Two for Tuesday (Digital Food and Who Would you Beat Up????)

Hello readers, joining in with Sonofabeach96 (here).

In this challenge, the host is looking for follies or humor in ads (see below for more details). 

 #1: Digital Food

I saw this sign looking at the China shit little gadgets at a local grocery store. 

I read the box and was puzzled: DIGITAL FOOD? 

What is digital food? Is it like the virtual cake (here) from Joey?

Is it zeros and ones on a plate – if so – they do NOT need to be dehydrated. Ha!

I know what they meant: digital dehydrator for food….

A store employee (who was barely 17 years old) saw me take the photo and actually came up to me and asked if it was personal use – and then said if so – it was okay to take the picture.

#1: Who would you beat up? Really???

Not the best photo, but I had to get a shot of the questions before we tossed them

I bought these pack of cups on sale and had them in my teacher/workshop bin. I knew the questions would be good conversation starters and they sat for over a year until the right chance came up to use them.

I was shocked to read that one of the questions was, “If you could go back to high school, who would you beat up?”

As a former counselor, we don’t use questions like this. It is aggressive and more on the negative side; consequently, we might ask, “Who would you confront?” – Something like that. 

However, the small group that utilized these cups (all adults) seemed to love the question. I was shocked that a company would print that question – but the people in that particular group liked the question and it led to some rich chatting about past experiences. 


Anyhow, the cup questions were fun and I think the THG & Co. had a good idea with these Conversation Cups. 

My question was: “How would you title your auto-biography? My answer: “Just a girl from Buffalo.”

We all had the chance to answer every question and for the super power question, I would be one of the wonder twins. 

What about you?

What super power would you want – and/or what would be the title for your auto-biography. ((It is okay if you do not want to leave your answer here, because all this self-disclosure could come back to haunt you (sort of kidding) but do think about it… especially the auto-biography – because we all have a story that is our very own.))

Is there another question from the “cup questions” that you liked?

Hidden talent, cartoon character, etc. 



Well that is all for me – time for some food that is not even close to being “digital food” – ha



Do you care to join in with this challenge??

If you do – (now or later) and go here to join in and use the tag #profrifollies.

The round up is HERE

And be on the lookout for: “any kind of sign, flyer, ad etc that you may see posted or printed or whatever/wherever, that would, might or might not, be intentional or unintentionally, a mistake or could be interpreted the wrong way, misspelled, be a double entendre or just outright hilarious.”









35 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday (Digital Food and Who Would you Beat Up????)

    1. Thanks for reading and glad to share a laugh.
      and for your book title – i think…

      “Bushboy’s Bonanza”
      “BRINGING IT: Busboy’s Bodacious Bioavailable Bantering”

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  1. It really is in most human natures as you well know specially being a former counselor to think about the beating up someone in high school, I thought it was a great question. I would beat up….myself!

    The title of my autobiography would be my real name followed by ¨a fascinating life¨

    And if you can believe it, since I can remember I was the one at age 6 or 7 telling other kids in my class that Mr.Santa didn’t exist that it was their parents who put the gifts under the christmas tree, that is true. I remember talking about this with my mother loooooong time ago, and never got to the conclusion as to why I just knew when my parents did tell me it was Santa and the more they told me it was Santa it seemed the less I believe them.

    My superpower I would like to have would be to read peoples minds.

    Fun questions

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    1. well thanks for your awesome reply, CP ONE!
      I was on my way out when ti came in, but this was great.

      and I liked your title idea…
      and would add the word resilient to it.
      and then your note about the “santa” connected to why some folks are against teaching that there is a live santa who brings gifts – because it can bust trust to “lie” to children –
      and I like how you worded what you said


    1. that would be a really awesome super power, YC

      and for your book Title

      The encouraging connecter, Yellow Cable: Lifting others up one comment at a time”

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    1. I think others agree with you (and many in my small group did – and one young man was lightly bullied by a guy who is now in the NFL and it was a powerful story).

      and your book title –
      hmmm- how does this sound:

      “Digging Down Deep with Dan: Let’s write, let’s connect, let’s live a warm life … while Cheryl pours us a cold one.”

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  2. I never believed in Santa, so that one doesn’t work. The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done was backpack and take the train around Europe for almost a year between my junior and senior years in college. It was a life-changing experience. I’ve never wanted to beat anyone up. 🙂


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    1. Hi Janet – thanks for sharing about your trip – that sounds like an awesome adventure.
      It reminds me of Callan Pinckney’s story – I heard about her in 1991 and her workouts inspired me. But she actually “ruined” her back from traveling europe (similar to your adventure) and she was told she needed all these surgeries but then healed her back through stretching, rebuilding, and gentle exercise.

      anyhow, if I was going to have a book title for you – it would be
      “Joyful Janet: Juggling the Jewels and Jazziness of life”


      1. We have her book, “Callenetics” somewhere. Yes, my trip to Europe was a grand adventure and I’m so thankful my parents let me go and helped me pay for it. I don’t know that I’d want to do it these days, but it was wonderful and I wasn’t ready to come home even after all that time. 🙂

        Love the title and thanks. 🙂

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      2. I had that book too and I heard there has been legal battles over the rights of her workout plan! But in the early 90’s I loved her workouts!
        And thanks for coming back to get the mock book title – ✌️


  3. I wouldn’t beat anyone up because it ultimately wouldn’t make me feel any better. I’m of the school of thought that while you can apologize for hurting someone, you can’t ever take those words or fists back, so better to try and tread lightly.

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    1. I agree – we cannot take it back and that was very well said.
      And tread lightly reminds me of another rant – perhaps another time.

      and I once heard a nurse share a story (I think I shared it somewhere on my blog years ago)
      but the nurse said that another reason NOT to fight (or beat someone up) is because we do not know what pre-existing condition someone has. She told a story fo a kid who died because he had an unknown condition and a blow to the head put him in a coma and he later died. And the kid who was “just” fighting” now has manslaughter charges. ugh…
      and I think we need to educate more about the concussions that can come from fighting

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  4. I am also marveling at “who would you beat up?” I’m like, read read read, WHA?!? read read read. It really does stand out.
    Some of us just don’t think like that. My husband had an answer immediately, lol! Even, Y, I guessed it! lol!
    I was in first grade, studying time in December, and I was rather galled by how many of my classmates bought into the whole Santa gig.
    Them: It’s magic!
    Me: O_O
    It was not the first time and it wasn’t the last 😉

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    1. Hahah – laughing at the Santa reveal (not surprised) and then your hubs having an answer right away….
      It is such a curious question
      And for your book title

      The first thing that came to mind was “Joey fully stated” but that is already taken with your blog (okay – just kidding )
      Joey’s book title:
      “The Mister & Me: living life mindfully”
      And the sequel
      “100 ‘Moo’ Stories to inspire you”
      Then …
      “Master Linguist Plays with Words: keeping language alive and fun while addressing the gamut of life’s run””

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    1. thanks so much – really liked the questions a lot – and wishing you a good week

      and wanted to add them here if that is okay

      Pretend you just won $5 million. What’s the first thing you would buy?
      What do you think is the hardest thing about being a parent?
      What are you most thankful for this year?
      If you could have named yourself, what name would you have picked?
      What do you think is the hardest thing about being a kid?
      What did you really think of your significant other on your first date?

      (and mine – if you found 50 dollars in your bag and it was extra, what would you spend it on?)

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      1. We will call it an unofficial reblog 😉 I love your question if I found a extra $50 I would pick up take-away,a decent bottle of wine to share with my spouse…


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