TIME for Bed (December Squares Day 7)

December Squares Day 7: Time for bed for this man (YBOR City 2018)

Here is another shot:


Wonder why we were there? 

My cousin and I went out to chat and we stopped here for some Pizza.

Because this post is scheduled for Friday, here is a shot of the pizza we had – first mine:

and then hers:

And no, I do not eat pizza often. This is maybe the third time I had pizza in 2018 (and it was so good)

Care to join in with Becky’s Square Photograph challenge?

Go HERE to The Life of B and use the tag #timesquare

This is a scheduled post and I will be back later to add the link to B’s Day 7 post.

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21 thoughts on “TIME for Bed (December Squares Day 7)

  1. I do envy some people’s ability to nod off anywhere, but this guy doesn’t even look comfortable!!
    … and your pizza looks yummy, although anything with spinach will immediately catch my attention.

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    1. Hi J – it was the feta that called to me – and I just had pizza again last night and it was a white pizza with asparagus had chicken and more –
      And that guy might have been more than tired (he woke while were there and seemed out of it and then konked back out)

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  2. The pizza’s look delicious and your sleeping man had me roaring….and impressed. I’m able to catch a few winks of sleep almost anywhere, anytime, but the steels chairs, the wooden table, and that open space would make napping in this restaurant a challenge even for me.

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      1. It really is. Hard–pressed to find food in a hurry, we don’t make great decisions. Yesterday I drank two sodas and ate pecan pie from plastic wrap. I am not here to judge you 😛

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