Indoor Windows (Lens-Artist Challenge #14)

This post to join in with the Lens-artist challenge for WINDOWS (here) and my take on this theme is INDOOR WINDOWS

There is a small restaurant across town that has an indoor decor designed to make you feel like you are in Italy. We have a few friends that love to dine out at this casual eatery, but we hope to never eat there again. Just not our thing. On our last visit there, I grabbed a few photos of the indoor windows.  Let’s start with this lit up window in the wall. I have three different takes:

AUTHOR UPDATE – The feedback in some of the comments indicated to me that I might not have made it clear that the first three windows in this post are the SAME indoor window. I shared three takes to show how different this indoor window can look depending on light and settings.

So here is an updated picture showing the three closer together:



More of the indoor windows – and light from the real window (center back).

I like how back windows sometimes give us light that provides a partly-silhouetted image:

The previous “partly-silhouetted image” reminded me of a quick photo shoot I had this summer (2018) at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA).

Here are some of my partly-silhouetted images:


Partly-silhouetted image #1 (Notice the VMFA’s Chihuly glass through the window? I like the lines here – the outside faint details and then inside we have tiles, chairs, wall feature, and of course – the man)
Partly-silhouetted image #2 (perhaps an angelic-glow from the right side window light – we are not alone…. oooo…)
Partly-silhouetted image #3 (In this shot, I like the contrast of nature and green outside the center window with the indoor elements. I also like the way our subject, to the left, has the tattoo and stripe on her shirt that coordinates with the stripe in the ship and other elements to the right – what do you think?) I also like T’s eyelashes and the little area with her fingers, phone, vertical of the pencil, and basket verticals….
Partly-silhouetted image #4 – So much to explore here – our subject and her looking up stance with the fun ponytail  – and the shapes, lines, texture, and three different types of backlight: ceiling grid, box with the pottery, and back window. 


Partly-silhouetted image #5 – I like the mood here and my top takeaway of this shot has to do with the straight vertical lines behind the more organic lines that make up the outline of the subject. I also like the other verticals. 

I know we do not always have to pick a top image from a post – but sometimes I like to – and my top two images for this post are: Partly-silhouetted image #3 and Indoor Window Take 2.  Et tu?


Care to join in with this challenge?  Check out the weekly hosts:

Week 1–Patti of
Now I have only just started perusing all of the artsy posts for this week’s Lens- Artist Challenge (#14) and I really liked Sue Judd’s “window cleaner” (here). It reminded me of Ruth’s “people at work” series (here).
It also reminded me oh wonderful it is to simply work.
Work can be a gift and her window cleaner looks so content (but the entire composition is sweet…).
Other cool shots of window cleaners:
AJ Vosse (here) has window workers “fixing the windows… dangling from a rope on the 9th floor…”
and Tina (here) showed window cleaners in Beijing, China as they worked on the Olympic Village’s Aquatic Center (now a recreational water park).

38 thoughts on “Indoor Windows (Lens-Artist Challenge #14)

    1. Thanks C, and I have one more take on that image – which had the art to the right – and it would not have felt open – so thanks for the feedback

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  1. +2 (one of each) with your pick of the “Partly-silhouetted image #3” and “Indoor Window Take 2” too. I like the clearer or bright picture of the lady in the picture (image #3) and I do like the black surrounding of the take 2.

    Just a coincident here, I think I took one or two indoor pictures yesterday. Just a fresh reminder here.

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    1. thanks for the comment and I scrolled back up to see which ones you mentioned – nice…
      and maybe you should post yours (re:the one or two indoor pictures yesterday – come on now…)

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    1. Hi Joey – actually – I am not sure I showed a vast collection of windows here – lol – because I actually only have seven different windows total (nine photos and the first three pictures of the same window)- whereas the hostess has twelve pictures in her post this week – with more than 12 windows featured – and so if there was an award for “quantity” she’d get it.

      Oh and I am glad for your comment because it made me realize that I might not have pointed out that the first three images were the SAME window.
      so thx for that

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      1. Ahhh, well I got that they were the same kind of windows, so I thought they were taken at the same place, but no, I didn’t get that those were all the exact same window! Hm! Different angles, different folks, whole new window to me! lol


  2. Interesting “Italian” restaurant with the windows. But I understand about energies and not going back. Intuitively we feel that. I do like the silhouetted ones and my favorite is the one with the pony tail lady – lovely textures.

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  3. I like the selections you have added for the challenge.
    The first 3 are interesting in their design. Nicely done …
    Isadora 😎
    ps: have had a problem with my ‘Like’ button and comment on my blog.
    I’ve had to use the ‘Reader’. If I missed some of your posts let me know. Thanks … 😎

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    1. Thanks for noticing that – I actually just fixed it because I was not sure it was clear that it was same window with three different shots.
      also, just added a link to your window washers

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  4. I really like the silhouetted images. You’d think there is less light around and you wouldn’t be busted taking a photo of someone else and them being huffy over it…. 😀

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    1. Hi M – and in this case I knew the folks and had permission to take pics – so no getting “busted” – and it was fun to read that old term –
      “you’re so busted…”


      1. It’s good that you knew the folks and they don’t mind you taking photos…some people do mind lol. ‘You’re so busted’ – it has been a while since I heard it. It sounds cool 🙂


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