connect – through comments, likes – and visits. Maybe even though emails, meeting in person, or working on a book project together – like I did with the Lady by the River book (see reason #5). The deep connection with others, via blogging, allows us to sometimes grow with them – as they share about relocations, health issues, life milestones, or topics that are currently dear to them.  



The fifth thing I like about blogging is that the blogosphere sharing allowed me to write a book with eight other authors: Mark Bialczak (here), Mabel Kwong (here), Ana Linden (here), Sherri Matthews (here), Mahesh Nair (here), Kristin Rybrandt (here), Jeffrey D. Simmons (here), and Chad Prior (here).

I think you know where I am going now.

Time for the book plug. April is the month I set aside to promote the Lady by the River Book.

Not all promotion posts will be this long, but I hope you enjoyed today’s share.



Do you need refreshment?

Do you need a little encouragement?

Or do you want some tips on how to pause and plan your life better? 

Well this book is a resource for you

The eight chapters from each of the bloggers will be presented in upcoming posts – and will refresh and encourage – but today’s post is to share about Chapter 11: Moving Through – because it is packed with tips for improving your life.

Chapter 11 has wellness ideas that are presented with simple succinct sections. Some of the tips came from life experience whereas other tidbits and resources came from counseling days and wellness workshops I teach.

Chapter 11 is EMPOWERING because when you learn more about topics like problem-solving, regulating emotions, and practical ways to bring thoughts captive – you will paddle your boat with purpose and intention. Or maybe your boat has a motor – well you can let the engine move you in the right direction rather than meandering down the river with a force that pulls you any which way. 

The content throughout Lady by The River book will help you live a life that is more alive – This book will help you live better with more joy so you can “bite the wax tadpole” (thanks again, Alli, for that fun term). 


This is my fifth post (out of 10) to share about the Lady by the River Book. 

The free giveaway for Lady by the River is NEXT WEEKEND so be sure to drop by this blog, or go right to Amazon, on April 12th, 13th, & 14th to get your copy.  If you need a copy sooner – it is for sale on Amazon here.


P R I O R H O U S E 


Let’s close with one more comic:

Source: unearthed comics







38 thoughts on “BITE THE WAX TADPOLE (5 Reasons I Like Blogging & Lady by the River 5 of 10)

  1. And your posts, Yvette, are always a breath of fresh air. And you are so right about blogging – every day I learn something new from a fellow blogger. And also as you say – it’s such fun to share. Hugs to you and your fellow book comrades. Tx

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  2. “Stay alive while you live.”

    That’s pretty good advice, right there.

    You make a very good point (well, you make several) about a biased process in the past. It still is, but there are ways around it today. I think that’s a good thing for expression, but maybe not such a good thing for news.

    I love that last cartoon.

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    1. Hi Dan – actually you worded it in a way that i was trying to say

      “It still is, but there are ways around it today”
      yes – there are ways around it (thanks)

      and then with the news – I know there was fake news but i do think that sometimes the inclusive platforms help for investigative reporting or we get raw footage that might not have made the big news stations – ya know?

      and the stay alive while you live came from Tony Compolo – we heard him speak in the mid 1990s and he said to the audience,
      “I am going to ask you all how long you have been alive”
      most people started giving their age.
      Then he said “not how many years you have lived on earth – but how alive are you? How fresh – how really alive”
      something like that….

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  3. the inclusive nature of blogging brings out the small guy And therein is the reason I’ve stayed around the blogosphere for as long as I have. I learn so much from people who I’d never have had the chance to know if it weren’t for the www. For this I am grateful.

    Also, your first comic by Sara Zimmerman is priceless. I’m a go with the flow person, but I never thought of it in quite that way. 😳

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    1. Hi ally – thanks for chiming in – and I actually thought of you with one section – I took it out (twice) because this post was getting too long (went from 2,00 words to 1,500 to 1,350 – and was proud of my editing – ha)
      but I had a small section on how sometimes we visit folks regularly for a while and then maybe not for a long while – and then sometimes we do not connect with a blogger but then later we do –
      a I think a while ago I was visiting you – but then this last few months it has clocked more – anyhow – can you see how it did not fit here – it was a trail for another time – ha

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  4. Those are all good descriptions of the positive side of blogging. The book sounds interesting – I hope it does well!

    Not thinking of blogging, but thinking of “art” – one thing the old system does is act as a filter. Sometimes it is bad, filtering out the truly creative in favor of what they think will sell, but sometimes it is good in that it makes it easier to find high quality when sifting through songs or books or whatever.

