Sunday Trees (January Edition) & Lens-Artist #30

Hello Readers, it is time to join in with the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. This week Ann-Christine has invited folks to share a post about “unexpected” – and because it is Sunday – I am combining my Sunday Trees post with this theme.  


#1: Pair of Trees with tasty Creamsicle in the sky….

That unexpected orange in the sky still brings a smile. I was just at Amy’s blog (here) and she had a Mark Sullivan quote that reminded me of this photo: “Then at last he took off his glasses- the sun was setting, casting the lake in coppers and golds.”

I hope I never get tired of being moved by a colorful sky. Or as Tina would say… take “a few moments to drink in the beauty.” 


#2: Trees on the corner – with open an road.

When I get tired, photos like this remind me to stay the course, go on green, and keep on keepin’ on

3: Cowboy-boot vase with some foliage

The boot vase reminded me of folks I love (the ones that remind me of country stuff… Like my dad, my friend K, my step-daughter… and author Louis L’Amore).

Did you know that I have a special Louis L’Amore book tucked away for sauna reading. Sometimes I take it out –  enjoy a few pages – and savor.  This has to be the slowest book read ever, a few pages every now and then, but it is really nice. I get this little dose of Louis L’Amore and feel all enriched. 

Speaking of sauna, this image reminded me of a picture for the funny signs challenge:


4: Tree Silhouettes with a an unexpected “Y” in the tree 

This tree photo had a stage vibe. It reminded me of Shakespeare’s line: “The world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Shakespeare’s line about how we are “merely players” reminded me of the old Rush song, Limelight. I used to love this song so much that I actually stayed in a store until it ended. Now when it comes on the radio (unexpectedly) – I always smile and pause to enjoy it. 

5: Last December I had the chance to pass by this old house in Florida. Back in the early 1990’s, this house was a little gem on the corner. 

This stump is all that remains, but I remember taking my nieces for a walk. On the way back, with ice cream in hand, we’d catch the mist of the sprinklers and enjoy a bit of shade under that majestic tree. 


6: Tree branch hanging down

Sometimes trees make us feel lighter

7: Tree Art in Black and Gold

Sometimes a little minimalistic art reminds me that less can be more… 

8: Trees in a row 

Sometimes trees bring a soft sense of order

9: Tree from Tampa

Sometimes a poised tree reminds me to stand tall, proud, and smile to be alive. 

The softness around the fronds remind me that confidence is softer than cockiness – and we need to embrace it. The memorial reminds me of our unique life-span. It’s so good to be alive – let us not forget that…. breath in the lungs is a very good thing.

10: Tree near cross walk

The little red hand on the cross walk sign reminded me to pause –  see the beauty – smile – exhale – and just be – while enjoying some trees…

M and I share certain pictures that remind us of God’s glory coming down….

Thanks for viewing….

In closing, I want to share another Rush song. “Time Stands Still” would fit the former picture, but that is a not a top Rush song for me. And I used to like Tom Sawyer, but the New England Patriots ruined that song for me, but I digress. 

So let’s see, Fly by Night or Closer to the Heart???

Closer to the Heart…



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42 thoughts on “Sunday Trees (January Edition) & Lens-Artist #30

  1. I love to see that orange sky in the evening or near sunset (I assume that was during sun going down time, it could be morning as well. It is hard to tell from picture). I still remember stepping out of my car in Kroger’s parking lot and see the similar sky. I love it.

    Ha, using boot for flower pot or plant pot, A great idea, I have similar picture too..

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    1. Hi YC – it was a sunset and I wonder if we saw the same east coast orange sky – that photo was early December – – was your Kroger experience in December?

