Don’t be Nebbish (Micro Fiction)

This week Pegman takes us back to the “Great White North” Resolute Canada.

This is my photo prompt:

This is my fiction

genre: Realistic Fiction with  attempt at Humor


Title: Don’t be a Nebbish 

(word count: 150)


Dude, you’re a Nebbish.


A Nebbish? Is that negative person?


Sorta. It’s an old Yiddish “type” for behavior modes that are pessimistic, hapless, and ineffectual. Kind of stuck. Like a cow in the middle of the road with no detour sign.


Sure wish we could see a cow in the middle of the road right now. But we only have bleakness and snow.


You knew it’d be bleak when you joined the research team.


I was only invited because no one else knew SPSS.


That’s Nebbish talk. We wanted you for you. But now all you’re doing is complaining about feeling cooped up, having brain fog, not enough sunlight, and no laughter?


Actually, I’m doing more than complaining. See that Amazon snowmobile delivery guy out there? Here come snowshoes, acytel l-carnitine, vitamin D3, a sunlamp, and Jim Gaffigan DVDs.


Amazon delivers to Resolute Canada?


Yep. Well… it costs extra for shipping.




Here are some facts about Resolute Canada:

  • Resolute enjoys constant 24-hour sunshine from April 29 to August 13.
  • It’s the ‘place with no sunset’ in the summertime!
  • Sledding season begins in September and lasts until the middle of June. The hard packed snow of Resolute is excellent for snowmobiling, affording wilderness excursions of great distance.
  • Resolute is named after the British ship HMS Resolute which became trapped in ice and abandoned here in 1850 while searching for the lost Franklin Expedition and the Northwest Passage.
  • Hiking the ancient seabed terrain, you will find fossils of fish 400 million years old.
  • This wetland ecosystem is a nesting area for 30 species of arctic birds, including king eider ducks, greater snow geese, gulls, jaegers, phalaropes and plovers.
  • Canada and the United States jointly built a weather station and airstrip here in 1947, followed by a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) base in 1949.
  • Efforts to assert strategic sovereignty in the High Arctic during the Cold War (c. 953) led the Government of Canada to forcibly relocate Inuit families from northern Québec to Resolute. The Government of Canada formally apologized to the Inuit in 2008.
  • This High Arctic hamlet (with its excellent airport) often serves as a starting point for international scientific research teams and extreme adventure expeditions to the North Pole.
  • When you visit this special place be prepared for polar conditions. Resolute is situated so far north that most times you have to look south to see the Northern Lights!

Also, check out this On My Way to SAR‘s Arctic Phase  blog post HERE about a real adventure in this Canadian region. 

This is a picture from onmywaytosar. He wrote: “I can’t explain the Arctic… it’s wild. It is basically an extremely cold Desert. It doesn’t really snow, but rather the wind just blows around the already existing snow… everything freezes, everything. Crystal city is basically 4 weather havens (small huts), a few sea containers (for the staff), and a small garage. .. that’s it! Where do you go to the washroom you ask? Well you can literally pee anywhere, but often we made a “Kovick” (wrong spelling) which is a block of snow dedicated for peeing on. And they made an igloo for pooping in. So yes, i’ve pooped in an igloo… several times.”


Lastly, I was recently reading about a Nebbish behavior type (as described by jean Houston).

Houston explained that the Nebbish behavior pattern is a drained type of personality and it can suck the life out of you. And when the nebbish vanishes, a person feels lighter, they laugh, and even their posture changes.

“Laughter is the loaded latency given us by nature as part of our native equipment to break up the stalemates of our lives and urge us to deeper and more complex forms of knowing”

So let’s laugh and let’s not be Nebbish – or the type that scowl a lot and carelessly lets more scowls come.

let’s not be cynic with hope zapped and feeling stuck.

In my fiction, the research guy, my Main Character, got busy ordering supplies to help lift his mood and life. The joke was that Amazon delivers anywhere – hah – but it might actually be true. For an extra fee – they might just go there.  And the items he ordered are the exact things I would have delivered to help me if I were in that situation.









