Two for Tuesday (Floral Dynamic Duos) and Ode to My Rose of Sharon

Happy Tuesday Everyone

Today I dedicate this post to my Rose of Sharon shrubs.

These sturdy beauties are easy to care for and they bloom nonstop. They greet me coming and going and I am grateful for these shrubs.

I took a few photos at different times this summer.

Today’s two for Tuesday photo features a floral dynamic duo, which then reminded me of Georgia O’Keeffe paintings.

These are some of O’Keeffe’s paintings that came to mind –  some of what I call her “Floral Dynamic Duos”:

When I was putting this post together, Su Leslie (HERE) happened to put up a Floral Dynamic Duo Post – don’t you love when that happens? Serendipity.

How cool her “floral dynamic duo” photograph is: cool in color, cool in comp – with the soft focus and clarity to the right – and cool in just the right timing for me:


Because it is Two for Tuesday, I wanted to add a floral dynamic duo photo from a second blogger.

Many photographers that I follow would have had some wonderful flowers; however, I quickly stopped at Cee Neuner’s blog because she has been posting a flower photo every day for many years now.

Immediately, I found what I was looking for –

Cee’s Primrose photo is a nice floral dynamic duo (from a 2015 post here):

In closing, it might be kind of cheesy, but here is my poem:

Ode to my Rose of Sharon

You greet me in the morning

with lavender hues

 then greet me in afternoon

 wide open blooms


at night

closing slightly after day

your clusters of fallen blooms

are never in the way

When I pass you by, busy on my way

I feel your gentle presence

often take it for granted

because you are just shrubs – after all

but then, one day – you were standing tall

and all this beauty

splashed upon me

— unlocked my heart

made me feel free


when my Mandeville was dormant

You stayed faithful and true

When Lantana shrieked in the heat

You…. did NOT retreat

when Zinnia, Marigold and Gerbera did not bounce back

my Dependable Rose of Sharon kept me glad

Of course Vinca has been pretty faithful,

Along with Glads, Petunia, and Lilies too

But you, Rose of Sharon

ALWAYS please

not sure how you do it

but these last few weeks

I paused to “see”

paused to be

Moved by your beauty

As you gracefully line the walk

Colorfully speaking

in words of “flower talk”

Your blooming presence

over the summer and through the haze

brought me cheer

on good and bad days

your grounded roots

soil just right

strength and robustness

is my delight

My coming and going

     going and coming

is better with you

So please, dear shrubs

keep doing what you do

sturdy, beautiful and alive

so glad you came my way

you are my Rose of Sharon

and I love you more each day


© priorhouse








14 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday (Floral Dynamic Duos) and Ode to My Rose of Sharon

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out and for showing my photo. Am loving your dynamic duo, and how the edits reveal new aspects of the photo. I keep going back and forth between them. Hope your week is a happy creative one. 😀

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    1. Thanks a lot su.
      Especially the feedback on the edits.
      And the picture I chose is not really the best shot of these flowers, but I liked it with the chomped on leaf and simpleness –
      and thanks again for letting me share that purple duo – although just like you have a variety of teacups – you have a plethora of flowers to enjoy

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  2. Lovely words. I have a lovely O’Keefe print of two deep purple flowers (petunias, me thinks). I haven’t seen it in a while because our current small house just doesn’t have the wall space. But I won’t part with it in the hopes that my next home will accommodate! 😁😻

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  3. Hey prior! Beautiful shot of the rose of sharon. My daughter has planted me a beautiful one too, that somehow thrives in summer’s heat.

    Its not quite a shrub here, just an occasional surprise bursting of loveliness among the uniform green that most plants revert to this time of year.

    Nice ode to a hard-working flower, that nonetheless always looks put-together!


  4. Lovely ode. I wrote a whole post about mine a couple of years ago. They are hardy plants, really bring me joy! I’ve got purple, lavender, pink, hot pink, and white. They fill up the northwest corner of the yard 😀 Got a lil grassy aisle in between.


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