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    1. I really like your thoughts on the “filter” but it could still be so restrictive (“good” as defined by who and what terms)
      and then when you mentioned the “positive side of blogging”
      it has me thinking about maybe doing a post with annoyances – hm – maybe I will
      let me know if you have a top one or two annoyance or negative with blogging

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      1. The “filter” does have pluses and minuses. As I said, to me the largest minus is that songs/bands/books/authors etc are picked because someone thinks they have commercial potential, not because they are “good”. And, as you said, sometimes those obviously amateur posts/artworks/etc are the ones that touch us the most.

        Negatives of blogging? Time!!!!! Bad habits of blogging? I too often skim instead of read -see “time” above 😉


  5. How fun is that?! I’m honored to be featured – and I have to say, it made my day that you struck up a conversation with Reggie! I see he drives a 1999-2003 Acura 3.5 RL so he’s a man of good taste. Looking forward to seeing what other kinds of treasures I can find in your blog – and I totally agree – I love how bloggers’ paths connect. Have a great day.


    1. Thanks so much for dropping by – and I apologize for not leaving a comment on your blog yet – I was busy crafting this post – but I LOVE that photo of the cars lined up by color – oh it was cool – red silver black red silver black (something like that)
      and I know Reggie’s car had an ‘R” in the model – and rookie mistake was that I had him stand over that part of the car – but next time I grab some shots they will show the make and model
      I also sent him to your blog and so he might be visiting –
      thanks for coming to this post and just so you know – I will be following you cos I want to see that car reach 600,000


  6. A fab read as always Yvette 🙂 Just write is a good idea for bloggers. For me it is show what I have seen through my lens and share. My advice to new bloggers would be Just be yourself. Lots of anger journals is sad and amusing. Go with the flow made me laugh as well.
    BTW My 2013 ute has over 412,000kms

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    1. well you have used your ute amigo – right on
      and thanks for chiming in with blogging thoughts.
      Just be yourself.
      Just be yourself.
      Just be yourself.
      have to mention it a few times because that is what will make the blog have a nice heartbeat.
      and I want to add:

      Don’t compare
      don’t compare comments, likes, or follows

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  7. Brilliant post Yvette – and what a title! So glad you found it funny and inspiring enough to run with it. It’s made me chuckle for years. Thanks for the kind compliments, and the mention, and of course the inspiration to look at why we all enjoy blogging. I can identify with so much of what you say. Probably the one I’d pick out for myself above all is that it connects me with other people. I love the warm and friendly community that my blog has led to, and I feel I’ve made some real friends. So thank you, again, to one of my new blogging pals. 🙂

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  8. Wow! Thank you Yvette, you’re very kind to mention me in your blog – I’m touched, I really glad you enjoy reading my mad ramblings.
    As I’ve said before, one of the things I didn’t expect when I started blogging was the ‘social’ side to it. I didn’t expect to end up reading other peoples fantastic blogs and making good connections across the globe – it’s really been rather fun. I also really enjoy the huge mix of subjects that are out there – Like you said, I read posts on all sorts of subjects that I wouldn’t have thought I’d be interesting. It just goes to show that anything written with passion can be made to be interesting – again that’s been a nice surprise.

    Another great post – it definitely made us laugh and as always I really enjoyed the cartoons.

    Thank you again.


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    1. well this was the “ratmobile trail” I was mentioning a few days ago.
      I was going to wait and post about it later this month –
      because i am busy with the book promotions – but the idea was fresh and sometimes “later” never comes. I have learned that from starting blog posts – then never getting to them “later”
      so anyhow, I also really enjoyed all the Jaguars you shared in that one post and a story for another time – but those cars are special to me and it all felt ‘appointed”

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  9. Blogging keeps me sane and I often think that my inability to maintain my blogginess is a reflection of being too busy. TOO busy. Unhealthy busy.
    I kept an angry journal (two) from 2002-2006. I think my husband also journaled angry then as well, although I didn’t read it, he did look intense as he scrawled. One of my friends is getting divorced and I told her I would send her an angry journal to fill up.
    Release is crucial.

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    1. one of my friends is getting divorced and i will mention the angry journal – so thanks – and my angry years came right at the end of the 1990s – like 1999 – and ended in 2002 – did not realize it – but all kinds of journaling really helped – and we also moved coast to coast and it when the hubs and I did some clinging through that – it really helped me identify what built up.
      so thanks for chiming in with that.
      and that is a cool point – that if you do not have time for your blogging than you are too busy –


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    1. thanks for dropping by OM – and for opening up your “big” platform for folks to share some posts – I will be back later to check what others have shared –


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