42 thoughts on “Don’t be Nebbish (Micro Fiction)

      1. Yep! Laughter is definitely the best medicine! I can certainly tell when I’m feeling Nebbish! LOL! Okay, on another note, I am an Amazonite! Living in a little town with very little local shopping, what can I say? Not to mention I love getting packages! HA! LOL!

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        1. oh Linda – that is a new term for me – did you come up with it?
          I only recently joined the gang and had friends who were Amazonites for years… hahahha

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        2. I couldn’t say whether I was the first one to coin the phrase or not! But in this area, it’s Amazon or Walmart (unless you drive 1.5 hours). And I have NEVER been a fan of Walmart! 😆

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  1. Oh dear, I can only imagine how much extra that shipping would cost! And boy, I can totally relate to being chosen for a team because you’re the only one who knows a certain stats program… Fun dialogue, it really painted the scene.

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    1. thanks for the specifics in your comment, Joy.

      And the part about his only being picked for the team could be true and just straight forward – and as you noted – it does happen and I am sure a few of us know what it is like.

      But I was also trying to demo more of nebbish traits through my piece – and I guess that the Nebbish person is like a Debbie Downer and would say that even if not true.

      For example, Houston shared that the Nebbish would say,

      “Nobidy really wants me. I’m the only one around.”
      “If I could do what i wanted, I probably wouldn’t anyway.”
      “Why are you calling me? Are you trying to avoid work?”
      “Why go to the movies? If it’s any good you can’t get in; if they let you in, it’s a flop.”

      thanks again for your feedback today

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  2. What fun, Y. Such fun! Nebbishness has to be a sliding scale – doesn’t it? With all of us being a bit nebbish once in a while surely? But not me. Oh no siree not me. Pessimism- pah! Hopelessness – hah! Humour – h’absolutely! 😊

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    1. hahah – and no sirreeee – not me either – ha – and I like the idea of a sliding scale.
      Houston noted that this is what helps us get out of Nebbish:

      “jolts and crises, the gifting by another, or unexpected grace can sometimes dislodge the habit of Nebbish….” but for some folks it can be more persistent and then there is the “perennial nebbish” but laughter can squash all Nebbishness –

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  3. I got such a chuckle out of this! Liked the interplay between the characters especially. I’ll bet you can get Amazon there, but I’ll bet 2-day shipping is completely out of the question.

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    1. Okay – I will be by your blog later to see what Tuesday is about. I am leaving now and will be back later to check in (in a few hours – my friend)

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  4. LOL! I joke with my friends who are Canadians about it being the place of forever snow! 🙂 I know its not, but your post made me think of that again. 🙂

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    1. I know – we have certain stereotypes.
      And have you ever heard the song
      Take Off to the Great White North
      (Bob & Doug McKenzie with Geddy Lee from Rush)

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    2. Dale – thanks for chiming in – the 12 days of Christmas was the one i was thinking of that led me here – I think at least – because don’t they mention the Great white north in it?
      not sure – but have Xmas memories of these songs

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    1. well that is a good point.
      And for starters – I might be totally misrepresenting the whole Nebbish type – I was just reading about it and thought it was fun enough to share. And then when it comes to depression, Iknow there are many types and sometimes the chemical imbalances are serious (reuptake blockers help) – but at times we do know that some folks start with low moods and it leads to a faucet of despair and so in some cases it might just be way too much Nebbish-ness and too much unchecked negative thinking traps and cognitive distortions with low accurate self-awareness.

      and check out facial hypothesis feedback theory:

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  5. “Laughter is the loaded latency given us by nature as part of our native equipment to break up the stalemates of our lives and urge us to deeper and more complex forms of knowing” This sounds like so much B.S. you would have to believe it. Well done.

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  6. Loved your story – especially the dialogue, which neatly reflects the two people’s attitudes. And the SPPS person is not Nebblish – they ‘re ordering stuff that will help. Ending made me laugh – there is no place on earth that Amazon doesn’t deliver to !

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    1. smiled at each part of your comment (thx for it) and especially this: there is no place on earth that Amazon doesn’t deliver to ! that might be true, eh?

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