Starfighter (Friday Fictioneers)


Hi – it is time for another installment of Friday Fictioneers

Here is the image (© Nathan Sowers, Dawn Miller’s grandson):


Here is the entry:

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100

Title: Starfighter


Mr. Miller put my money inside the mirror.

I was to buy it from the garage sale at dawn.

I was late.

The mirror leaned, as Nathan’s mom went to get the car.


How could I get the mirror from the new owners?


I offered Nathan 50 dollars.

Then 100.

I almost grabbed the mirror and ran off.  

Composing myself, I saw a Star Wars logo on their car.


“I’ll trade you a Stealth Starfighter for it…”


Driving away, my nerves were fried.

Felt like a Starfighter hit me.

I need to find a new line of work.




Author Notes:

1) My character names were inspired by the folks who submitted the photo – Dawn Miller and her grandson Nathan.

2) When i saw this mirror, it reminded me of something you’d see at a yard sale. Also, I then remembered how sometimes people used to hide money inside the back lining of art and mirrors.

3) I recently gifted away a large plastic model of Starfighter and the biggest lesson I learned was that “it is not the same thing as an airplane and so do not call it an airplane.” Got it! I also learned that Star Wars fans love their Stealth Starfighters and it can be a soft spot for them. Ha.








56 thoughts on “Starfighter (Friday Fictioneers)

    1. well nice to know you are a fan… I was not hit with the Star Wars bug – and neither was the guy here as the Main Character – so he used his to barter

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    1. Hi Granonine – actually I never did either. And in my post – in the author’s notes i mentioned that i did not know the stealth starfighter was NOT an airplane – and people were confused when I called it one –
      and so my main charcter her e- is also not a fan as he gives up a starfighter for the mirror –
      anyhow, thanks for the comment

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  1. Love your MC’s mounting desperation and that sense of relief at the end. Wonder how much money was in the back? Also thinking of the alternative scenario, if Nathan had kept the mirror and if that money would ever have been found … Great write

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    1. thanks a lot – and there was one more scenario that could have happened – he could have tried to run off with the mirror and then gotten in trouble for petty theft – or something stupid like that

      and thanks for your note about from desperation to relief – it was what i was going for.
      And I almost used the word desperate but left it out (and hoped “Composing myself ” helped show it…

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    1. thanks so much – and not sure if you rread the comment, but I came up with the names for Dawn and her grandson – because they submitted the photo


      1. I noticed that you have used them. I thought it was a very clever thing. I wondered why I didn’t think about it.😊


  2. I like the idea of this secret stash in the mirror. It makes you wonder
    why it was so impotant for him to make sure he had the mirror. Perhaps,
    an alarm clock might help him arrive on time. : ) Good write …
    Isadora 😎

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  3. People also hide money in coat pockets. I think we bought (or maybe sold) one once will a $20 bill in the pocket. I loved your protagonist’s quick thinking. Let’s hope the money is still there.

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