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  2. (EN) My favorite picture is the composition with the boot and the vase. The unexpected actually from you is the Rush’s songs, because it reminds me when I was “forced”😉 to learn all about them(Rush, Fly by Night, Caress of Steel, 2112 and so on) and I had even a cat named” Geddy Lee”. So thanks for sharing the unxepected,Y😊
    (IT) La mia foto preferita è la composizione con lo stivale e il vaso. La cosa invece inaspettata da te è le canzoni dei Rush, perché mi ricordano quando venivo” forzata”😉 a imparare tutto di loro (Rush, Fly by Night, Caress of Steel, 2112 e così via) e avevo pure un gatto di nome “Geddy Lee”. Quindi grazie per la condivisione dell’inaspettato, Y😊

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    1. Your comment really gave me s pep in my step earlier when I read it – laughed pretty good st the cat name – Such a fun name-
      And it is also so inspiring to hear about music adventures and any time we do “band study” or get schooled on an artist or musician – well life just gets more full- eh? And so do you have a favorite Rush song?
      I played subdivisions after this post and never caught the quiet way they said subdisvisons in it- lol
      But I grew up with Rush – there was school, Lake Erie, chicken wings, – aunt Maxine – and rush – hahah –
      Oh and the boot seems to be a reader fav

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      1. (EN) 😊I don’t have a favorite one or maybe Xanadu and Red Barchetta, for the instrumental, the literature and colours😉. Have a great day, Y
        (IT) 😊Non ne ho una preferita o forse Xanadu e Red Barchetta per lo strumentale, la letteratura e i colori 😉. Buona giornata, Y.

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  3. Lovely walking around with you this January, Y. I too get moved by a colourful sky. Here in Melbourne it’s summer and we’ve had quite a few warm colourful skies at sundown. Always have to top what I’m doing and admire all that pink and orange above. Mesmerising. Quite a few trees once again…and each tree is always so different, just like another person in its own right. Hope you enjoyed that ice-cream treat with your nieces 🍦🍧👌

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    1. Hi M– thanks for the comment and was thinking of you a few times this month! I will be by to check in better very soon-
      And all pics in this post were taken in early December – and I basically sat down this weekend and just had to get a post up because my blog break was getting too long – and so this was really unplanned – was the theme for lens-artist and then Sunday trees was on my mind – I guess I share that because some of my favorite posts are ones that u food without overthinking it and just letting thoughts flow – in hindsight I see this was a father positivity-laden share – but it is what it is – eh?
      Oh and I love how you said trees an be different like people –


      1. I was wondering where you went….then I thought Y must have been on a break. Then again, I also went away on a blogging break. We all need a break every now and again…a break can be so good you don’t want to come back lol…

        Some of my favourite posts from you are the ones of your food and really just random every day snaps. You know, like you just go about your day, randomly take some shots and share with us…like these trees…

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  4. I really like the colors in the sky in that first picture. I also like the start shadows on the wall from the trees in the picture farther down. Sometimes, I think the shadows tell us a lot about things.

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    1. Dan / thanks for mentioning the shadows because that picture is dear to me- I took it during an episodic memory (sonto soeak) and so the mood at that moment comes back/ in a good (or ok) way
      But when I saw it that night – turned around while chatting with folks –
      The shadows and trees reminded me of interpretive dance or actors being a bit formal and quite – felt stage like –
      And now I am chewing on what you said – how shadows can tell us a lot about things – I never thought of that way – hmmmm cool

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  5. No two skies are ever the same, so I really enjoy the great variety every day. Love your cream popsicle one. The boot plant pot is wonderful. Reminds me of a pair of much-loved cowboy boots I had back in South Africa in the 80’s. One of them inexplicably disappeared from my closet and never reappeared again. I guess it must have gone off to Boot Camp. 😀 Hope you’re keeping warm in this chilly weather. Even Florida is coolish and I’m wearing my UGGs. xx

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    1. Oh S – u are so funny with the boot camp – and that is puzzling tho – “where did it go?” With the stray socks ???
      And I have never owned UGGs but my niece had a few pairs and I tried hers on once and they were SO comfortable – I can see why folks love them – and hope they keep you warm and fashionable during this chilly weather spell

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      1. Thanks, Yvette. Glad you appreciated my little joke. I have my own suspicions about why one boot was taken and one left behind, and it has nothing to do with ‘The Rapture’. 😅 I got a pair of UGG slippers last year and then some Ugg boots for Christmas. They were great for Tahoe. I was amazed how comfy and warm they are. Will probably last me for ever. 👏🏻

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